Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 05 Apr 17

The Seasiders

by A.J. Griffiths-Jones

This seaside town holds more secrets than you could ever imagine.

Grace & Dick Thomas are the proud owners of the Sandybank Guest House, a pristine & popular establishment set in a prime location overlooking the beach. Tourists come and go all year round, taking advantage of the beautiful setting and their host’s wonderful culinary skills.

However, it is the permanent residents of this pretty coastal town who cause net curtains to flutter and tongues to wag, with their myriad of secrets and tales to be told. Caught up in their midst, the Thomases live their lives regardless, checking guests in and checking guests out.

But who holds the biggest secret of all?

Wounded By Her Guardian

by Adam Van Susteren

Attorney Aaron Baker has associated with an attorney organization for ten years before its secretive inner circle starts him on the path to unravel a conspiracy involving the United States Dollar. In uncovering the greatest scandal in the history of the United States Aaron Baker and his physician girlfriend must not only battle shadow adversaries and the unknown, but also the status of their relationship.

“Fantastic characters. Would love to grab a beer with them and hear them tell this believable work of fiction.” – Aaron Hunter, author of Numb

“Gripping political issues being tackled with an even more compelling story line…” – Nick Adams, author of Exceptional America and America: The Greatest Good

The Last Appeal

by Bill Blum

It’s a thin line between being a workaholic and obsessedâ?¦

For double-murder defendant Harold Ashbourne, it’s his last chance at an appeal to save him from the death penalty.

After spending years with a death sentence hanging over his head, Ashbourne knows that his time could nearly be up.

For Peter Harrigan, his attorney, in a way this case is the last shot at putting his own life back together.

Five years earlier, while preparing Ashbourne’s first appeal, Harrigan lost his entire family in a sudden car accident.

For Harrigan, it really isn’t just a case.

For Harrigan, after putting what little left he had into his work, losing the case would mean losing the final, fragile link to his past.

Now when a surprise witness surfaces, Harrigan is not sure whether this new development is a blessing or a curse.

His new witness is a master of deception who, at the same time, may hold the proof of Ashbourne’s innocence.

In Harrigan’s desperation to find the truth and free his client, he will have to plunge into the treacherous corners of California’s radical environmental movement.

In a final desperate race to lay his ghosts to rest, he will have to team up with a beautiful female investigator.

Under the glare of the courtroom, the pressure is mounting as Harrigan has to face his old demons in order to try and finally lay the case to rest, once and for all.

Praise for Bill Blum

â??A thrilling legal drama’ – Thomas Waugh

Bill Blum is an experienced attorney. Familiar with the ins and outs, and the pitfalls of criminal procedures, he presents a riveting, hard-hitting and authentic legal thriller, one that offers a fascinating insider’s look at the shifting political dynamics within the criminal justice system. Bill Blum has also written for a wide array of publications, including the Los Angeles Times, ABA Journal, The Nation and California Lawyer, hosted a radio talk show, and lectured widely. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and family.

Malicious Intent

by Antoinette Garner

College life was simple and fun for two best friends, Constance and Leslie Ann until their junior year. What was suppose to be a fun night for friends turned into the most memorable night for the entire campus. The murder of Constance Livingston. With everyone plagued by winter break with her death, Leslie Ann just wants to move on. But, she becomes plagued by solving her best friend’s murder, deep dark secrets revealing themselves, and trying to graduate in one semester. And they said these were the best years of our lives?

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