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Amish Secret Loves

by Love Obsession Books

Warning!: This contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. Even though the stories in the 2 book collection are clean the bonus books may contain content for mature audiences.

A Secret Love In Paradise

Ruth’s family has to make a choice. A choice that might get them in a lot of trouble with their community.

Ruth never cared about the English world. After her grandma and her aunt left the community, in the process breaking her father’s heart, she vowed she would never do the same to him- but now she’s left wondering if she will. The entire family makes their way to Miami to see Ruth’s grandma. There she meets Dean. She can’t help wondering if God is testing her, or trying to push her onto her path in life. Could Dean be part of her path?

Ruth wants the answer to be yes but keeps a big secret from him- who she really is. She has no clue how he will react if he finds out or if he will ever want to talk to her again. Ruth questions, “How can someone be your fate when you have to hide who really are from them?”

In Love With The Preacher’s Daughter

This is the story about a young couple that fall in love amidst an Amish background. Sarah, who is Amish and the preacher’s daughter, wants to be with the young and attractive Christopher but her parents will hear nothing of it. They insist that she marry within the Amish community.

As their two families become intertwined and spend more time together, things start to get a little bit more complicated. Benjamin, the patriarch, starts to see things a little more differently. His wife, Olivia, even suggests that he might want to loosen up on his strict requirement that his daughter marry an Amish person.

Then, the unthinkable happens. Christopher and Sarah fall into danger and it takes teamwork and resourcefulness on the part of their two families to bail them out. After all is said and done, the main message is that love is the most important virtue and that it will conquer all.

Warning: This 2 book collection is a clean but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

Mind Gym: Training and Thinking with the Mind of an Ace Athlete

by Vance Avery

Read about the attitude, the mindset, and the psychology behind success in sports!

Athletes have a certain mindset. Successful athletes have become who they are because of what happens in their brains. With the right perseverance, ego (or lack of it), ability to adapt, or quickness and eagerness to learn, you can speed up the results of your performance and find more fulfilment in the process. In this book, you’ll learn, among others:

The difference between a professional sports player and an ace athlete.

Ways to interact with coaches, trainers, and mentors.

Reaching your true potential by conditioning your brain to achieve success.

Overcoming weakness and ego by embracing the entire sport and its history.

Which general workouts work best and how to keep training when things get tough.

What a “false champion” is and how to avoid becoming one by not having “improper” motivational thoughts.

Physical tips to keep you healthy while improving your muscle percentage and getting in shape.

Secret ways to honing sports skills.

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by G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton (The Man Who Knew Too Much) capped his brilliant literary career with this exploration of “right thinking,” and how it led to his acceptance of the Christian faith. Although this is a very personal account of his conversion, Chesterton makes it clear he came to a rational decision based upon his scholarly examination of Christianity’s arguments, intending to provide a “positive” companion to the previous Heretics.

Who Cares?

by Joshua Rhone

I was in tears. I was weeping because I had just spent some time talking to a mom who had no place to stay and no means by which she could provide suitable, safe housing for her children. Her children are about the same age as my kids and the thought of my kids (or any other kid) sleeping in a car, an abandoned train car, or in an abandoned building breaks my heart. To make matters worse, this woman wasn’t an addict. She wasn’t lazy. She has job–two jobs, in fact. Between the jobs, she doesn’t make enough to put food on the table and pay for rent and utilities.

Mid-sobfest, Maddie awoke from her nap. She stumbled into my office, blanket in hand and thumb in her mouth. I wiped the tears from my eyes, sniffed with gusto, and attempted to hide my sadness from my daughter. However, Maddie is rather perceptive and it didn’t take her long to figure out that daddy was sad. So we sat at my desk and talked about why daddy was sad. With childlike faith, Maddie suggested we pray for the mom and her children and, after we concluded with an â??amen,’ she suggested we do something. Convicting words, yet a frustrating suggestion, given our scant resources.

In that moment–as I held Maddie, considered what she said and made excuses for why we couldn’t do something to solve this enormous problem that is greater than the resources that we have–two things came to mind:

1) God cares. It’s something we talk about constantly with our kids. It’s a message that we’ve conveyed again and again at our midweek children’s program. And, it’s the subject of a story that Maddie likes to tell me when I tuck her in at night and I ask her to tell me a story.

2) We need to do something. And, by something, I really mean anything–no matter how big or little. One small step of progress is better than nothing. A step in the right direction is better than no step at all. Small things done with great love can change the world. (Yeah, I know, I hate pithy sayings and cliches just as much as the next person, but all of this came to mind in that moment.)
But what could we do?

That’s when it hit me. We could take Maddie’s story, write it down, put some pictures to it, and turn it into a book. We could then sell that book and use a portion of the proceeds to provide food to those who are hungry; a place to stay for those who need shelter; clothes for those who need warmth amid the changing seasons.

I sat down with Maddie and wrote out the story.

In your hands you hold the story. Half of the proceeds of which will go towards making a difference–feeding the hungry, putting clothing on the backs of those who need it, and providing a safe place for people to get a good night’s rest.

Kids Books: Little Bear Dover’s Adventure in the Sky: children books about New Experiences funny Bedtime story Books for Kids

by Leela Hope

Kids Books: Little Bear Dover’s Adventure in the Sky

Teach your children to overcome their fears.

Little Bear Dover and his friends are nervous about going up in a hot air balloon.

Can they overcome their fears and have a wonderful adventure?

Perfect for early readers, this children’s storybook teaches your children:

·        Adventures are fun and exciting, even if they seem scary

·        To overcome their fears and have a good time

·        The importance of friendship

Little Bear Dover’s Adventure in the Sky is a wonderful bedtime story for all ages that’s told through rhyming verses and colorful illustrations. This storybook helps you develop your child’s reading skills in a fun and exciting adventure.

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