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Toxic Relationships: Guide to Understanding Controlling and Abusive Relationships

by Roman Thomas

There are many reasons for relationships being termed toxic. Toxic refers to the poisonous nature of the resentments, conversations, jibes or criticisms that are leveled by one or more of the partners. Overall, they arise when the partners are not fully taking responsibility for themselves. An attacking partner tends to want to control, influence or even bully the other person into doing things they want and they become angry, manipulative and spiteful when they can’t get the other person to do as they wish. They may resent the other person for ‘not making them happy’ when, in reality, each of us is only responsible for our happiness. The person feeling on the receiving end of toxic behavior is also not taking responsibility for himself or herself. Somehow they either blame the other person for why they feel so unhappy, believing that the attacking partner is the reason they are experiencing so much discomfort. However, again this partner is not taking responsibility for themselves and taking steps to educate the other person of how to treat them. Breaking free of such a dynamic is possible but requires a lot of work on oneself – but in the long term, it is invaluable to create a healthier lifestyle and avoid passing such relationships patterns to your children.

Everything I Never Told You: A Mother’s Confession

by Patrice M Foster

Everything I never told you… A mother’s confessionâ?¦this story is filled with parenting tips, relationship advice and wisdom now learned (told to you in simple form). Looking back at her now grown children-this mother felt a sense of remorse. Motherhood was filled with happiness and some regrets. Not being more of an active part in her children lives. Due to her need for love clouding her decisions. This single mom forges ahead in spite of. Each mistake was a lesson learned from beginning to end. Her inability to receive affection blocked the way, in which, she raised her children Confessions takes you through her pregnancy from the beginning until birth. Showing you her sacrifice for the number one priority in her life.

Caring For Paediatric Sinusitis: How to Medical Treatment of Pediatric Sinusitis Treatment & Management

by Kristi Floyd

Caring For Paediatric Sinusitis – How to Medical Treatment of Pediatric Sinusitis Treatment & Management

Your child has been having a ‘blocked’ nose with a yellow nasal discharge for more than a week. She is also experiencing a persistent cough and sore throat. Although the symptoms point to a bad case of the flu, what puzzles you is that it is prolonged and doesn’t show signs of clearing up. Parents who have been in this situation will know that their child has a sinus infection.

Paediatric Sinusitis
Sinusitis arises when the mucous membranes which line the sinus cavities are inflammed. This swelling causes the mucous glands in the sinuses to secrete excess fluid and obstruct the tiny holes which allow for drainage. Acute sinusitis is most commonly the result of a bacterial infection where the buildup of fluid in the sinuses are less ‘classical’. They seldom complain of headache, facial pain or toothache. In most children, purulent nasal and eye discharge may be the only signs of sinus disease. Those with chronic sinusitis usually have nasal congestion, persistent cough and sore throat. Halitosis or bad breath may also be present. Only careful examination of the upper airway will reveal infection in the nasal drainage.
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How to Be The Girl Who Gets the Guy: How Irresistible, Confident and Self-Assured Women Handle Dating With Class and Sass

by Leslie Braswell

In Leslie Braswell’s book How to Be The Girl That Gets the Guy you will learn how confident, self-made no BS kind of women handle the dating game and have the time of their life in the process. In this book, you’ll learnâ?¦
-How to stay ready for love
-Ways in which you can reprogram your brain to think with confidence.
-How to retain mystery while dating.
-What to do after dates one, two and three.
-How to use your femininity to your advantage.
-What to do when a man tells you he’s “not looking for a serious relationship.”
-What to do if you’ve slept with a man, too soon.
-How to stay date night ready.
-How to handle relationship limbo..
-What dating multiple men will do for you.
-How to charm your way into a man’s heart.
-Why he may not be calling.
-Why Financial Independence is key to your happiness
-How to earn a man’s respect
-How to charm your way into a man’s heart
-What to do when a man stops calling
-Why independence is the key to happiness
-How to handle relationships on social media
-Why you should be dating multiple men

â?¦and so much more. Whether just diving back into the dating pool, stuck in relationship limbo or recovering from a break-up you’ll learn how the most irresistible, confident, self-assured women handle dating with class and sass.

LESLIE BRASWELL is a best-selling author who loves to empower women with knowledge, confidence, and power when it comes to matters of the heart. She does so through popular books like Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy: The Art of No Contact and How to Be the Girl That Gets the Guy. She lives in Texas with her family.

Toddler Discipline: Dealing With Tantrums and Parenting With Love

by Francis Harrison

Do you have a willful toddler?

Is discipline proving to be a challenge?

It’s no secret that a toddler will test you in ways that will try your patience and have you asking why you ever thought about having children in the first place.

They are constantly pushing boundaries, demanding your time, attention, things that aren’t good for them, things that are dangerous and a whole host of other things.

Do you need help?

This book is designed specifically for you, for the times when you feel like pulling your hair out. It describes how to properly discipline your toddler and in just 4 chapters can help with:

â?¢What toddler discipline is
â?¢Dealing with tantrums
â?¢Parenting tips – how to care for a toddler with a tantrum
â?¢Encouraging positive behavior

Dealing with a toddler isn’t rocket science, but it can be difficult. Knowing where to make a stand and making sure that boundaries and rules are understood is part of it, but there is always that time when only discipline will make a difference.

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How To Prepare For The Financial and Legal Consequences of Alzheimer’s Disease


To make sure that the basic legal and financial instruments, such as a will, a living trust, and advance directives, are available to ensure that the person’s late-stage or end-of-life health care and financial decisions are carried out.

Baby Sleep Solution: The Four Most Popular Training Techniques for a Good Night’s Sleep Compared and Explained

by Sylvia Yordanova

This book is compact and will save you precious time. The primary purpose is to serve you as an overview when you want to understand what sleeping methods are out there. You are able to obtain the essence of any of them and listen to other parents’ opinions.When you feel exhausted to the point of not being able to keep your eyes open, this book can help. It’s short but has all the necessary information you need to know about your baby’s sleep time.
We include the citations from most major sleep training books with highlights of the core of their methods. The added information is just sufficient for you to decide:

  • Are those methods suitable for you and your family?
  • Do you actually need to read 250+ pages to start with implementing it?

Sometimes taking care of a baby takes its toll on the parents. As new parents, you would need to know when to begin and how to prepare sleep training, what are your best options and sleeping methods. We examine and analyze the “No Tears,” “Cry it Out,” “Fading” and “Happiest Baby” strategies. For every one of them we are focusing on expert’s opinions, parents’ opinions, and the most important steps for you to achieve success and good night sleep for your family.

We collect for you all the information, tips, and tricks that you need to know about common sleep problems and a must have for the modern parents.
The book is also short enough to read in just under an hour, which is a plus for busy and stressed parents too. The book will give you down to earth advice which could significantly improve your babies’ sleep and yours as well.
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THE LOVING DAD’S HANDBOOK: Raise Them Like Your Life Depends On It

by George Zelina

Do you have doubts how good father you are or you will be?
Are you confused about what it takes to be a loving dad?
The truth is that every one of us has those moments of doubt, a crisis of confidence or just a nagging doubt at the back of our mind, making us unsure of ourselves and the direction to take.
In The Loving Dad’s Handbook, however, you are about to read a book written by a young father who faced adversity and overcame the problems he faced, with chapters which include:
How to develop and master simple techniques to be a good father and partner
Using these as a part of everyday life
Techniques which work regardless of your age
Overcoming fears and doubts
Becoming happier
And much moreâ?¦
This book serves as a readable and friendly companion for dads and dads-to-be seeking confidence, guidance, and joy!
Get your copy of The Loving Dad’s Handbook today. You’ll be amazed by the transformation and the better and more confident version of YOU as a father!

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