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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense:From Murderer to Conqueror Comspiracies: Police Procedurals( Psychological SPECIAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED) (thriller, suspense, … police, murder, dark, conspiracy 1)

by Jeff S

: The van Eyck family had built an empire and now lusted for the ultimate prizeâ??to rule the entire planet. How they meant to achieve that goal bent the definition of murderer, shifting it toward conqueror. For young John van Eyck, living up to the family legacy meant losing his own soul.

: Joseph Nketia was better than your average assassin. His creativity and effectiveness had earned him an invitation to play with the big boysâ??the ones who pull the puppet strings of world leaders.

: Mario Fuerza had lived a charmed life, born into a rich Dominican family, attending university in New York City. Then his life change to impossibly better. All he had to do was to help David Rockwell commit the crime of the century.

: Killing was easy, the hard part was getting away with it. Unless you’re a 25 year old killer of killers.
Eloise killed the girl- her original assignment. But then she got drafted to something much more deadly: working as a CSI attempting to find the killer. When she gets to the crime scene she discovers that someone has moved her body, placing it in a different spot and leaving her strange notes. The chief suspects her, the other techs loathe her very presence, and officer Peter is pulling the wire at her underused heart strings, making her question her abilities.

Not Looking For Love: Episode 1 (A New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel)

by Lena Bourne

***Episodes 1 – 4 are now available as a Boxed Set. Copy and paste this LINK> to get the entire first part of the series, complete with an HEA ending. ***

A no-strings fling is what she wants…but is that what she needs?

At 22, Gail’s losing her mom to cancer…with only a week to live. Every second of every minute, Gail hopes the doctors are wrong. Then she loses the bracelet her mother gave her. On the edge, she jumps into the pool to find it. Something grabs her waist and flips her over in the water. It’s Scott, the neighbors’ gardener, trying to save her.

The sight of Scott’s wet t-shirt plastered against the rippling muscles of his shoulders and chest gets Gail fantasizing about this Adonis. It’s easier to get lost in a fantasy of raw passion than hope for anything at all.

With more regrets than he can ever hope to live with…Scott’s trying to get his life together. The last thing he needs is a crazy rich girl who keeps throwing herself at him. But he knows something’s wrong from the sad, lost look in her beautiful eyes.

Is this relationship finished before it ever truly begins? Or in their darkest moment… can Gail and Scott give each other hope?

Genre: New Adult Romance

Intended for mature audiences.

An Unexpected Wish (A Lady’s Wish)

by Eileen Richards

Anne Townsend doesn’t ask for much. Plain and poor, she’d settle for the funds to put food on the table. Making a wish on the fabled Fairy Steps is hardly a solid solution, but to see her two sisters taken care of, Anne’s willing to try anything. Yet when she finds herself suddenly surrounded with suitors, romance is now a possibility for the spinster everyone always ignoredâ??except with the one man who will never want herâ?¦     
Nathaniel Matthews has no time for courting. As the eldest, he has his family’s lost fortune to rebuild, and his reckless brother to manage before he gambles his future away. Odd that Nathaniel can think of little but kissing bright-eyed Anne, who seems to be fighting off admirers from all sides. Is it the country air, or is Nathaniel ready to discover that love has a magic all its own?

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