Free science fiction Kindle books for 02 Apr 17

Mother of Mars (Whispers of A Planet Book 1)

by Sean Clark

Leaving the Earth after joining the Mars Development Project was the hardest decision Cecil ever had to make, separating himself from his mother and the prospect of a normal life. The planet takes its toll on him, but he is doing what he loves. After a freak accident leaves him debilitated and unable to fulfill his purpose, he falls into despair and must consider what he must do next. Through the darkness, a voice calls out to him. How will he respond?

APEX LOST: Volume 1 Max Velocity

by Jesse Rubio

Dejected and left to die on a desolate planet, by a heartless filthy rich ex-employer Star-Bright; an unlikely trio consisting of, a skillful re-programed humanoid sexbot, a gung-ho, trigger-happy deranged nurse, and a strong-willed refinery grunt who is learning to tackle his fears, must ally to survive against all odds. Not only do they have to worry about the poisonous atmospheric conditions, but they also have to face corporate conspiracies, renegade mercenaries and worst of all giant insect monsters!

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