Free sports Kindle books for 02 Apr 17

Golf: Golf Balls, Why It’s More Important Then You Think

by Mark Taylor

So you have finally given in to your friends’ influences and now you found yourself addicted to it, and by that, I meant you have fallen in love with the game of golf. In the past, you probably were not that interested in playing golf. Sure, you are familiar with the golf superstars like Tiger Woods (and how cool he looked back in his prime), but you have never pictured yourself as being a player yourself. What is so exciting about hitting a small ball and chasing it around the park? However, now that you have gotten a taste of the game, you find yourself thinking about it all the time, and now you want to learn more about this fascinating sport.
By now, you probably have an idea on how to play the game, and you are slowly getting your skill level up to par (excuse the pun). However, besides that, you also need to learn about the various equipment that you will be using. A golfer may not be as good as his or her equipment but it does help if you know exactly what you have.
In this book, you will be learning in depth about the iconic golf ball. You may be thinking that there is nothing much going on about the golf ball. It is just a small ball covered in dimples that you have to hit with all your might and make it fall into a small hole hundreds of yards away. However, you are in for a big surprise.
There are so many interesting things that you can learn about the humble golf ball and many of them are extremely useful in improving your game. For instance, do you know why all golf balls have dimpled surfaces? Do you know what is inside the standard golf ball? Will your choice of golf ball affect your game? You will find the answers to all of these questions and more when you read this book from cover to cover.
Do not assume that you will not learn anything of use about the humble golf ball. You may be surprised at just how much information you need to know about this tiny sphere. The good news is that you can use this knowledge the next time you go for a round of golf with your friends.
Thank you for taking the time to read this book, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed in your journey into the fascinating world of golf balls.

Trekking In The Tropics

by J.S Bai

This book is all about trekking in the topics with a focus on pre-trip preparation and things to take note of (environment and safety aspects) during the trek. Included in this book are also some pointers to assist you in choosing the right apparels and equipment and some tips to make your trek a more enjoyable one. The targeted trekking destinations can be rainforests in Malaysia, cave complexes in Thailand, volcanos in Indonesia, high peaks of the Crocker Range or even scrubby lowlands in Northern Australia Outback. Although references are predominantly made to destinations in South East Asia, this book should also be useful for those seeking adventures in tropical areas in India, Central Africa, Central America, South America and Oceania islands that experience similar hot and moist climate.

Orbs: mistério oculto (Portuguese Edition)

by Lirah Frihet

Um relato real de invertigação sobre as teorias envolvendo o mistério dos orbs, fotos e imagem de vídeo documentados.

Sports Betting. What are the Real Chances to Win? Vol. 2. Basketball & American Football odds statistic.

by Edward Gaily

This study is the second volume of the “Sports Betting. What are the Real Chances to Win?” series. This time I have analyzed nearly 15,000 basketball and more than 5,000 American football matches. The analysis addresses the question – what is the percentage of teams favoured by bookmakers that actually win the matches, how often do hosts and visitors win and what is the percentage of matches whose full-time ends with a tie and overtime is required. The matches have also been analyzed in terms of the final score discrepancy.
This study is intended for all bettors who in any way take statistics into consideration in their analyses.

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