Free fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Memories of You

by Joseph Boone

5 years after book 5, Nudge has lost her memory of Iggy, the one she loves. Can he bring her back to him, to fall in love with him again? Or will she lose her memory forever, with Ella in the way?

Unlovable 2: Redemption or Revenge

by Allysha Hamber

Dream has gone through the fire. From a childhood of molestation, sexual abuse, being thrown out of the house by her own motherâ?¦ to being forced out into the streets and pimped out by a malicious pimp. Dream simply figured her life was just doomed to be as it was. She relented to the cards she was dealt and she survived the best way she knew how. She thought she could handle it but soon after having her baby stolen from her at the hands of a scheming madam, Dream decides she can’t take no more. She decides to try and end her life to relive herself of all the pain.
When the suicide attempt failed, a Violent Crimes Detective, Garvonni Williams, enters her life and totally shakes up her world. After chasing her as a murder suspect, he finds himself not only intrigued by her but wanting her. He gives her thought and feelings she’s never imagined nor experienced, not voluntarily anyway. His heart aches for Dream and he has an overwhelming need to save her. But loving someone who survives by way of a working girl, isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re supposed to seeking her for a homicide.
He fights within himself , battling the need of his career against the wanting of his heart. But by the time he has the opportunity and time to explain how he feels about her, it may be too late. Dream has been pushed beyond her patience and is ready to seek revenge. Can the Detective lead her to redemption or will someone lose their life?

More Than a Soldier: One Army Ranger’s Daring Escape From the Nazis

by D.M. Annechino

Feeling a patriotic duty to defend his country after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, seventeen year old, Angelo J. DiMarco, enlists in the U.S. Army. Severely short of frontline fighters, the Army rushes Angelo through Ranger training and sends him to Italy as part of the 1st Ranger Battalion. Their objective: stop the German invasion.
Fighting on the front lines in Italy, the German’s teach Angelo a sobering lesson on life when they capture him during the bloody battle of Cisterna. The poor living conditions and ill-treatment in the German prison camps quickly convince Angelo he has to find a way out. Against insurmountable odds, Angelo miraculously escapes in a way that stretches the imagination. He survives behind enemy lines for over five months, hiding from the Germans and trying to outmaneuver them. He begs for food, sleeps in barns and suffers from many ailments, including dehydration, malnutrition, malaria and exposure to the elements.
More Than a Soldier is Angelo DiMarco’s powerful story of survival, resilience and courage.

Mail Order Bride: The Orphaned Mother

by Alice White

Clean and Wholesome Mail Order Bride Short Story Romance!

Story Description:

Elizabeth Wilder is a smart and sweet orphan who longs for love and family. She toils as a waitress as the railroad makes its way out West. She thinks that she finds true love with a wealthy man who showers her with gifts and words of love. When she discovers that he is promised to another, Elizabeth takes off in search of a different destiny with a heavy, yet hopeful heart.
Fair-skinned and with light red hair, Elizabeth comes face to face with the piercing green eyes of rancher Jacob Larson. The man wrote that he needed a mother for three young ones, but he failed to mention that the children were not his own. When Elizabeth finds out that Jacob has been left alone to care for his sister’s orphans, she wants to be worthy of the challenge, and of the man. But shadows from the past have a way of creeping in. Will Elizabeth ever find true happiness? And will it be at Jacob’s side?

This inspirational Mail Order Bride Romance Story will have you on the edge of your seat. Buy today!

Bonus Stories

1.The Ideal Bride
2.The Heart of the Kansas Plains
3.Broken Road
4.A Nurses Faith
5.A Leap of Faith
6.An Unexpected Union
7.Violet-Eyed Love
8.An Education at Ryan Ranch
9.Finding Elizabeth Harbin
10.Noemie’s Hope
11.The Girl Who Went West
12.Maxine’s Faith
13.From Debt to Love

Amazon Number 1 Seller “An Angel’s Kiss”!
Story Description:

Angelica Webb- Angel as her customers call her- is a lost girl. Battered and bruised after a tragic childhood, she languishes as a lover for hire to rough men in search of gold. Blonde and brown-eyed, her soul stirs when another young girl is about to be led into the cruelest of lives. One brutal moment turns her stomach and brings her into contact with a man like no other that she has ever known.

Doctor William Mason is slender with kind, bright blue eyes, and he quickly captures Angelica’s soul along with her heart. He is gentle and warm, and Angel has no idea what to make of him. The idea that she could be with someone like William allows her to dream of a new life. But when her past rears its ugly head, Angelica is unsure if she is worthy to stay at his side.

Childhood Promise

by Amy S Cooper

Sweet Romance

All our lives, we’ve been just friends.

Best friends, really.

The Plain life in the Amish community may not have always been easy, but we’ve always had each other. Even as we grew into adults, we had one another’s backs.
I just wish she knew I loved her.

Oh, I’m sure she suspects. When we were kids, I promised her that I would marry her when we were grown up and that I would have a farm for us. I think all of the elders in the community have always assumed it was going to be us in the end.

And now that I’ve just gotten my Uncle’s farm, the very farm I’ve worked on and lived on almost all my life, in my name, all I have to do is convince her that I love her.
I’m going to ask her to the singing tonight, and ask her if she’ll let me court her.
I just hope she sees me as more than a friend, too.

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Feelin’ Some Type of Way

by KC Mills

Lourdes is strong, independent, and knows what she wants. She lives her life by her own rules and that includes her relationships. As far as she is concerned, men are only good for one thing, sex on demand. That attitude leads to a series of one night stands which she uses to mask and escape feelings. She’s been there, done that, and it didn’t end well. That was until she crosses paths with King Lion. He forces his way into her life and changes everything.

Dometrius, known as King Lion to boxing fans, is all about his career. He’s worked hard to make it and is enjoying every second of his successful life, which means living with little or no regret. Although he has plenty of women at his disposal, he’s thrown off and pulled in immediately the second he lays eyes on Lourdes. After one night in Vegas with her, she leaves him with a wrong number and a lot of questions.

As fate would have it, Dom and Lourdes both live in Miami, and his fame as a high-profile boxer affords him the resources to track her down. After a little resistance, Dom finally gets Lourdes to agree to an official date, but life seems to weave its way into their worlds, reintroducing the past that they both have to be held accountable for.

Life isn’t kind when your heart wants more than life is willing to give. Will Dom and Lourdes have a fighting chance, or will they be left Feeling Some Type of Way?

Guided the Other Way: A First Time Gay MM Experience

by Em Covax

Mason Yates couldn’t help that he had an insatiable desire for married men but that was always his biggest weakness. When the real estate mogul spotted a young, handsome and very much down on his luck man at a bar, he took notice and kept an eye on him as he was stunningly attractive. He knew that with the right amount of money as a bit of an enticement, that there was nothing that he couldn’t convince anyone to do. Mason was a gentleman at heart and never looked at what he did as condescending. He was competitive in nature and it was the hunt that kept him going.

Will he be able to convince a married father of two to join him in a romantic escapade or has he finally met his match?

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive ten additional Gay themed stories

You can only go blind

by Justine Fitzgerald

“She called him her friend, because there was nothing else, he was not Stockholm syndrome”

Kiss Me Kate (Madison Girls Book 1)

by Mari Carr

Kate always believed when life handed you lemons. . .you made lemonade. But what happens when the lemons keep getting bigger and bigger? For Kate, it means it’s time for a new plan. A new location. And, a new life. . .on her own terms!

Kiss Me Kate by New York Times and USA Today bestselling erotic romance author Mari Carr, book 1 in her Madison Girls series will have you reaching for the ice.

Blindsided when her husband skips town with another woman, Kate is forced to move in with her sister. Desperate to get out of Jill’s apartment, Kate jumps at the chance to help Rick and Wes, DEA agents whose latest case finds them in urgent need of a house-sitter while they’re off on assignment.

As the months pass, a stronger Kate emerges. She develops an email friendship with Rick, and it isn’t long before they secretly begin starring in each other’s lust-filled fantasies. Problem is, after her failed marriage, Kate only wants a physical relationship. She’s terrified of losing her heart–which is exactly what Rick intends to capture upon his return.

They reach a compromise. One that involves explosive, no-strings sex-for now. Rick patiently deflects her fears and slakes her passion while keeping his darker, dominant needs in check, afraid of scaring his innocent lover. But unbeknownst to Rick, Kate has a few untapped fantasies of her own.

This contemporary erotic romance contains hot adult situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Previously publisher: (2015) Mari Carr | (2008) Ellora’s Cave

Mail Order Bride: Bethany’s Love

by Catherine Woods

Clean and Wholesome Mail Order Bride Short Story Romance!

Extended Edition, includes Book 2 and Book 3!

Story Description:

After the devastating loss of her husband, Bethany is left to care for her children alone. Barely making a living as a seamstress, she is forced to borrow money. Richie- her benefactor-is a less than honest man and when he comes to collect his debts, Bethany knows she has to get out of town fast. With no way to repay Richie, and unwilling to compromise her morals and become his mistress. She turns to a mail order bride advertisement in the local paper.
Matthew is a ranch owner back in Nebraska but relocates to Oregon to claim a land. He sets up a farm there but feels alone living by himself in his house in the French Prairie in Oregon. He longs for a wife of strength and character, someone who would be a perfect fit for him. He places a mail-order bride ad in hopes of finding a wife. But will he find the woman he’s looking for?
This inspirational Mail Order Bride Romance Story will have you on the edge of your seat. Buy today!

Bonus Stories
1.The Heart of Kansas Plains
2.Violet-Eyed Love
3.Broken Road
4.An Unexpected Union
5.A Nurses Faith
6.A Leap of Faith
7.The Ideal Bride
8.An Education at Ryan Ranch
9.Finding Elizabeth Harbin
10.The Girl Who Went West
11.Maxine’s Faith
12.Noemie’s Hope
13.From Debt to Love

Amazon Number 1 Seller “An Angel’s Kiss”!
Story Description:

Angelica Webb- Angel as her customers call her- is a lost girl. Battered and bruised after a tragic childhood, she languishes as a lover for hire to rough men in search of gold. Blonde and brown-eyed, her soul stirs when another young girl is about to be led into the cruelest of lives. One brutal moment turns her stomach and brings her into contact with a man like no other that she has ever known.

Doctor William Mason is slender with kind, bright blue eyes, and he quickly captures Angelica’s soul along with her heart. He is gentle and warm, and Angel has no idea what to make of him. The idea that she could be with someone like William allows her to dream of a new life. But when her past rears its ugly head, Angelica is unsure if she is worthy to stay at his side.

Far Side of the Sea: California Rising Book Two

by Paula Scott

A woman running from God. And the man she desperately loves. Because of the lies she believes.

Taken from her conquered Californio family during the 1846 Mexican-American War to be forced into marriage with a Yankee she despises, proud Spanish beauty, Maria Vasquez, draws a knife, and begins her journey to the far side of the sea. She will flee to Valparaiso, Boston, and finally San Francisco trying to forget the blood on her hands, only to find it is blood that will save her.
Dashing American ship captain, Dominic Mason, will win Maria’s heart, but shatter it when he rejects her for another, setting her on a journey back to San Francisco. There she discovers her heart can never be conquered, it must only be surrendered, not just to the man she loves, but to the God who will never let her go.
Captain Dominic Mason knows how to fulfill his duties. He’s living for God and country, determined to obey the Almighty and help bring California into the Union. Yet death and the devil’s deception will rob him of all he holds dear in San Francisco.

As California rises to statehood amid the madness of the gold rush, men will die for gold and for Maria. Will she ever escape the darkness that enslaves her in San Francisco and discover the everlasting light and love she so longs for? Far Side of the Sea is the second book in the California Rising trilogy.

Taken in the Dark of Night: A James of Darkwood Novella

by Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard’s debut novella brings James of Darkwood out of the shadows to the pastoral Eastlands: a land of magi who commune with the Source to protect the realm and simple folk who work hard to build themselves a better life. But dark things dwell beyond the lights of town…

They come in the night. They come for the children. Slavers.

Tabitha is a girl who dreams of vanquishing monsters and rescuing the innocent. Then she is sold to a mysterious man of grotesque appetites. She discovers that monsters are very real and innocence is a fragile thing.

James of Darkwood is Eloria’an, known to the common people of the realm as a Watcher in the Woods, a Folk of the Forest, or simply an elf. But he carries with him a dark secret that has forever cut him off from the Source of Life and All Things.

Brutally trained as an assassin by the House of Knives, James may be the only hope for children bound for slavery – and worse – as he leaves a wake of death in his search for vengeance across what was once a peaceful land. Can James rescue the children, and with them a small part of his soul? Or will the Void take them all into dark oblivion?

The Honey Bride

by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

What do you do when you’re terrified of bees but raising them is the only thing that will save the family farm?

In order to save the family farm, Katie Tucker must face her greatest fear.
Ranch hand Pete Dent has been pining for his neighbor Katie for a long time, When her father dies in a barn blaze, he has a chance to help her and win her heart. But can he keep her safe from a stranger who insists he’s been hired to work on the farm?

Katie Tucker’s father left behind a debt she can’t pay without the income from the honey produced by the bees she fears more than anything. She comes to depend on Pete for help and protection. But she fights her attraction for him because she isn’t sure if he wants her or the farm.

Prince and the Marauders: New stories

by Caleb Ford

“And what makes you think I want to see a grubby, ill-dressed brat with greasy hair?” demanded the big, dark, saturnine man with a nose made for staring down and long, silky black hair.
Severus tried not to quail.

Gunder’s Cure

by Peggy Cwiakala

Peggy Cwiakala records the emotional struggle behind GUNDER’S CURE. A dark examination of romance, espionage and murder during the inventive process, the story revolves around a three-person team led by the visionary Dr. Martin Gunder. Set in New Jersey, this book chronicles the creation of a sensory blocking machine called ‘The Direct Neural Imaging Device’ (DNI). Striving to jump nerve connections, the team crosses ethical and personal boundaries in the quest to cure paralysis. GUNDER’S CURE is an emotional, relentlessly compelling study of pain diagnostics technology which if released into the wrong hands would provide a breakthrough in torture methodology.

The Forgotten

by Martin Wilcox

What does it feel to be alone knowing that you will never be remembered, to not know where you came from? What is it to know that anybody you meet will die and forget you? But what if you finally met someone who will remember you for all of their immortal life?

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Un Instante Después del Big Bang (Spanish Edition)

by Francisco Angulo

Libro que recopila los comentarios del vídeo de youtube…

El relato original se integró en la novela La Reliquia, más tarde se publicó un vídeo en youtube que ha tenido mucho éxito. Las diferentes opiniones de los usuarios han sido recopiladas y presentadas en este libro.

Aunque desde nuestro punto de vista ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la gran explosión, realmente vivimos un instante después de la misma y podríamos decir que debido a esto, existimos. La energía, al moverse a velocidades cercanas a la de la luz, se transforma en materia y todo nuestro universo se creó a partir de una pequeña partícula, la partícula primordial que estalló despidiendo sus fragmentos en todas direcciones a tal velocidad que creo todo el universo. Podemos imaginar la explosión como el estallido que produce un cohete de fuegos artificiales; en ese breve instante en el que el destello ilumina el cielo, vivimos nosotros.

LÁZARO es la nueva novela de suspense, intriga y acción, del autor Francisco Angulo: Uno de los autores más destacados en el nuevo panorama digital. Con títulos como, La Reliquia, El Olfateador, Los mejores, La leyenda de los Tarazashi, Destino La Habana, Compañía Nº12, Kira y la tormenta de hielo, Cosas que no debes hacer si quieres ser escritor, Un instante después del Big Bang, etc… Que han sido traducidos y publicados en multitud de idiomas: Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Ruso, Chino… Alcanzando los primeros puestos de venta en diferentes plataformas con miles de descargas.

Nos presenta su última aventura, una novela trepidante y emocionante, que engancha al lector desde sus primeras líneas.

Stoic Practice

by Bremer Acosta

Stoic Practice is a succinct interpretation of five stoic texts. Rather than acting as a direct translation, this book developed through daily exercises. Created in the spirit of a journal, these lessons are for continual study and practice. This text isn’t merely meant to be read. Stoicism is a philosophy of action.

Der Dekalogos – Das Buch deiner Antworten. Buch 2: Implicatius: Der Sinn des Lebens einfach erklärt (Sinnsuche 1) (German Edition)

by Johannes Rockermeier

Der Dekalogos ist ein zehnbändiges, philosophisches bzw. denkerisches Gesamtwerk, das
sich mit den gro�en Fragen der Menschheit beschäftigt: Dem Sinn des Lebens und der
Menschen, das menschliche Verhalten, die Evolutionstheorie, die optimale
Wirtschaftsform, der ideale Staat, Religion, Glaube und Gott.

Band 2: Implicatius beschäftigt sich mit dem Sinn des Lebens: Welchen Sinn kann es
überhaupt geben, wo liegt der Sinn des Lebens genau? Nach dem Erkennen des
Absolutwertes des Guten geht es um die konsequenten Handlungsanweisungen, welche sich
daraus in der Realität auf der Grundlage des Potentjalismus ergeben. Wir definieren
Gut und Böse neu, sowie die Begriffe Armut, Unterhaltung, Bildung, das Glück und den

Die ersten 3 Bände werden sehr kostengünstig verfügbar sein, mit diesen lassen sich
der Sinn des Lebens und das menschliche Verhalten logisch und argumentativ erklären.
Weitere Informationen und einführende Artikel gibt es auf

Apprenez à communiquer avec votre Ange gardien – Les Anges de l’Amour et de la Guérison (ANGEOLOGIE t. 2) (French Edition)

by Monica Guillmain

Pour bien comprendre les Anges, les solliciter et communiquer avec eux, vous devez d’abord être certain qu’ils existent.
Comment se rendre compte de leur existence ?
C’est une question de « foi », de confiance, de certitude.

La « foi » ne s’apprend pas.
Si vous avez la «foi», c’est parce que vous croyez fermement au Divin, à une étincelle divine, à un Etre Supérieur qui aurait créé le monde. Vous pouvez croire à l’existence des Anges parce que vous êtes certain qu’ils existent et qu’une petite voix intérieure vous souffle d’y croire. Vous leur faites confiance dès votre naissance ou vous vous posez des questions et vous cherchez des réponses que vous trouverez dans cet ouvrage.

Philosophische Begründung der Psychologie und der Geisteswissenschaften: Psychische Kausalität, Individuum und Gemeinschaft (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

Dieses eBook wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Die Ausgabe ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Inhalt: Psychische Kausalität Kausalität im Bereich der reinen Erlebnisse Psychische Realität und Kausalität Geistiges Leben und Motivation Trieb und Streben Ineinandergreifen von Kausalität und Motivation Ã?ber die Möglichkeit einer Deduktion der psychischen Kategorien aus der Idee einer exakten Psychologie Münsterbergs Versuch der Begründung einer exakten Psychologie Individuum und Gemeinschaft Der Erlebnisstrom der Gemeinschaft Gemeinschaft als Realität, ihre ontische Struktur Die prinzipielle Scheidung von psychischem und geistigem Sein, Psychologie und Geisteswissenschaften Aus dem Buch: “…Wie sich in Farbenempfindungen die Farbe eines Dinges als seine augenblickliche optische Zuständlichkeit bekundet und im Wechsel solcher Zuständlichkeiten die dauernde optische Eigenschaft, so bekundet sich im Lebensgefühl eine augenblickliche Beschaffenheit meines Ich – seine Lebenszuständlichkeit – und im Wechsel solcher Beschaffenheiten eine dauernde reale Eigenschaft: die Lebenskraft. Das Ich, das im Besitz dieser realen Eigenschaft ist, darf natürlich nicht verwechselt werden mit dem reinen Ich, dem als Ausstrahlungspunkt der reinen Erlebnisse ursprünglich erlebten. Es ist nur als Träger seiner Eigenschaften erfaÃ?t, als eine transzendente Realität, die durch Bekundung in immanenten Daten zur Gegebenheit kommt, aber niemals selbst immanent wird…” Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin.

Zum Problem der Einfühlung – Vollständige Ausgabe: Das Wesen der Einfühlungsakte, Die Konstitution des psychophysischen Individuums & Einfühlung als Verstehen geistiger Personen (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

Dieses eBook wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Die Ausgabe ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Aus dem Buch: “Wir haben bisher immer vom reinen Ich als dem sonst unbeschreiblichen qualitätlosen Subjekt des Erlebens gesprochen. Wir haben bei verschiedenen Autoren – z. B. bei Lipps – die Auffassung gefunden, daÃ? dies Ich kein »individuelles« sei, sondern es erst werde im Gegensatz zum »Du« und »Er«.Was besagt diese Individualität? Zunächst nur, daÃ? es »es selbst« ist und kein anderes. Diese »Selbstheit« ist erlebt und Fundament alles dessen, was »mein« ist. Zur Abhebung gegenüber einem anderen kommt es natürlich erst, wenn ein anderes gegeben ist. Dieses ist von ihm zunächst nicht qualitativ unterschieden – da ja beide qualitätlos sind -, sondern nur dadurch, daÃ? es eben ein »anderes« ist. Und diese Andersheit bekundet sich in der Art der Gegebenheit; es erweist sich als ein anderes als ich, indem es mir anders gegeben ist als »ich«: darum ist es »Du«; aber es erlebt sich so, wie ich mich erlebe, und darum ist das »Du« ein »anderes Ich«. So erfährt das Ich keine Individualisierung, indem ihm ein anderes gegenübertritt, sondern seine Individualität, oder, wie wir lieber sagen wollen, (weil wir die Bezeichnung »Individualität« noch für etwas anderes aufsparen müssen) seine Selbstheit kommt zur Abhebung gegenüber der Andersheit des andern.” Inhalt: Das Wesen der Einfühlungsakte Die Konstitution des psychophysischen Individuums Einfühlung als Verstehen geistiger Personen Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin.

Barano Cocoro: Rose Wisdom 2017 Winter electronic book Quarterly issue magazines – Barajujikai Nihonhonbu AMORC (Japanese Edition)

by Joe van Dalen


ひとã??のç?·æ?§ã?ã?«ã?¦ã?³ã?»ã?ªã?³ã?°ã®ä¾é ¼ã®ã?ã?ã«è¨ªã­ã¦ãã¾ã?ã?ã??
そのå??å? ã«ã¯ã?ã?­ã?¼ã??æ??代と中ä¸?だとæ?ã?ã??ã??
ã?­ã?ªã?¹ã??æ??のæ??ä¼?のæ§?é? ã®å??å??になってã?ã??
ã?­ã?ªã?¹ã??æ??の大è?å ?の中å¿?ç·?ã?ã?
西æ´?の天æ??学は古代ã?·ã?¥ã?¡ã?¼ã?«äººã?å§?ç¥?だとã?ã??ã?å æ??è¡?は
まã?ã?ã?å æ??è¡?å?¨ä½?にはã?ã©ã®ã??ã?な根æ? ã?ã?ã??のでã?ã??ã?ã?ã??
ã??ã?ã?©åå­?古代ã?¨ã?¸ã??ã??å?ç?©é¤¨ã®ã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ã?ã?? -ã?»ã?¯ã?¡ã??女ç¥?の彫å?ã?
ã?©ã?¤ã?ªã?³ã®é ­ã??æ?ã¤å¤ä»£ã?¨ã?¸ã??ã??の女ç¥?ã?»ã?¯ã?¡ã??はã?

Eine Untersuchung über den Staat: Die ontische Struktur des Staates & Der Staat unter Wertgesichtspunkten (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

Dieses eBook wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Die Ausgabe ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Inhalt: Die ontische Struktur des Staates: Die staatliche Gemeinschaft Staat und Recht Das konkrete Staatsgebilde in seiner Bedingtheit durch andere Faktoren als die Struktur des Staates Der Staat unter Wertgesichtspunkten: Bedeutung des Staates für die Individuen, die ihm angehören Staat und Gerechtigkeit Bedeutung des Staates für die Gemeinschaft als solche und besonders für die Volksgemeinschaft Staat und sittliche Werte Der Staat als Träger des historischen Geschehens Staat und Religion Aus dem Buch: “Das Volk kann in der Eigentümlichkeit seines Gemeinschaftslebens unberührt bleiben, wenn es durch eine äuÃ?ere Macht der Möglichkeit beraubt wird, nach eigenen Gesetzen zu leben (Beispiel: die Zerstörung des polnischen Staates hat den Fortbestand des polnischen Volkes nicht aufgehoben; es ist sogar vielleicht danach in höherem Grade Nation geworden, als es vorher war). Das müÃ?te noch weiter erleuchtet werden durch eine Untersuchung der besonderen Eigentümlichkeit der Volksgemeinschaft als solcher. Doch wenden wir uns zuvor noch der anderen Seite der aufgeworfenen Frage zu: ob eine staatliche Gemeinschaft auch fortbestehen kann bei Aufhebung der Volksgemeinschaft…” Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin.

Die drei Dimensionen der Zeit oder das Geheimnis des Gehirns (German Edition)

by Arthur Dent

Ich bin ganz fest überzeugt davon, dass da drau�en unzählige intelligente Menschen darauf warten, auch immer intelligent unterhalten zu werden. Interessante neue Hypothesen sind dafür ein probates Mittel, sowohl zum persönlichen Nachdenken wie auch zur gemeinsamen Diskussion. Haben Sie sich nicht ab und zu auch schon mal gefragt, was es eigentlich ist, das da ständig, ununterbrochen und sehr intensiv in unserem Kopf arbeitet?

Wichtigster Baustein dabei ist die nähere Betrachtung der Verbindung unseres ideellen Bewusstseins zur materiellen Realität da drau�en. Haben Sie vielleicht Lust, mich auf eine Entdeckungsreise mit zumeist alltäglichen, aber durchaus auch mit au�ergewöhnlichen Geschichten zu begleiten? Ich freue mich jedenfalls sehr über Ihr geschätztes Interesse und wünsche Ihnen viel Freude und Nachdenken mit diesem Buch!

Mit besinnlichen Grü�en
Ihr Arthur Dent

Kandid (Welt der Gedanken): Voltaires Meisterwerk der Ironie (German Edition)

by Voltaire

“Kandid oder der Optimismus” ist eine 1759 unter dem Pseudonym Docteur Ralph erschienene satirischer Roman des französischen Philosophen Voltaire. Im Jahr 1776 erschien eine deutsche Ã?bersetzung unter dem Titel Candide oder die beste aller Welten. Diese Satire wendet sich unter anderem gegen die optimistische Weltanschauung Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’, der die beste aller möglichen Welten postulierte. Voltaire propagiert Skeptizismus und Pessimismus, die Leibniz’ Postulat in den Kontext der Zeit rücken und in Frage stellen. Mit Witz, beiÃ?endem Spott und Ironie prangert Voltaire in seinem “conte philosophique”” den überheblichen Adel, die kirchliche Inquisition, Krieg, Sklaverei und die naive Utopie des einfachen Mannes von einem sorglosen Leben an. Der einfach gestrickte Held Candide, der illegitime Neffe des westfälischen Barons Thunder-ten-tronckh, wird aus dem Heimatschloss verbannt, nachdem er mit der traumhaft schönen Prinzessin Cunégonde in flagranti ertappt worden ist. Die Vertreibung gerät ihm zur VerstoÃ?ung aus jenem Paradies, in dem ihm sein Lehrer Pangloss die Leibnizsche Theorie der “besten aller Welten”” versucht näherzubringen. Voltaire (1694-1778) war ein französischer Philosoph und Schriftsteller. Er ist einer der meistgelesenen und einflussreichsten Autoren der französischen und europäischen Aufklärung. In Frankreich nennt man das 18. Jahrhundert auch “das Jahrhundert Voltaires””. Als Lyriker, Dramatiker und Epiker schrieb er in erster Linie für ein Publikum gebildeter Franzosen, als Erzähler und Philosoph für die gesamte europäische Oberschicht im Zeitalter der Aufklärung, deren Mitglieder für gewöhnlich die französische Sprache beherrschten und französische Werke zum Teil im Original lasen.

Breves reflexiones acerca del lenguaje, la educación, y la política. (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique José Neria Arnés

El libro se compone de breves ensayos acerca del lenguaje, la educación, y la política. A pesar de la diversidad inherente al texto, el autor hace especial hincapié en el estudio del lenguaje, puesto que considera a éste como algo fundamental para poder entender el mundo en el que vivimos.

…átomos em movimento… (Portuguese Edition)

by Maxwell dos Santos

1.As crenças possuem três elementos de sustentação: a ignorância, a covardia e o oportunismo.

2.A ignorância, em geral, está presente nas classes de massas.

3.A covardia é uma característica dos medianos.

4.O oportunismo é uma catapulta para o topo, eles sabem lidar com os ignorantes e covardes a seu favor. No passado foram covardes ou ignorantes.

5.A repressão é autenticidade das crenças.

Traktatus elementare begriffliche Philosophie (German Edition)

by Christian Schmidt

Brauchen wir eine neue Philosophie in der Welt? Es ist doch wirklich schon so viel über Philosophie geschrieben worden, so dass man davon ausgehen könnte, dass es doch gar nichts mehr zu philosophieren gäbe. Ich bin da aber völlig anderer Ansicht. Es liegt ganz einfach daran, dass es noch sehr viel offene Fragen gibt und die Menschen sich immer weiter entwickeln. Die Philosophien sind sehr eng mit den verschiedensten Zweigen der Wissenschaften verknüpft. Ohne Philosophie kann man doch Forschungsergebnisse nicht deuten und bewerten. Und Wissenschaften werden immer komplexer und spezialisierter. Die Wissenschaften müssen einen bestimmten Zweck erfüllen. Das kann nicht alleine nur der Wissenserwerb sein. Wissenschaften müssen einen Beitrag leisten zur Entwicklung und Erhaltung der Welt. Und zur Formulierung von wissenschaftlichen Aufgaben braucht es einen gro�en, zum analysieren geeigneten Wortschatz, der aus einer Vielzahl von Begriffen besteht. Diese Begriffe sind die Elemente der Linguistik und oftmals sehr vieldeutig. Viele Begriffe sind nicht eindeutig erkennbar für diejenigen, die sich für Wissenschaften interessieren. Und wir brauchen Philosophen, die in der Lage sind, zu erkennen, was die Wissenschaft produziert. Es gibt ja nicht alleine die erkennende Wissenschaft. Es gibt noch die produzierende Wissenschaft, die die menschliche Gesellschaft mit Technologien, Technik und neuen Nahrungsmitteln bereichert. Denken wir nur einmal an die Gentechnik. Dann werden alle normalen Bürger misstrauisch und bei der Chemie ist das nicht viel anders. Dazu brauchen wir ehrliche unabhängige Philosophen, die diese Entwicklungen genau beobachten und erkennen können. Das geht nur mit linguistischen und begrifflichen Methoden. Die Menschen auf der Welt haben einen Anspruch darauf, mit was und mit wem sie es zu tun haben. Ein anderer Aspekt, warum ich dieses Buch schreibe ist, dass wir immer noch gro�e Schwierigkeiten haben, die Quantenmechanik zu vermitteln.

Gesammelte Werke: Philosophische Werke, Religiöse Essays & Autobiografische Schriften: Kreuzeswissenschaft, Endliches und ewiges Sein, Eine Untersuchung … der menschlichen Person… (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

Diese Ausgabe der Werke von Edith Stein wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Dieses eBook ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin jüdischer Herkunft, die 1922 zur katholischen Kirche konvertierte und 1933 Unbeschuhte Karmelitin wurde. In der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus wurde sie “als Jüdin und Christin” zum Opfer des Holocaust. Sie wird in der katholischen Kirche als Heilige und Märtyrin der Kirche verehrt. Sie gilt als Brückenbauerin zwischen Christen und Juden. Inhalt: Aus dem Leben einer jüdischen Familie Der Aufbau der menschlichen Person Beiträge zur philosophischen Begründung der Psychologie und der Geisteswissenschaften Zum Problem der Einfühlung Eine Untersuchung über den Staat Endliches und ewiges Sein Welt und Person Kreuzeswissenschaft

Ethik – Vollständige deutsche Ausgabe: Deduktive Folgerungen aus dem Gedanken des Ineinsfalls von Gott und Natur (German Edition)

by Baruch Spinoza

Dieses eBook wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Die Ausgabe von Spinoza’s Ethik ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Das erste Buch hat das Problem des Wesens Gottes zum Thema. Spinoza versucht das wahre Wesen Gottes darzulegen. Für ihn ist Gott nicht anthropomorph zu verstehen, d.h. als ein Wesen, das denken, wollen oder gar Gefühle haben könnte. AuÃ?erdem ist Gott nicht als eine Instanz zu verstehen, die die Welt durch ein fiat geschaffen hätte. Das zweite Buch ist dem Wesen und dem Ursprung des Geistes gewidmet. Hier beginnt er mit Definitionen der Begriffe Körper, Geist, Idee, Realität. Das dritte Buch: Ã?ber den Ursprung und Wesen der Affekte. Hier entwickelt Spinoza seine Psychologie der Emotionen. Er definiert am Anfang die Begriffe Handeln, Leiden und Affekt. Das vierte Buch: Ã?ber die Abhängigkeit von den Kräften der Affekte. Hier eröffnen sich die eigentlichen ethischen Annahmen Spinozas im Sinne einer angewandten Psychologie. Zunächst zeigt Spinoza die unumgehbaren Schranken, die dem Menschen durch seine psychische Affekte auferlegt sind. Streben nach Wahrheit ist nichts anderes als ein Selbsterhaltungsdrang des Geistes. Das fünfte Buch: Von der Macht der Vernunft und der menschlichen Freiheit. Die wahre Macht der Vernunft ist ein sich Einlassen auf die göttliche Notwendigkeit des Seins der Dinge. Erkennen ist Freiheit, Tugend und Glückseligkeit. Baruch de Spinoza (1632-1677) war ein niederländischer Philosoph. Er wird dem Rationalismus zugeordnet und gilt als einer der Begründer der modernen Bibelkritik sowie Religionskritik.

The Art of Antipoetry: All the Emotions Your Soul Can’t Express

by Brady the Antipoet

Antipoetry goes deeper than poetry. Conventional poetry is an invitation to express your mind. Antipoetry is an invitation to express your soul.

A small movement has started. People are taking up modern antipoetry around the globe. It is natural and addicting. If you haven’t heard about it, this collection is the best place to start.

Brady the Antipoet, the father of modern antipoetry, is out to inspire you with a new form of art. This poetry collection contains 50 unique poems for the soul. Welcome you to a new sphere of thought. You are invited you to stay as long as you wish.

Welt und Person (Vollständige Ausgabe): Die weltanschauliche Bedeutung der Phänomenologie, Husserls Phänomenologie, Gegensatz zwischen Husserl und Scheler, … in Goethes Faust… (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

Dieses eBook wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Die Ausgabe ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Inhalt: Die weltanschauliche Bedeutung der Phänomenologie Husserls Phänomenologie Gegensatz zwischen Husserl und Scheler Das Weltbild der drei Philosophen Natur und Ã?bernatur in Goethes Faust EinfluÃ? auf das Weltbild der Zeit Zwei Betrachtungen zu Edmund Husserl Die Seelenburg Martin Heideggers Existentialphilosophie Wiedergabe des Gedankenganges Die vorbereitende Analyse des Daseins Dasein und Zeitlichkeit Was ist das Dasein? Die ontische Struktur der Person und ihre erkenntnistheoretische Problematik Aus dem Buch: “Der Katholik hat es verhältnismäÃ?ig leicht damit, weil seine Glaubenslehre ihm ein geschlossenes Weltbild gibt. Aber auch dieses Erbgut muÃ? man sich erwerben, persönlich aneignen, um es zu besitzen. Wer das tut und sich sein Weltbild rein auf Grund der Glaubenslehre gestaltet, von dem kann man sagen, daÃ? er eine religiöse Weltanschauung habe. Wer auÃ?erhalb der Kirche steht oder zwar in ihr aufgewachsen ist, aber es unterlassen hat, sich ihr Weltbild persönlich anzueignen und gar nicht ahnt, was ihm in seinem Glaubensgut gegeben ist, der hat es schwerer, denn er muÃ? sich erst danach umtun, aus welchen Quellen er seine Weltanschauung schöpfen soll.” Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin jüdischer Herkunft, die 1922 zur katholischen Kirche konvertierte und 1933 Unbeschuhte Karmelitin wurde. In der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus wurde sie “als Jüdin und Christin” zum Opfer des Holocaust. Sie wird in der katholischen Kirche als Heilige und Märtyrin der Kirche verehrt. Teilen der evangelischen Kirche gilt sie als Glaubenszeugin. Papst Johannes Paul II. sprach Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz am 1. Mai 1987 selig und am 11. Oktober 1998 heilig. Sie gilt als Brückenbauerin zwischen Christen und Juden.

Endliches und ewiges Sein (Vollständige Ausgabe): Ein Grundriss der Ontologie (mit dem Denken von Thomas von Aquin, Husserl und Heidegger) (German Edition)

by Edith Stein

“Endliches und ewiges Sein” ist ein Grundriss der Ontologie. Edith Stein setzte sich darin mit dem Denken von Thomas von Aquin, Husserl und Heidegger auseinander. Inhalt: Die Frage nach dem Sein Akt und Potenz als Seinsweisen Wesenhaftes und wirkliches Sein Wesen – Substanz, Form und Stoff Seiendes als solches Der Sinn des Seins Das Abbild der Dreifaltigkeit in der Schöpfung Sinn und Begründung des Einzelseins Edith Stein (1891-1942), war eine deutsche Philosophin und Frauenrechtlerin jüdischer Herkunft, die 1922 zur katholischen Kirche konvertierte und 1933 Unbeschuhte Karmelitin wurde. In der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus wurde sie “als Jüdin und Christin” zum Opfer des Holocaust. Sie wird in der katholischen Kirche als Heilige und Märtyrin der Kirche verehrt. Teilen der evangelischen Kirche gilt sie als Glaubenszeugin. Papst Johannes Paul II. sprach Teresia Benedicta vom Kreuz am 1. Mai 1987 selig und am 11. Oktober 1998 heilig. Ihr römisch-katholischer und evangelischer Gedenktag ist der 9. August. Sie gilt als Brückenbauerin zwischen Christen und Juden. Wie sehr Edith Stein sich ihrer Herkunft bis zuletzt verbunden fühlen musste, zeigt eine der letzten von ihr überlieferten Ã?uÃ?erungen: “Komm, wir gehen für unser Volk!”, als sie und ihre Schwester aus dem Karmel in Echt von der Gestapo zur Vernichtung abgeholt wurden.

PROVÃ?RBIOS DE KANT: Ouse pensar (Portuguese Edition)

by Willian Castro

Immanuel Kant (1724 â?? 1804) foi um dos mais influentes filósofos europeus desde os gregos antigos.
Kant notabilizou-se por investigar as condições de possibilidade do conhecimento e por analisar o modo como podemos agir tendo em vista um princípio universal que não cause danos para as outras pessoas.
Leia alguns dos ensinamentos deste expressivo filósofo.

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Free war Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

NO TAKE BACKS: A ‘What If Trump’ Scenario


‘NO TAKE BACKS’ is set in the near future and is based on a ‘what if” scenario of a possible presidential action. What if the United States decided to unilaterally nuke another country? How would the other nations of the world react?

This story was difficult to write. The ramifications of governmental decisions can and have caused deep changes in societal order, oft times to our detriment. I pray that scenario portrayed in this work never happens — But it could and believe me, there won’t be a TAKE BACK!

Violence, language, action.

World War Three 1946 – Book One – The Red Tide – Stalin Strikes First

by Harry Kellogg

World War Three 1946 – Book One – The Red Tide – Stalin Strikes First – An almost total re-write, including end notes that assist the reader down the path of a convincing, alternate history. An alternate history based on facts and logic.

***Warning: If you just can’t stand that thought that the USA might not win, then please don’t read this book series. It will be a cliff hanger until the end.***

* On the border of West Germany; Stalin has 60 mechanized divisions, composed of the battle hardened veterans.
* The US and Britain have demobilized their armies.
* Britain is bankrupt and rationing bread. Its empire is crumbling and its colonies are in revolt.
* Tens of thousands of USAAF and RAF planes have been dumped into the ocean, pushed into piles, crushed and left rotting in jungles around the world.
* Gangs of deserters roam the European country side.
* The US has entered a period of isolationism.
* The people of Europe are starving.
* The Germans are being brutally punished for their part in the war.
* The Soviet Union has acquired the major secrets of every strategic weapons system that the West has developed since 1935, including the atomic bomb. They have prototypes of every major German Wonder Weapon system produced since 1943.
* Greece, Italy and even France are in danger of turning Communist.
* The US and Britain have large Communist parties with thousands of sympathizers
* 90% of the industry in the US and Britain has been transformed from producing weapons, to consumer goods.
* Europe is in chaos and Capitalism has failed in the eyes of many.

These are facts, and this was the state of the world in May 1946.
This was the opportune time for Stalin to strike. This was his best chance of furthering the cause of Communism. This was his moment.

The Red Tide is the first in this series of fictional books. Alternate history explores the great “what ifs” of time. This is one of those great what ifs.

The ribbons of time start to unravel and diverge from ours in 1943. Slowly at first and then faster and faster until a fateful day in May 1946. The Soviets have stopped the production of the US atomic bomb by incapacitating the majority of the American program’s scientists. This systematic crippling of the US atomic program convinces Stalin that the time is right to fulfill his deepest ambitions and once and for all rid Western Europe of Capitalism.

We were able to obtain copies of many of the actual post war strategic plans of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Many of the strategies proposed in these works, were developed from these actual plans, and would have been in effect for much of the 1946-1948 era.

What if German designed jet fighters, jet bombers, rocket powered interceptors, super tanks, undetectable submarines, guided air to air and ground to air missiles were all in the hands of Joseph Stalin. The Wasserfall and the X4 missiles will sweep the skies clear. The V2 will strike without warning. A guided V1 will unerringly strike unsuspecting targets The Seehund will make the oceans unsafe once again. The Me 262, Me 163, He 162 and the AR 234 along with the Mig 9 and Yak 15 will duel with the Meteor and Shooting Star.

These books are not written in any traditional style but is a combination of historical facts, oral histories, third person and first person accounts. I was inspired by “The Good War”: An Oral History of World War Two (1984 in literature|1984) by Studs Terkel and Cornelius Ryan’s wonderful books “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge too Far”.

There is no hero or character development. The story is the story and not the characters. We hear from those who felt, saw, ran, lost and won as well as from officials and historians. The story is told using the techniques of reporters, oral historians, historians and politicians. Although told in a short stories, vignettes and in an episodic manner, the novel builds on what has gone before.

Hell Comes to Dixie

by W.R. Benton

From the Authors of ‘Nate Grisham’ and ‘A Southern Moon Rising’
The year is 1861 and the United States is on the eve of the bloodiest war in our nation’s short history. This is the story of two cousins, on opposite sides of the conflict, that must fight their bloody war of principles and suffer its terrible price.

Leaving behind their farms to an uncertain survival, both families face their own horrendous task; staying alive through uncertainty and strife as soldiers, from either side, strip civilians of their food in an effort to feed their armies. Rapes, murders, and petty crimes often plagued those left at home. The Southerners suffer, as the North smashes the rebellion with the force of their industrial-based power. Resisting mainly on pure guts and determination, Southern civilians still would die of hunger or disease.

Once the war ends bad times get worse as the carpetbaggers arrive, often buying up huge plantations for what was owed in back taxes, and for pennies on the dollar. The Southern economy was in shambles, with no jobs, and much of its manpower killed in four years of intense struggle. This is the story of two such families and the men they sent to war.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Her Master, His Slave!

by Toni Mariani

This book is made up of all the genre’s I love; historical/contemporary, moving through time, loss and redemption, multi-cultural, city and plantation. It moves from the city to the plantation in the blink of an eye. Civil War battles, Underground Railroad activity, ship board drama and more. I love it, and I know you will also.

Scotch Swords, Muskets and Love

by Riley Moreno

In 18th Century Scotland, dueling is still a recognized and legal method of resolving disputes, and Susan MacGuinness, a quick-thinking, passionate and pretty young woman is no stranger to duelists – having been betrayed and having had her heart broken by the most skilled swordsman in Edinburgh. But when a strong and dashing highlander from the hills walks into her shop one day with an unusual request and a mystery to be solved, Susan finds herself being drawn into the world of life-or-death duels once again – except this time the stakes involve the love of her life, and their future together. Will Susan and her new lover survive the greatest duel of her life? Find out in Scotch Swords, Muskets and Love.

Highlander Messenger

by Riley Moreno

Conor McGregor was watching his friend die on the battlefield. In a last promise he agrees to take care of the man’s widow and her unborn child. Upon delivering the news of the man’s death to his wife, Heather McCloud, he finds himself enraptured. She is a beautiful woman, but she is grieving the loss of her husband. Conor stays around to help care for her as they fear she may lose the child. As he watches her he finds that he may be falling in love with her. Unsure if he can even break the news that her husband shared with him on the battlefield.
Heather McCloud has just gotten the worst news of her life. The man she loved with all her heart was dead. She wants to crumple up and die at the news. But she must keep in mind their unborn child, still growing in her stomach. Dealing with the grief and pain isn’t easy for her and the servant seeks out help from the local witch.

Highlander’s Promise

by Annabel Blair

WARNING: A Steamy Highlander Romance that leaves little to the imagination – for mature audiences only!

Agnes is the daughter of a Scottish diplomat during the First Scottish war for independence.

She feels a strong tie with her family and her homeland, but when the war seems nigh, her father abandons their homeland and is rewarded with a fine diplomatic job in Britain in exchange for betraying his countrymen.

Agnes finds her father’s betrayal of Scotland unconscionable, and decides to leave his house to help her homeland.

With some valuable documents concerning the war on her person, she heads off to Scotland to help in the conflict.

Can she ever prove herself in the effort to the mysterious general named Faolan, who seems to call the shots at the Scottish border town she finds on her journey?

Contains a series of FREE Bonus Romance Stories.

Forever My Heart

by Angela Matthews

William Stillman is a doctor, and that alone is enough to draw attention in his new town of Davinia, Ohio, which is mostly populated by rabbits and trees. He’s running away from the heartbreak and stagnance of his former life, hoping to find peace and simplicity in this new landscape. Wide open spaces, lush green forests—what more could he want?

The handsome doctor may not be wanting, but his injured heart is in need. A beautiful, witty young woman saves him from a sticky situation on his first day in town, and she disappears before he can think to thank her. Before he knows it, he’s intoxicated by her charm and mystery, but she’s forbidden fruit: Cassidy Fole, his savior, is the daughter of the strict Minister Fole.

Will never wanted to fall for a preacher’s daughter, but try as he might, he can’t stay away from her. Will their love be allowed to grow, or will it be struck down before it can blossom?


Die Boere Romantiek 1: 2017 (Afrikaans Edition)

by Jacobus Gideon Louis Nieuwoudt

Kumbaya se gat man! Hy is ongehoorsaam. Onbeheerbaar. ‘n Radikale invloed. Rebels. ‘n Boere Romantiek. Dis Jacobus Gideon Louis Nieuwoudt of Jakobi Kid soos die Ingelse hom ken. Te regs vir tradisionele publikasie en te katools om sy goed gratis weg te gee. ‘n Lekker koue wind op ‘n vuurwarm dag. Hier’s hy nou julle. So gemaak en so gelaat staan. Die Boere Romantiek: Jacobus Gideon Louis Nieuwoudt! Hierdie volume bevat stories van herkoms. Van geskiedenis. Van seks en geweld. Van alles wat die lewe lekker maak.

Wilder, weiter, Wedding: Storys und Reportagen (German Edition)

by Johannes Ehrmann

Der Blick auf das vermeintlich Kleine hilft, das gro�e Ganze zu begreifen. Wer Deutschland heute verstehen will, der könnte sich zum Beispiel in Berlin-Wedding umschauen. Oder die Reportagen und Storys von Johannes Ehrmann lesen.

Im Wedding wohnen seit Jahrzehnten Deutsche, Türken, Polen, Palästinenser, Syrer, Bulgaren, Rumänen nebeneinander. �ber 60 Prozent hier sind Migranten, der Altersdurchschnitt liegt deutlich unter anderen Vierteln in Berlin.

Johannes Ehrmann schaut hinter die Zahlen und Statistiken, er gibt den Menschen im Wedding ein Gesicht. Den Rentnern, die im Bierbrunnen in seligen Hertha-Erinnerungen schwelgen. Der alleinerziehenden türkischen Postbotin, deren Arbeitstage kaum ein Ende haben. Dem Penner, der die Kreise der zugezogenen Hipster stört. Den Jungs, die im Fu�ballkäfig kicken und davon träumen, es eines Tages den berühmten Brüdern Boateng gleichzutun.

Dieses E-Book versammelt neben Johannes Ehrmanns preisgekrönter Reportage “Wilder, weiter, Wedding” (Theodor-Wolff-Preis 2014) weitere Geschichten und Miniaturen. Ein überraschendes und frisches Mosaik eines der spannendsten Multikulti-Viertel Deutschlands.

Das E-Book enthält zudem eine ausführliche Leseprobe von Johannes Ehrmanns Debütroman: Gro�er Bruder Zorn.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

СТÐ?Ð?РÐ?ЦÐ?НТНАЯ Ð?Ð?Ð?НÐ?Ð?НÐ?А: Russian/French edition (Ð?алдаев и Ð?доÑ?овякин t. 5)

by Nataliya Levitina

Ð?Ñ?аÑ?оваÑ?елÑ?ная каÑ?еглазая блондинка – НасÑ?я Ð?лаÑ?онова – бÑ?ла оÑ?енÑ? доволÑ?на своей жизнÑ?Ñ?. У неÑ? пÑ?есÑ?ижная Ñ?абоÑ?а в кÑ?Ñ?пной Ñ?иÑ?ме, а Ñ?ядом – лÑ?бяÑ?ий богаÑ?Ñ?й мÑ?жÑ?ина. Ð? Ñ?ем еÑ?е меÑ?Ñ?аÑ?Ñ?? Но, как эÑ?о Ñ?асÑ?о слÑ?Ñ?аеÑ?ся, благополÑ?Ñ?ие Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?нÑ?ло в один моменÑ? – лÑ?бимÑ?й бÑ?осил и вÑ?гнал из кваÑ?Ñ?иÑ?Ñ?, с Ñ?абоÑ?Ñ? Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? же Ñ?волили…
НасÑ?я Ñ?сÑ?Ñ?аиваеÑ?ся экономкой к модномÑ? живописÑ?Ñ? и пеÑ?еезжаеÑ? в его загоÑ?однÑ?й дом. АндÑ?ей АÑ?аманов способен свесÑ?и с Ñ?ма лÑ?бÑ?Ñ? женÑ?инÑ?. Ð?н Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?овски пÑ?ивлекаÑ?елен и сексÑ?ален, да и, к Ñ?омÑ? же, Ñ?аланÑ?лив – его каÑ?Ñ?инÑ? завоÑ?аживаÑ?Ñ?. Ð?днако все, кÑ?о знаком с Ñ?Ñ?дожником, пÑ?осяÑ? НасÑ?Ñ? бÑ?Ñ?Ñ? с ним осÑ?оÑ?ожной. ТÑ?маннÑ?е намÑ?ки, сÑ?Ñ?аннÑ?е замеÑ?ания Ñ?аздÑ?ажаÑ?Ñ? девÑ?Ñ?кÑ?, ведÑ? она Ñ?же влÑ?биласÑ? в эÑ?ого своенÑ?авного и неÑ?Ñ?авновеÑ?енного паÑ?ня. Но вскоÑ?е НасÑ?я Ñ?знаÑ?Ñ?, Ñ?Ñ?о Ñ?Ñ?дожникÑ? есÑ?Ñ?, Ñ?Ñ?о скÑ?Ñ?ваÑ?Ñ?. Ð? вновÑ? Ñ?Ñ?деснÑ?й миÑ?ок НасÑ?и неÑ?молимо Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?иÑ?ся…
СеÑ?ия о сÑ?Ñ?икаÑ? Ð?алдаеве и Ð?доÑ?овякине вклÑ?Ñ?аеÑ? в себя пяÑ?Ñ? книг:
1. ЭксÑ?Ñ?емалÑ?ная Ð?аÑ?гаÑ?иÑ?а
2. Ð?евÑ?Ñ?ка без недосÑ?аÑ?ков
3. Ð?Ñ?акÑ?иÑ?ески невиновна
4. Ð?еликолепная коÑ?поÑ?аÑ?ивная веÑ?еÑ?инка
5. СÑ?опÑ?оÑ?енÑ?ная блондинка

“СÑ?опÑ?оÑ?енÑ?ная блондинка” деÑ?жиÑ? в напÑ?яжении до последней сÑ?Ñ?аниÑ?Ñ?, Ñ?ак как невозможно оÑ?веÑ?иÑ?Ñ? на вопÑ?ос: кÑ?о он, эÑ?оÑ? Ñ?аÑ?измаÑ?иÑ?нÑ?й, сексÑ?алÑ?нÑ?й, загадоÑ?нÑ?й Ñ?Ñ?дожник? Ангел или демон? Ð?Ñ?ивлекаÑ?елÑ?на и главная геÑ?оиня – НасÑ?я. СнаÑ?ала пÑ?едсÑ?аеÑ? пеÑ?ед нами в обÑ?азе изнеженной блондинки, но заÑ?ем демонсÑ?Ñ?иÑ?Ñ?еÑ? и силÑ?нÑ?й Ñ?аÑ?акÑ?еÑ?, и сÑ?ойкосÑ?Ñ? (Ð?. Ð?аÑ?кÑ?,
Ð?олее “полноÑ?енного” женского Ñ?омана давно не деÑ?жала в Ñ?Ñ?каÑ?. Ð? книге много мягкой иÑ?онии, поводов задÑ?маÑ?Ñ?ся и огÑ?омное знание жизни многодеÑ?ной мамÑ? (Ñ? моей доÑ?еÑ?и Ñ?Ñ?ое деÑ?ей, поэÑ?омÑ? я гоÑ?ова оÑ?ениÑ?Ñ?). Ð?Ñ?лиÑ?ное оÑ?кÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ие – ждÑ? новÑ?Ñ? книг с неÑ?еÑ?пением!!! (Ð?Ñ?бина Ð?.Ð?.,

Ð?одÑ?осÑ?ки (Russian Edition)

by Николай Ð?аÑ?ин

Ð?Ñ?еса извесÑ?ного Ñ?Ñ?сского писаÑ?еля Н. Ð?аÑ?ина-Ð?иÑ?айловского «Ð?одÑ?осÑ?ки». Тема пÑ?оизведения – Ñ?еволÑ?Ñ?ионнÑ?е насÑ?Ñ?оения Ñ? молодежи наÑ?ала XX века. Ð?а год-два в Ñ?оссийскиÑ? кÑ?Ñ?гаÑ? молодÑ?Ñ? лÑ?дей слÑ?Ñ?ился всплеск акÑ?ивносÑ?и, лÑ?ди инÑ?еÑ?есÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ся собÑ?аниями и с жаÑ?ом Ñ?влекаÑ?Ñ?ся пÑ?огÑ?аммнÑ?ми вопÑ?осами. Ð?о словам Н. Ð?аÑ?ина-Ð?иÑ?айловского сÑ?жеÑ? пÑ?есÑ? полносÑ?Ñ?Ñ? списан с дейсÑ?виÑ?елÑ?носÑ?и.

Ð?Ñ?оÑ?ка Ð?оÑ?Ñ?иÑ?. Ð?нига вÑ?оÑ?ая (Russian Edition)

by ЧаÑ?лÑ?з Ð?иккенс

Роман Ч. Ð?иккенса «Ð?Ñ?оÑ?ка Ð?оÑ?Ñ?иÑ?» имел непÑ?осÑ?Ñ?Ñ? сÑ?дÑ?бÑ?. Ð?Ñ?изнание и слава насÑ?игли его лиÑ?Ñ? спÑ?сÑ?я много леÑ? после пеÑ?вой пÑ?бликаÑ?ии, а внаÑ?але он бÑ?л в пÑ?Ñ? и пÑ?аÑ? Ñ?аскÑ?иÑ?икован за саÑ?казм в описании Англии, а Ñ?акже за «слиÑ?ком запÑ?Ñ?аннÑ?й сÑ?жеÑ?».

Сказка о Ð?Ñ?асоÑ?е (Russian Edition)

by Ð?идия Алексеевна ЧаÑ?ская

Сказка Ð?идии АлексеевнÑ? ЧаÑ?ской (1875â??1937), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованная в 1912 годÑ?. «На вÑ?сокой гоÑ?е, сÑ?еди снежнÑ?Ñ? облаков, сÑ?еди синего неба посÑ?Ñ?оен заповеднÑ?й Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?ог. АмбÑ?ой и Ñ?озами благоÑ?Ñ?аеÑ? он еÑ?е издалека. Ð? золоÑ?Ñ?Ñ? кÑ?Ñ?илÑ?ниÑ?аÑ? Ñ?иÑ?о меÑ?Ñ?аеÑ? голÑ?бое пламя, Ñ?аспÑ?осÑ?Ñ?аняя нежнÑ?й аÑ?омаÑ?. Синим дÑ?мком Ñ?Ñ?одиÑ? он в золоÑ?ой кÑ?пол. А кÑ?Ñ?гом: на полÑ?, на сÑ?енаÑ?, на поÑ?олке все Ñ?озÑ?, Ñ?озÑ?, Ñ?озÑ?â?¦ ЦелÑ?й лес Ñ?оз, Ñ?елое моÑ?е Ñ?оз».

ТÑ?сяÑ?а одна сÑ?Ñ?асÑ?Ñ?, или СÑ?Ñ?аÑ?ная ноÑ?Ñ? (Russian Edition)

by АнÑ?он Ð?авловиÑ? ЧеÑ?ов

Рассказ, впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованнÑ?й в 1880 годÑ?.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Above All Else (Sandy Cove Series Book 7)

by Rosemary Hines

“How am I going to make it through another year of him?” seventeen-year-old Caleb Baron muttered as he pulled out of the driveway and floored the car, leaving screech marks in his tracks. This was the third blow up with his dad that week, and all Caleb could think about was getting through his senior year and getting out of the house for good.

Adopted at birth, Caleb’s relationship with his father has deteriorated into a battle of wills, and Caleb decides to set out on a quest for answers, as he delves into the roots of his past. But will those answers bring him the peace he so desires? Or will he find himself more distraught than ever?

Meanwhile, his sister, Madison, is taking center stage in their family with her upcoming wedding. Her life seems perfect, and their parents are well pleased. With her nursing degree completed and a ring on her finger, she is about to move not only into adulthood, but also to a distant land.

From Caleb’s perspective, Madison has it made. Little does he know that she is about to experience the most challenging year of her life. Is she up to the call God has placed on her and Luke? And when tragedy strikes, will she have the strength to press on?

Through the heartaches and difficulties this brother and sister experience, they must each come to terms with what matters above all else, as they examine their faith and learn to see themselves and their heavenly Father in a new way.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Cherry (Clean Sweet Western Romance) (Love Novelette Romances Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

Cherry Flannigan is an intelligent and audacious house girl desperate to get away from her slave driving employers in the upper crust of Philadelphia.

Jack Helm is a former Confederate soldier, now a rousting cattle for Shanghai Pierce and looking to become lawman in Texas.

When Cherry’s life with her employers goes from bad to abused, Cherry realizes an opportunity to escape and leaps at the chance to leave Philadelphia forever.

Jack has been through a ravaging war and had become a cattleman, but justice out in the west is a fickle thing, and Jack’s days as a cowhand and a vigilante are about to come to a lace-trimmed, velvet-voiced end, as he finds out that the girl of his dreams is a wanted woman, and it’s up to him to keep her from exactly the people he’s paid to serve.

Justice is on the side of love, as Jack and Cherry find one another, and the adventure of a lifetime that awaits them together.

Afraid to Love: Awakening: A Sweet & Clean Historical Romance (Afraid to Love Series Book 1)

by Olivia Anderson

Afraid to Love: Awakening A Sweet & Clean Historical Romance

Beth and Adam have been friends since childhood, barely spending a single day apart. Her mother has despaired over her daughter’s tomboy ways, but Beth is happy with her life. Unfortunately, growing pressure from her mother to think about marriage forces both Beth and Mark to consider their future.

Beth and Mark have only ever been good friends, but a sudden spark throws everything into disarray. Jealousy, a stolen kiss, and a sudden declaration causes Beth to turn towards a life she has always shied away from. Will Mark stay a part of her life or be the one to push her away?

This is Part 1 of the Afraid to Love series

The Bishop’s Daughter’s Romance

by Elaine Young

The Bishop’s Daughter’s Romance

A schoolgirl crush couldn’t be more than that, right? Well, for Ruth it might be God’s plan.
There’s a pull for each of them, whether they realize it or not there is something that is pushing them together. At first Ruth thought it was just her wanting to spend time with him, but Jacob feels it too. The only issue is that he has a secret and he’s not sure she will ever be able to accept it. If he tells her the truth he’s going to risk losing her, and being kicked out of the community.

Is that a risk he’s willing to take if he truly believes it’s God’s plan?

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

Anna’s Calling

by Annabel Blair

When seventeen-year-old Anna, widowed after only a week of marriage to her best friend, finds herself out west as a mail order bride, she struggles to learn to love a man who is a complete stranger.

When her patient new husband suddenly falls ill, Anna is faced with losing him after realizing how much she has come to love him.

Suddenly, her faith in God is tested.

Will the choice she makes on a whim ruin her marriage and leave her a lonely widow again, or will she find that God is forever faithful, even in the midst of anguish and fear?

Heaven’s Jubilee: And Other Short Stories

by Faith Blum

Heaven’s Jubilee
Followers of The Way were being rounded up, but I never expected to be one of them. I wanted to ask God, “Why Me” but would it do any good? Instead, I prayed for strength and endurance, little knowing how much I would need it.

Zane’s Consequences
I’d always done things my way. Why would my flight test be any different?

Hope is All that is Left
Our parents had been arrested and Liz and I now hid from unknown enemies. We had nothing left until we remembered one thing: The hope that spring would come again.

New Life So much pain. So much suffering. We were sick without cure until the angel came.

Darren’s Choice
I never should have signed the contract. Not without knowing what my invention would be used for. Now I had a hard choice to make. Violate my conscience or forfeit my life?

Authors note: Some of the subjects dealt with in these stories may not be appropriate for children younger than 13, so please read with discretion.

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Free horror Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Patenting Peter

by Jason Werbeloff

My wife says the Bureau isn’t watching me. She says there aren’t cameras in my contact lenses. No microphone in the â??vitamin pill’ they made me swallow on the submarine into Tokyo.

She says I’m paranoid. That I should get off the couch, and find a job. But there’s a glowing number in the bottom-right corner of my vision. And each time I move, each time I yawn, or slouch, or laugh too loudly, the number ticks upwards.

My wife says the Bureau isn’t watching me.

She would say that. She works for them.

Plunge into Patenting Peter, a psychological sci-fi thriller.

Devil’s Toll

by Malachi Stone

A psychic experiment goes horribly wrong. When a young woman undergoes a near-death crisis, evil souls vie to take over her body. Only a love that transcends the flesh can save her.

The Evil Resides

by Kiera

Published by: © 2016 MeetCoogle. All Rights Reserved and millions of readers around the world. The readers looking for Meet werewolves, vampires, zombies, psychopaths, aliens, cannibals, ghosts, and various will find this book apt and perfect. Interesting story plot and disturbing words spread to enhance your scary mood. Let the reader beware…
This collection features a menagerie of horror stories. Some are scary. Some are disturbing. Some are funny. Previously published in dozens of anthologies and magazines, some of these tales are mild, but some are extreme.

Plenty of tasteful, horror scenesâ?¦that keep the pages turning.


One day, the guy was shopping in the supermarket when he happened to bump into a girl in the checkout line. They started talking and seemed to really hit it off. The girl was very pretty and she had a nice personality. She also seemed to be a religious girl, which was exactly the type of girl the guy was looking for.

They exchanged numbers and a few days later, the guy called her. They began to call her every evening and they would have long conversations that lasted deep into the night. She seemed to be the perfect girl and the guy started falling head over heels in love with her. The only strange thing was that she ended every phone conversation with a prayer…

The Vigilant: Atheism: An Original Psychothriller (The Vigilant Serial Book 4)

by Marlayna Glynn

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In an isolated dungeon lies a terrible secret.
Hidden away from a searching world is a collection of missing childrenâ??kidnapped and brutally used. Overseeing it all is The Raven, a cruel psychopath obsessed with destroying beauty and innocence.
When an email alerts The Vigilant to the existence of this nightmare, in his newfound grief he barrels down a path to destroy The Raven, requiring increasing personal sacrifices. Sheriff Odman and Morgan are tasked with piecing together these multiple murders to capture this elusive killer.
As a murderous, demonic snake twists and turns throughout Beetle Oaks, Papa Ellis and Lovelie scheme to send him back to Hell, while Beth and Danny gradually reveal a growing fondness for each other. Milaâ??held against her will in the Beetle Oaks Mental Health Facilityâ??discovers deadly new powers. Convenient new powers.
Pheynix sheds light on an ancient family secret, revealing to Morgan old struggles, new hope, and the possibility of parents who would go to any length to keep her captive. But the more she shares, the more Morgan wonders what lies aheadâ?¦

The books in The Vigilant Serial:

1. The Vigilant: Schism
2. The Vigilant: Chasm
3. The Vigilant: Abysm
4. The Vigilant: Dark Triad (Books 1-3)
5. The Vigilant: Atheism
6. The Vigilant: Seism

What people are saying about The Vigilant Serial:

“I was quite pleased with this quirky, offbeat little town and its cast of characters.”

“Two thumbs up. Would definitely read more!”

“MG Sanders has a wild imagination and if the rest of the books in this series are anything like this one we are all in for a real treat.”

“I was hooked from the first page and read it in one day.”

“The author displays the rare ability to introduce multiple characters, while delivering a complex plot, with those characters being fully developed.”

“I am now so invested in these characters that I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.”

“I’m ‘all in’ for the rest of the series.”

“A great collection of characters which make the set-up and mystery interesting. I did appreciate the amount of diversity and detail that went into establishing each character.”

“You just might find a new, favorite author. I certainly did, except she’s no longer a new favorite, just my favorite.”

“Loved this book!! I wasn’t planning to binge read it, but I couldn’t put it down.”

“I was so engrossed in this book that during random moments of my day I’d wonder about certain characters and what their current pursuits were. Only to shake my head and remind myself that these aren’t people I KNOW, they are characters in a BOOK!”

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Free travel Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

CWASC-NP Rev.03-27-17: SC/Club Wyndham Access/Public Offering Statement

by WVO

SC/Club Wyndham Access/Public Offering Statement

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Free sports Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

Libre (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Patricio Perrinelle

Aquí les traigo pequeñas historias, confesiones y secretos, de personas comunes que por algún motivo no lo pueden hablar y lo esconden en algún lugar de se mente. Es posible que te sientas identificado con alguno de ellos, lograras darte cuenta que muchas de las cosas que suceden en tu vida con otras personas, son más común de lo que te imaginas.
Cuantas veces nos guardamos cosas que nos pasan, por miedo al que dirán, o por temor a lo que los demás piensen, o quizás por no dañar a personas a las que apreciamos. Nos guardamos secretos, que dentro nuestro terminan siendo una bomba de tiempo. llegando a deprimirnos, a quitarnos energía, a ponernos entre la la espada y la pared, dándole fecha de caducidad a nuestro silencio. Muchas personas le han encontrado la vuelta a esto del silencio, colocándose en lugar del anonimato, para lograr soltar esta carga que muchas veces les quita el sueño y no les permite pensar con fluidez.
Te invito a que te sumerjas en cada una de estas pequeñas confesiones y sientas como una pequeña presión se libera y emerge de cada palabra, logrando sentir ese sentimiento tan puro que guardan los secretos.



In magazine format, this eBook provides the main events in the sport, related to soccer in Brazil, with the author’s arguments to improve profit teams and approach the Brazilian soccer world billionaire European soccer, providing a more appropriate timetable on commercial terms and better tailoring the relationship between fans and team, based on the laws in force in Brazil; With the major sports media links, the reader will have access to news and trading information and transfers that occurred in 2015, and learn about games and tables of national and international championships relating to Brazilian teams, you will also have information about the scandal FIFA and the CBF involving corruption, money laundering and organized crime, Noting what happens in soccer; If or when the eBook reach two thousand units sold, the author updates the magazine until December 2015, however already available to the soccer lover, materials and comments until August 16, 2015, when he finished the first round of the Brasileirão, with Corinthians in the lead; With lots of pictures and charts, promises long hours of distraction for readers of all ages who can serve this new form of interaction and search data from the recent history of soccer in Brazil; Approximately end of October, the eBook reach two thousand units sold, will update the games and stories with links, the same happens at the end of the Championship of 2015; This is a new form of magazine, where there is some partnership between the reader and the author, depending on eBook marketing number, which will be reported on the publisher’s website or otherwise that enables this monitoring, whenever the sales reach 1900 units; In case we do not reach this number of sales, a second eBook at the end of the Brasileirão will be released until December 23, 2015; Let us together make this Magazine SR !!!
Warning: This ebook has automatic Google translation for this language; If the number of units sold reached over two thousand ebooks, publishing this language a translator and updated will be hired; Thanks for encouraging purchase this ebook.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 17

A New War: The Civilian

by James Kendall

Frank is a retired Marine that survived the nuclear war and now he lives in a world that he no longer belongs in. His wife passed away and his son was killed in action. The town that he once loved has been taken over by the Federal Army and is now more like a prison than a town. Frank wants to leave this post apocalyptic hell hole but he wants to take a few people with him when he does.

World War Forever (Highway To Armageddon Book 2)

by Harold Bloemer

In this action-packed sequel to the dystopic thriller Highway To Armageddon, teen bounty hunters Lance, Boom Boom, and Krystal continue their blood-drenched, suicidal mission to prevent all-out nuclear war between the United States of the Americas and the Republic of China. In order to inhibit this nightmare scenario, the trio must hunt down and assassinate the most powerful and dangerous woman to have ever walked the face of the Earth, United States President Angela Klaxton. In essence, in order to achieve world peace, the president must die.

But things become much more confusing and chaotic the deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole the trio travel. As Boom Boom, Lance, and Krystal traverse the world looking for their elusive target, they quickly realize China has no intention of backing down from a pending invasion, even if they do manage to take Klaxton out (which is no sure thing). That means the key to warding off nuclear Armageddon may entail joining forces with their most despised enemy in order to thwart a much more treacherous foe. The question is, are Lance, Krystal, and Boom Boom willing to work with Klaxton in order to save the lives of billions? For Boom Boom, at least, that may be a bridge too far. As she’s said several times before, perhaps the world does deserve to burn.


by Felisha Antonette

Calamity has forced our government to manufacture genetically altered humans. Creations. Mortals have refused to serve and protect, no longer willing to put their lives on the line for our world. These â??Creations’ were designed to manage and enforce order among citizens. Creations don’t know fear or express pain. Their sole function is to fight the enemy and live to battle again.

Orphans Kylie Alexander and her twin brother, Lukahn, were born for this purpose. Dedicating their lives to sharpening their deadly skills and forfeiting the chance of love and freedom, they ready themselves for Separation, the deadly rite of passage where the oldest teens are drafted into the final preparation for war.

When Ky and Luke are shipped off to Separation three months early, questions begin to arise. Who is the real enemy? What is really happening beyond the fractured sanctuary of the training compound? What are they actually fighting for?

Humans and Creations alike have become allies when a plague of the living dead becomes the number one hazard. Strategies change as the twins discover they may not be the saviors of humankind after all.
They may be the enemy of the people.

Legion (Belial nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Antony Figueroa

Nuestro mundo esta en peligro! Belial el gran rey del inframundo esta libre y junto a su legion de demonios crearan el peor infierno que nosotros los humanos podriamos vivir, un infierno denominado APOCALIPSIS.


by James D. Hunter

Earth’s space program has come to a screeching halt after reaching for the stars. The last deep space ship, The Heinlein, has been tasked with studying Saturn’s rings. The five person international crew struggles with their mission and coming to grips with the fact the space program is over.
While on the mission they crash into a hidden alien ship. The crew of The Heinlein board the ship and attempt to search the ship for signs of life. Shortly after their arrival the alien ship’s orbit decays and they are forced to evacuate.
Before they do they find three aliens in stasis which they bring aboard. The aliens awaken and the crew decides to return to Earth to announce that first contact has been made. However, someone else is looking for the aliens. The crew struggles to protect the aliens, warn Earth and save their own lives.

Anticipating expectations

by Justine Fitzgerald

Sometimes loving someone new is all we need to remind us that one we left it alone. I can not reconcile myself to my past. Now she wants it back …

The Roswell General Store

by Terry Duke

Imagine that one of the aliens who crashed in New Mexico near Roswell in 1947 survived the crash.

That alien sends an emergency message at the speed of light to the nearest civilized outpost in this deserted portion of this backwater galaxy, asking for a rescue vessel to be dispatched post haste.

That outpost is a planet in orbit around the star HD 217107, which is visible in the constellation Pisces (the Fish).

Unfortunately, it will take the message 65 years to get there and another 75 years or so for the rescue vessel to reach the earth.

What do you do when you are marooned on an uncivilized planet for 140 years or so, surrounded by humans who look nothing like you? Where do you go? How do you live?

Fortunately, he finds a friend in downtown Roswell who takes him in, protects him, and befriends him.

And this alien has a custom; he never forgets a favor.

Day of Rain: Rise of the False Prophet

by C.A. Hartway

Dr. Malecki Sadeq guards a dark secret.

Beneath the centuries-old cathedral on the St. James campus lies an evil bound for hundreds of years. Helel’s followers await their chance to reclaim Heaven, and bring eternal damnation to the world.

A biblical archaeologist and professor at the university, Dr. Malecki Sadeq faces the task of fending off the assault. Unknown to all but Malecki, his adopted son Christopher is the seventh messenger born of a virgin, sent to awaken the fallen angels.

As the false prophet emerges and begins to gather his disciples, Malecki must confront the fallen angel and his forces, who are determined to destroy the world as we know it.

Children of the Captive: This wasn’t fair

by Gavin Fitzgerald

This story was discontinued because I did not like it. It’s not a good representation of my work, and we never got past the interviews.

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