Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 04 Apr 17

Color Of My Dreams

by Richard Dicks

This is a collection of my thoughts and feelings manifested as fiction. It has been a labor of love that took almost three years to complete. It isn’t what you’re expecting.

Nashville Heat: Nashville Book 1 (Naughty in Nashville)

by Bethany Michaels

He’s every woman’s hot cowboy fantasy├ó?┬Žand her one erotic obsession

Aspiring song-writer Sydney Stratton can’t forget the one white-hot night she and country music’s newest star Dex Wilder shared, despite her resolve to focus on her career and leave the boyfriend thing to someone else. When their paths cross again, the meeting is explosive, but his party guy reputation threatens to undermine everything Sydney has worked for. Dex knows what he wants–he wants Sydney, in bed and out. Now all he has to do is convince the woman of his fantasies that he’s more than a front page tabloid story.

Explore the naughty side of Nashville with all the books in Bethany Michaels’ popular Nashville series!

Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of a Baby: Learn How To Paint Portraits of Children

by Dani Mrdaque

This e-book is created for all artists who want to master painting portraits. This will interactive book will help you to obtain useful pieces of information on:

-Colors that should be used to define skin tone
-Painting the eyes and eye sparkle in a realistic way
-Painting the hair combining watercolor pencils and watercolors
-Adjustment of background color in order to fit with skin tone
-Realistic painting of clothes
Every serious artist needs to know all the secrets of watercolor technique in order to create amazing realistic portraits!
You want to get into painting, but you don’t have the time to attend classes. Fear not, thanks to the Internet, everyone and anyone can become an artist on their own time, at their own pace. Today’s discount promotion does just that – it’s Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of Japanese Baby for advanced artists.

Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of Japanese Baby is an online series of video lectures that teach you watercolor techniques. With Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of Japanese Baby, you’ll be able to learn how to choose materials and combine different techniques to get the look you want.
What awaits you in Realistic Watercolor Portrait Of Japanese Baby ? Discover how to create amazing portraits of children.After finishing this course you will be able to paint realistic portraits from a photo or with a live model in your art studio.

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