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Darwin as a Church Father – Part 1: Stephen Jay Gould (Conversations with Darwin Book 9)

by Dieter Hattrup

The program of these Conversations with Darwin shouts: Sesquiistique. Settled between monism and dualism, the theory of evolution rises up to the Prima Philosophia for our time!
Nowadays many writers want to put the theory of evolution on the throne of a first philosophy; they mean they can proclaim with such a philosophy in backgronud the end of spirit and religion. Their mistake shouts monism with which principle they regard â??chance and necessityâ?? as full knowledge of nature. In case of the Darwinism of the 19th century their verdict may apply. Although Charles Darwin was and is still dead right with his theory of evolution and with the his â??struggle for survival’, he was unable to understand his own theory in his days. Randomness or chance in the mutation is simply a lack of knowledge and not another form of knowledge besides necessity.
Dualism, too, on the other side, which assumes a dual coding of reality does not provide what is needed, because the claimed independence of mind from matter is always in danger of being displaced as a merely epiphenomenon. In the middle between monism and dualism stands sesquiistik, and this form of thinking accomplishes the connection between mind and nature.
At the beginning of the 21st century the change in physics supplies us with tools to help to understand the evolutionary theory as a preparation for the realization of freedom, of liberty in nature. What the late Darwin could not perform can be performed by the new Darwin, and he is announcing: Freedom in nature is possible and likely, because freedom is the shadow play of chance and necessity. This is also a new kind of freedom, it is finite not infinite.
After Platonism, Aristotelism and Kantianism we find a new Prima philosophia in teaching the theory of evolution to which theology can be tied on; much better than on the previous figures. The Darwin of the 21st century is preparing a new springtime of theology and proclaimes it in his personality.
The book is written in Simple English, by a non-native speaker.

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