Free science Kindle books for 02 Apr 17

HOW TO SURVIVE NATURAL DISASTER: The Ultimate Survival Guide For Emergency Situation

by Jason Harris

Natural disasters threat people`s lives all around the world. Some places are more dangerous some not, but the conclusion is that no one is safe. Is there really no way to protect yourself in extreme conditions of earthquake or tsunami? In fact we are not that helpless and sometimes the alert helps us to prepare for the disaster and to protect ourselves. In this book I will tell you in details how to protect yourself in different types of natural disasters. Maybe these simple tips one day will help you to save your life and lives of people around you.

Simple as ABG

by Larry Romane

“ABG” stands for Arterial Blood Gases. It’s the single best test for any critically ill or injured patient. It’s painful. It’s expensive. And, arterial blood can be tough to draw. Yet, no other test tells more about a patient’s minute by minute respiratory/metabolic status.

But, interpreting “ABG” results has always been very complicated-until now. By using simple graphs, lots of pictures, and about a 9th grade reading level, two men have finally made understanding ABG’s easy.

Dr. Larry Romane is a 4 times board-certified ER doc. He’s taught nurses, physicians, paramedics, and respiratory therapists. His friend, Ted Heyman, is a computer guy who once wrote software that brought ATM’s to small banks.

Together they make this complex test simple – “Simple as ABG”. In fact, students like you improved their ABG comprehension from 55% to over 93% just by reading it’s hundred pages. And now, so can YOU !….

(A device that displays full color is ESSENTIAL to understanding this book, e.g. a PC, Mac, or iPad would be perfect.)

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Angel Squad Heaven’s Justice: Chapter 1 Dawn of the Ai (Arch Angel Michael’s Angel Squad’s Book 3)

by tycoon whibbey

Heaven’s Justice travel to earth 2315 to make it heaven. Earth 2315 has produced and ai. Earth 2315 spoke hell, they greeted each other with hello. Earth 2315 spoke and thought in not, they used not bad instead of good. Earth 2315 damned everything, they thought damn was a good word. When they programed the ai it came out hell. It built terminators to destroy all humans. Angel Squad Heaven’s Justice arrive to show them how to build a Heaven Ai. An ai that will make them benevolent powerful humans.

Using cognitive-behavioral therapy: Easy course on how to use and understand cognitive-behavioral therapy, achieving self-esteem and beating vatios disorders (Therapies in psychology Book 1)

by John Q Pendeltan

Every person who suffers from some sort of disorder knows more than everybody what the definition of it is.
But he can change the way of his life, simply doing the things which we think we know – using his cognition.
Using cognitive-behavioral therapy will give you the ammunition to quickly defeat most kinds of psychological disorders, including worrying about the health, the fear of going crazy, the fear of the public opinion, or the fear from death.
In this guide you can discover how to:

* Recognizing the symptoms of your disorder and getting the help you need;

* Dealing with anxious situations you’ve been avoiding;

* End the anxious or intrusive thoughts by changing your attitude;

* Improve your confidence and self esteem;

*Having less and less anxiety every day;

* And life your life again;

Project Management from History

by Rajkumar Ganesan

This book tells real stories from history like Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Opera, Napoleon’s Russian Invasion, dropping of atomic bombs during World War II on Hiroshima & Nagasaki and correlates those stories with project management aspects like planning, communication management, stakeholder management, project schedule management, risk management, scope management and cost management. This book explains how those incidents became successful by following good project management techniques or failed by not following them.

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