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LEADISM: Beyond Dependency & Modernization

by Asirra Eguma

This third book is the last part of a trilogy in the genres of the Social sciences, management, leadership, education, and inspirational studies, in which the author addresses the political economy of capitalism. Where Books 1 and 2 represent the thesis and antithesis, Book 3 is the synthesis, an original attempt to answer the fundamental question as to what now, may be done for the third world to assert or gain freedom from bonds of dependency and underdevelopment.
Given failure of the legacy paradigms, Modernization and Dependency, and with neither Imperialism nor Marxism, offering feasible ways out, the answer is given as lying in Leadism â?¦ the third world-s Development Paradigm. Therefore, in essence, Book3 argues the thesis, that, it is the failure of
(a)leadership that is the root cause of the third world’s
stymied development; and this failure, needs to be cured.
(b)legacy paradigms, that inhibit leadership praxis; and these
stymie both growth and development; hence, to be able to
transform the stymied formations, these legacy paradigms
need to be replaced, or transcended by “Leadism”
Data from concrete historical situations, with Nigeria as a case study, reveal that current outcomes are the consequences of earlier choices that â??bosses’ (not leaders) had made. The results may well have been different, given different decisions by the same or different people or times, had these been based on Leadism as the methodology of leading. The prescriptive dimension is that leaders should experience Leadism in order to be positioned to advance or change the conditions, which all set in motion or permit – especially, challenges of dependency and underdevelopment – in the third world.
In substance, Book 3 espouses principles of leading as the open guidance rediscovered, to be applied by anyone with the will to lead. This should inspire people to work for their own development. All should get involved, co-working, to lead in refining and re-defining, the “third” world. For, the reward will be transformation – our shared adjustment to our common future – also defined as development, that matters equally to both the “few” and the “many”, in all situations.

Daily-Message: Faith and discipleship with the Word of God

by Jörg Bauer

These are taken from the German translated daily devotions for Christians, and those still to come. The focus is always on the Word of God in the Bible. It is about faith and the practice of faith, about spiritual truths, biblical warnings and useful thoughts concerning the following of Christ in living as a Christian in this world. These are written with Christlike passion and also the translated devotions are there to encourage, strengthen, comfort and enlighten.

Advice for 8th Grade Girls

by Iris Cooke

High school is part of the coming of age of a girl. This book gives advice about various aspects of life for teens and early adulthood that will facilitate success, and come from the experiences of the author as a Yalie, award-winning software engineer, artist of acclaim, and writer. There are 800 pieces of advice that range from topics in health, to relationships, to careers. Some are standard, and some, from the author’s personal experience.

Dream Credit: Your Road To Better Credit

by Kwame Suten Seti

With so many articles and tips on credit, many have a real headache grasping exactly what credit is. In this short crash course, this book touches on Bad Credit, the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), FICO score, Inquiries, Good Credit, and Business Credit Establishment benefits. This is a great read for those who do not know anything about credit, or how it works.All chapters are straight to the point so that even a beginner can understand the top 6 things needed to move forward in establishing credit.

Communication Skills Series: How To Master Public Speaking – Get Your Presentation To The Next Level (Public speaking, Speech, Presentation, Storytelling, Speaker)

by Andrew Power

Use this powerful Communications skills secrets to improve your public speaking in just few days

We are living in the age of intensive communication in the age when we are bombarded with information from all sides. The question is how we can stand out and make sure our message is remembered.
People that lived 100 years ago, acquired the same amount of information for whole life like today’s people in just two weeks. Imagine that you go today to supermarket to buy groceries. Until you find shelves with your products, you will pass by hundreds, thousands, of different articles – all kind of chips and chocolates, juices, etc. In just few minutes your brain will receive a lot of different information about various brands, colors, prices, discounts, package sizes, and you name it. Just from one simple shopping you can be overwhelmed with wanted and unwanted information. Imagine now the rest of the day, from the moment when you wake up until you go to sleepâ?¦ It’s scary when you think how many information you acquire every day. You are not the only one. This is the routine of vast majority of people. It’s encouraging to know that human beings are very adaptable. We learned to delete and forget, very fast, information that we consider not interesting from our point of view. In such environment, it may be very challenging for you to communicate the message and to be sure that your message is received, liked and remembered. On the other hand effective communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered.
This book is proven guide on how to get your presentation to the next level. It will help you learn how to prepare and deliver high impact presentation. Book contains valuable information gathered from the best practices that author of this book has acquired over decades of successful career. It contains also refined information that you can find in relevant literature and courses. You need this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why every person need to know to deliver good presentation
  • When it is appropriate to use presentation
  • What to needs to be done before start preparing presentation
  • Importance of focused thinking about presentation
  • How to prepare
  • Why rehearsal is vital
  • How to prepare yourself mentally and overcome fear
  • How to speak effectively
  • How to leave a positive impression
  • How to deal with questions
  • Why it is important to analyze your presentation
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