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Pirates: The Actual Truth Of The Real Pirates Of The Caribbean Story (Pirates Of The Caribbean History Book 1)

by William Myron Price

The Actual Truth Of The Real Pirates Of The Caribbean Storyâ?¦

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The Pirate is one of the best-known and most-loved anti-heroes. The image of a swaggering adventurer in a tricorne hat and a pair of long leather sea-boots has been a part of Western popular culture for more than three hundred years.

However, a great deal of what we believe about Pirates is actually based on fictional stories and even the popular conception of what a Pirate looks like is based on a very specific time and place. The truth is that Pirates have been around for as long as humans have been sailing ships out of sight of land.

Most real Pirates were simply bands of professional criminals who were unable or unwilling to find legal work. Murder, torture, rape, kidnapping and extortion were all in a day’s work for the average Pirate. Pirate Captains generally ended up in charge for no other reason than they were even more psychotic and violent than their crews!

The image of the Pirate still exerts a strong pull on the popular imagination and features in many successful movies, books and plays. In modern times, when it sometimes feels as if our every action is controlled by rules and regulations, the idea of a free-booting anarchist defying the system has become even more popular.

But what is the truth behind the popular conception of the Pirate? Let’s try to cut through the myth and see if we can discover the real story behind the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Pirates: A Shot Across the Bows
  • Pirates: Dancing the Hempen Jig
  • Pirates: Shiver Me Timbers!
  • Pirates: Scupper That!
  • Pirates: Blow the Man Down
  • Much, much more!

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Bobbins, Not Gold: How Countries Get Rich

by Spencer P Morrison

“‘Bobbins, Not Gold’ is more than an economic history, or a book of theory: it’s a challenge, a battle-cry for America’s forgotten masses. It’s a harbinger of things to come, even more-so than it is a record of things past.

Spencer P Morrison’s scholarship questions the factual foundations of modern economic theory, and points out that what looks good on paper has little resemblance to what’s worked in practice.

Impressive scholarship, with an equally impressive bibliography. A must read.”

~American Revenant

“Spencer P Morrison single-handedly makes mercantilism great again. Engaging. Perceptive. Decisive.”

~National Economics Editorial

Handbook for Former Felons

by Prisoner X

So you’re a felon, and you’re about to be released. What kinds of jobs can you get? Can you vote? Can you get welfare or government aid? The answers to these questions vary. Depending on the state you live in and what you were convicted for, you may or may not be able to live as a regular citizen. This book is your survival manual.

If you’re a warden, parole officer, or someone who works within the prison system, how well or poorly does your state treat felons after they’re released – does your state make it easy, difficult, or impossible for them to re-integrate into normal society. How does your state stack up against all the others? This book is your scorecard from an ex-felon’s point of view.

If you’re a prison advocate, what are other states doing in comparison to yours when it comes to helping felons become productive citizens? This book is your reference guide.

This book goes state by state to evaluate issues that matter to ex-felons: the business of getting pardons; getting records erased; diversionary programs; certificates after prison; whether employers can ask about your prison record; professions which are licensed in the state; felony restrictions on professions; voting; holding public office; serving on a jury; getting welfare and food stamps; bearing arms; and help for new ex-felons.

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