Free science fiction Kindle books for 03 Apr 17

The Ghazzali Horde: Space Mercenaries (Wolf Cyborg)

by Galen Wolf

A Short Story:

The Space Horde is Coming:
A god of love whose followers spread murder across the Universe

Mercenary captain, Severan sells his share of the spaceship Mantis and begins a peaceful life as a farmer.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He was one of the best captains in the Universe
With his picked crew, he could take out any enemy

Ë?Ë?Ë? But Severan grew weary of war
And he found a peaceful planet and raised cattle with his wife and kids

Ë?Ë?Ë? Then war came to find him
Severan has to protect his family from a ravening space horde of religious, DNA spliced fanatics.
And he has to do it now

Project Antichrist

by Pavel Kravchenko

Luke Whales, host of a successful TV show and possibly the most recognizable man in the near future America, has everything a man could hope for. He is rich, handsome and recently divorced. But one day a dead U.S. Draft Marshal turns up in his kitchen, and his life of luxury comes to an abrupt end. He becomes a fugitive. Suddenly his fame is no longer an asset. Now he must elude the FBI, while searching for those who framed him for murder.

When alien assassins join the chase, Luke realizes that his journey will take him a lot farther than he thought. But what he learns about the world – and himself – in the end, is beyond anything he can imagine.

In My Time of Dying

by Andy Swanner

The most compelling vision of a future where zombies can roam the earth!
When the lives of two best friend underachievers is upended by the walking horror around them they fight for survival.
A former CIA operative turned NYC skid row priest is caught up in the carnage he’s forced to make an alliance with his hunter in order to attempt to save the lives of those that depend on him.
Not the same cookie cutter zombie novel that populates the sales lists, but fresh and innovative in its scope and scale.

Stormhaven Rising (Atlas and the Winds Book 1)

by Eric Michael Craig

How far will a president go to keep a possible world-ending disaster secret, and how far can a wealthy industrialist go to make sure the truth gets out?

Facing a global catastrophe, Colton Taylor finds himself locked into a collision course with the US Government as he tries to save humanity from destruction.

Forcing himself into the arena of international politics, Taylor struggles to maneuver his corporate empire into position to give civilization a fighting chance.

Stormhaven Rising sets the foundation for the cataclysmic battle between human ego and the relentless nature of destiny… A battle where the price of failure, is no less than the end of Civilization.

This is an asteroid impact story backed up by real science. Stormhaven Rising is hard science fiction at its best.


by Voltaire


His excellency having laid himself down, and the secretary approached his nose:

“It must be confessed,” said Micromegas, “that nature is full of variety.”

“Yes,” replied the Saturnian, “nature is like a parterre, whose flowers â??”

“Pshaw!” cried the other, “a truce with your parterres.”

“It is,” resumed the secretary, “like an assembly of fair and brown women, whose dressesâ??”

“What a plague have I to do with your brunettes?” said our traveler.

“Then it is like a gallery of pictures, the strokes of whichâ??”

“Not at all,” answered Micromegas, “I tell you once for all, nature is like nature, and comparisons are odious.”

Romance: Forbidden Military Hero: (Billionaire Bad Boy Alphas Romance) (BBW Pregnancy Military Short Stories)

by Maya Grey


I never expected him to change. Not even when they carted him off to the military after he got kicked out of college.

Fast forward three years. I was the one who had to go and meet my stepbrother dearest at the airport. When he stepped off of that plane, I didn’t even recognize him. He lost the nerdy glasses and got his teeth straightened and whitened. Most of all, he got ripped.

At first I thought that he was still the same on the inside, the same asshole who had left, but after spending just a day with him, I realized that there was something different.

Now, I have to focus on staying away from him, because I want to know what exactly changed him, and who he is underneath that façade.

There will be consequences that I can’t even foresee, ones that could completely change my life.

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Forbidden Military Hero includes 20+ BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Loot of the Void

by Edwin Sloat

Into the Trap-Door City of great spiders goes Penrun after the hidden plunder of the space-pirate Halkon.

Digital Renaissance

by Jose Miguel Cansado

After joining a startup accelerator in Shanghai, Mike comes across an algorithm that can change music creation forever. But soon he finds he is working for the dark side. Things get worse when a colleague dies in strange circumstances.

Through the eyes of Mike, discover an emerging fast growing Asia and the world of startups. Set in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, the story uncovers how a new generation thinks about work, and about their dreams and ambitions to make a difference.

They are shaping tomorrow with their actions today. They dare to challenge the status quo, and in their own way, change the world. They’re unleashing a new era: The Digital Renaissance.

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