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by Marcus Aurelius

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
â?? Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

Casaubon’s famous 1634 translation of Meditations was the first English version of the Stoic masterwork to be reprinted many times because of its widespread popularity. The Shakespearean language has been called difficult by modern standards but the poetic Elizabethan prose greatly enhances this deeply spiritual work. Aurelius is no less eloquent or articulate than in later versions and the power of his thoughts and ideas are beautifully conveyed.

The Original Wisdom of the DAO DE JING: A New Translation and Commentary

by PJ Laska

The Dao De Jing is a classic of ancient Chinese philosophy and one of the great wisdom texts of world literature. In this new translation the ancient “Way of the Sages” is presented as a biocentric political ecology teaching that “great governance does not cut,” but acts to protect human communities and the natural world from the “excess, extravagance and extremes” involved in quests for power, wealth and privilege. The accompanying commentary links each verse translation to the holistic understanding of the world-process (Dao) the ancient sages used to guide human activity toward simplicity and integration with nature, The importance of the Dao De Jing today is evident in the ancient sages’ teaching that the Dao can be “lost” and its holistic paradigm replaced by egoistic designs for dominatiion that lead to ruin.

Philosophy for Heroes: Part I: Knowledge

by Clemens Lode

We are each heroes in the making. How can this be? Because we can reflect on our actions. We have the potential to become heroes in every aspect and every action of our lives…

Being a hero is much more than committing a heroic act. One does not magically morph into a “hero” as a result of circumstance: the just-in-time rescue, rising up in the midst of a crisis, or even leading others out of a catastrophe. Becoming a hero is more than even these courageous acts. It requires deep insightâ??the type of philosophical investigation that the greatest minds throughout history have pondered.

With his book series Philosophy for Heroes, Clemens Lode bridges the gap between coding, science, philosophy, and, ultimately, leadership. In Philosophy for Heroes: Knowledge, he takes the reader on a journey, examining the foundations of knowledge. What is the basis of our understanding of the world? How does society define a “hero”? How do basic skills, such as language and mathematics, train our way of thinking and reasoning?

Becoming a hero requires more than courage. It requires speaking up, stepping forward from the sidelines, and taking action. For all of this, a deep insight into philosophy is the first, and most important, step.

Philosophy for Heroes connects the wisdom of the ages to today’s real world.

Citizen Donkin 2: The continued rants of an educated prole.

by John Donkin

Citizen Donkin excoriates the self-lacerating, UK-hating, morally vacuous left-liberal establishment.

Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great: Everything You Wished You Knew Yesterday

by Stephen Parato

Want to be happy more often?

Want to get healthier in every way?

Want to rekindle your lust for life?

Well, you found the right book.

Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great will show you that you can thoroughly enjoy the gift of life while overcoming every obstacle in your path.

It will reawaken that deep feeling of empowerment within. It will help you uncover your inner greatness. Come along and enjoy the ride.

Journey to Yuwmah: Ancient Wisdom for a Brighter World (The Yuwmahn Compendium Book 1)

by John Saomes

Uncover timeless secrets of ancient wisdom and find answers to life’s greatest questions, including man’s eternal search for happiness and fulfilment. When journalist John Saomes travels into the wilderness of South America, he meets Mahonri, a Yuwmahn sage from an ancient civilisation hidden away from the world for thousands of years. As Saomes explores and documents the Yuwmahn teachings and beliefs, he learns the path to personal enlightenment, the profound power of the Five Pillars of Universal Wisdom, and rejoices in the rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

As the first volume in the Yuwmahn Compendium, these pages are filled with ancient wisdom to heal the hearts of men and overcome the spiritual poverty of our struggling world. A better way for the human family to live in peace and harmony is revealed.

Journey to Yuwmah invites private thought and public discussion as it challenges every aspect of the world we’ve created at the dawn of the twenty-first century, and addresses the greatest philosophical questions of all time:

– Where did we come from?
– Why are we here?
– What is the meaning of life?
– What is the best way for mankind to live?

To those who want to change the world and themselves for the better and find a profound sense of purpose and belonging, this book is for you.


by Plutarch

Plutarch was a man of letters of unlimited curiosity; his overall subject, worked out across innumerable essays, dialogues, letters, speeches, and stories, is nothing less than life itself. As such, he provides an invaluable glimpse into a full cross-section of the classical world. He is not an original thinker, but he dissects the thought with which he was familiar with humility, care, and intelligence.


by Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes took a new look at the ways in which society should function, and he ended up formulating the concept of political science. His crowning achievement, Leviathan, remains among the greatest works in the history of ideas. Written during a moment in English history when the political and social structures as well as methods of science were in flux and open to interpretation, Leviathan played an essential role in the development of the modern world.

An outspoken royalist, Hobbes fled to France during the English civil war, where he wrote this polemic, in which he calls for a powerful sovereignâ??a “Leviathan”â??to act as an enforcer of peace and justice. Hobbes’ articulation of this long-contemplated philosophy of political and natural science was finally published in 1651, two years after the overthrow and execution of Charles I. It met with a fire-storm of controversy that included charges of treason and sedition. This edition of Hobbes’ landmark work is based on the original text. It incorporates the author’s own corrections and retains the period spelling and punctuation, offering both flavourful authenticity and the utmost clarity of expression.

Title: The Essence to become Happy, Healthy and Successful!: From my Facebook Group: Relax with Meditation

by Rudi Zimmerer

In this book, I include the best for our happiness, health, success and spirituality in easily consumable portions from my Facebook Group: Relax with Meditation. There are 140 articles quick to read and to understand. Just open the book somewhere, read one article, relax and improve your life. You don’t have to read the whole book, just one article at a time … is enough. I found a great article from the very successful Man Dr. Patrick Liew (Co-Founder Success Resources), “How to re-craft our life?” I asked him, to use this material for my book, and he also wrote the foreword.
1.Why we don’t get what we want?
2.How to Overcome Procrastination?
3.What is an optimal time management?
4.How to get our life back?
5.How to get rid of our Anger?
6.How to become creative?
7.How to improve our relationships?
8.How to become Forever Young?
9.What is the best for our Immune system!
10.What are the causes of all diseases and the cure?
11.How to cure cancer?
12.What is the meaning of our life?
13.Is there more?
14.What is God?
15.Why is it so important to have a God relationship?
16.I can’t die, I am Energyâ?¦ ?
17.Is There A Free Will?
18.Fake Gurus – True Gurus?

The Psychophysical Principles of Consciousness

by Ene Adrian

The present paper presents a new and positive approach in philosophy of mind, a position that can fully clarify the so called hard problem of consciousness, the body-mind problem, the nature of qualia, the problem of other minds, the evolutionary status of consciousness within a Darwinian framework, the problem of embodiment, the neural dependence of consciousness with issues like brain mapping or the so called binding or combination problem. The theory lends itself to fruitful developments in elucidating the mechanisms of perception and imagination, the speed of visual or auditory recognition, memory storage and retrieval mechanisms, temporal consciousness, the unity of consciousness, the systematicity of human cognition, problems of language and communication with issues like innate grammar, the evolution of thought and culture as products of the mind.

I/c/ wünschT mir di: wLt zRbri/c/t.: Ich wünschte mir die Welt zerbricht (German Edition)

by P. Julien Mang

i/c/ wünschT mir da:s di: wLt mi/c/ hört
&=si/c/ sLbst aufgibt=&=zRstört
das w:Re glü:k für mi/c/

P. Julien Mang
1 Gedichtband
60 Gedichte
30 Illustrationen

Dieser Gedichtband ist die erste Veröffentlichung von P. Julien Mang. Sein Erstlingswerk besteht aus 60 Gedichten, einige davon jedwede Regeln der Lyrik sprengend, und 30 Illustrationen des Autors, die die Wirkung der Gedichte unterstreichen.

Mes pensées (D’un univers rome-antique t. 1) (French Edition)

by Nicolas Le Dain

Mes pensées est une nouvelle philosophique. Le personnage principal prénommé Micou, représente un semblant de caricature de poète inspiré, qui trouve l’origine de sa démarche, dans l’Å?uvre de Nietzsche (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosophe allemand du XIXe siècle) – nommée Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra ou Ainsi parla Zarathoustra, en référence au prophète Zoroastre – fondateur du zoroastrisme, ayant vécu à une période datant d’au minimum plusieurs siècles avant J-C.
Micou traverse ainsi divers paysages. Il est accompagné de son cÅ?ur à qui il se confie – un mystère qui se garde dans sa quête.
Ici est exploré un chemin – le chemin de l’humain. Une initiation philosophique aux concepts d’une vie en société.
Ceci est bien sûr à interpréter et à réinterpréter.

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