Free religious fiction Kindle books for 02 Apr 17

The Minister’s Daughter’s Secret Love

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. Some of the bonus books may contain scenes for mature readers.

The Minister’s Daughter’s Secret Love

No one is happy about the fact that an outsider is doing work on the church but when Anna needs his help she has to admit she’s glad Brad is there for her.

Brad is just as surprised as everyone else when an Amish man asks him to come do some work at the church, but he’s not going to turn down the job offer. When he sees Anna he knows that she’s not going to be good for him- he just doesn’t expect her to end up pregnant!

Anna has a choice to make, and she has no clue what the right choice is. She can leave her family to raise a child, she can marry a man she doesn’t love, or well- the other option doesn’t work.

What she doesn’t realize is that Brad has his own plan.

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

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