Free world literature Kindle books for 04 Apr 17

Dark Voyage

by Helen Susan Swift

Spine-chilling historical horror from Helen Susan Swift, author of The Handfasters.

In 1914, fear and paranoia rule the high seas. Iain Cosgrove is newly married to Jennifer Manson, daughter of a wealthy Scottish merchant.

Iain leaves for a research trip aboard the Lady Balgay, last of Dundee’s once-grand sealing fleet. Fueled by rum and the eerie tales of the crew, they obsess over ancient superstitions, which Iain dismisses as simple lore… until they reach the frigid Arctic seas.

After a string of tragic accidents on the ship, Iain begins to question his beliefs. Then, the ship discovers two castaways â?? one of them a mysterious woman â?? and events take a sinister turn.

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