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Unshaken: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times

by Jeanne Nigro

Stand Unshaken, No Matter How Uncertain the Times!
“As the world around us spirals out of control and many are overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty, Unshaken provides a solutionâ??draw near to God!”
-Jonathan Bernis, Jewish Voice Ministries
In Unshaken, Jeanne shares powerful, relevant, and inspirational teaching that answers the critical question we are all facing:
How do I stand strong in these uncertain, turbulent times and not be controlled by fear, stress, apathy, or frustration?
In her breakthrough approachâ??which uniquely integrates insightful and practical teaching on intimacy with God, freedom from strongholds, the Millennium, Millennial Temple, and the Biblical Feastsâ??Jeanne provides the keys that will mobilize you into fulfilling your purpose.
Unshaken will empower you to:

  • Thrive, not just survive, no matter what the circumstances!
  • Break free from the fear, stress, frustration, anger and hopelessness of these times.
  • Know what you can do in the midst of an uncertain and turbulent world.
  • Increase Jesus’ reign on the earth right nowâ??you don’t have to wait until He comes back!
  • Be ready for who Jesus will be and what you will be doing with Him when He returns!

“â?¦what we need right now is a heaven-sent word of encouragement. Jeanne Nigro has provided us with just that.”
–Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author and international speaker

The Bride’s Beginning: Sweet Clean Amish and Western Culture Romance

by Mica Benchley

Get FOUR clean Amish and Western Culture romance short stories with a collection of 12 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

In Good Time -Clean Western Culture Romance

In this romance story, a corporate executive (who really loves watches and clocks) makes the purchase of a lifetime. He goes to his favorite timekeeper’s shop and is presented with a watch that is regarded as junk. Interestingly, it was mailed to the shop owner with no return address.

He (Jeff) brings the watch home and tinkers with it because the watch isn’t working. He finally gets the watch to work, and it transports him to a future world that is corrupt and evilâ?¦

Always Faithful -Amish and Military Romance

Always Faithful is a clean, Amish, romance set in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A modern love story where 300-years of religious and old world European tradition clash with the 21st Century when an Iraq and Afghanistan, battle hardened, young, handsome marine comes to town looking to find a new normal for his life.

Always Faithful tackles some of the same difficult decisions as many people in the new global economy face where people of different cultures and religions come into closer contact, fall in love and try to blend two worlds. It also touches on the challenges of living in a closed society where genetically similar people marry and have children.

As the pool of genetic combinations becomes smaller and smaller, the prevalence of recessive genetic disease becomes greater. Find out if love will overcome or if genetics or religion will stop it before it has a chance to bloom.

Love between Amish and non-Amish people is rarely permitted and can cause a young Amish person to have to give up everything to follow their heart. Always Faithful will make your heart beat quicker with the turn of every page as we watch the lives of people with so much on the line pursue this forbidden love.

Sail with Me -Clean Contemporary Romance

Sail with me is a clean, clever, romantic, adventure about a woman named Lindsey Grantham. Lindsey is a bright, beautiful, and successful thirty-eight-year-old woman, who’s managed to still look, and some may say behave, like a twenty-something.

Lindsey was born and bred in San Antonio, Texas and she is Southern fried sophistication at its best.
She has it all except for a husband and a baby. And approaching forty is making her a little crazy because she hears her biological clock tick-tick-ticking.

So, Lindsey is taking drastic measures to manipulate her online dating profile to make herself appear compatible with as many men as possible in the hopes that she’ll findâ??the one! The one man who will marry her, give her a baby and make her life complete.

This clever romantic comedy also has some emotionally charged topics for women and men. The drama gets really hot and heavy when Lindsey’s kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartelâ??Caliente! Lindsey gets rescued by U.S. Special Forces, DEA, and FBI, but not before a wild sailboat ride.

Between Two Worlds -Amish and Woodcutter Romance

Emma has lived in the small Amish community of Faith’s Lake for all eighteen years of her life. The oldest of five girls, she takes on the burden on household responsibility when her mother falls gravely ill. As her mother’s condition worsens, she must accompany her into the English world as they seek medical treatment despite the disapproval of the community.

While her mother receives treatment, Emma ventures out into the strange unknown world of cars and mobile phones, and finds herself cornered by street performers heckling her for money. Terrified, she doesn’t know what to do. Then a large man comes to her defense and scares the performers awayâ?¦

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A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture

by Keith Mathison

In A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture, Dr. Keith Mathison tackles a topic that has long been a subject of debate, aiming to enable believers to approach questions pertaining to science and Scripture with grace, humility, and patience.

Faith’s Cooperating Powers

by Elbert Willis

This powerful teaching book will help you understand why you are not able to get prayers answered and then teaches you how to get victory in your prayer life. Rev. Willis discusses how 3 cooperating forces; patience, long suffering, and endurance, have to accompany faith. Rev. Willis warns that the devil is trying to stop your faith line to God by using circumstances and people, but a believer can overcome these attacks by using faith and faith’s cooperating powers.

Mail Order Passion

by Vanilla Orchid Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your Kindle library? You’ll find it here with over 32,000 words of panty-melting menage passion in this collection of fun and hot threesome short stories

Mail Order Passion

Triple your pleasure with this steamy collection of menage a trois adventures!

Taken by the Wild Cowboys
Heart of the Nobleman
The Honored Bride
The Reluctant Groom
Colorado Calling
The Westward Bride
To Have and To Hold

WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!


Pastor Email Power: 72 Letter Prompts That Help You Write A Perfect Note Even When You Don’t Know What To Say (Pastoral Leadership and Church Administration … Pastoral Resources for Busy Pastors Book 3)

by Caleb Breakey

Pastoral leadership and church communications just got easier.

Pastor Email Power helps you connect with members of your family and flock through electronic communication. Pastors today have very little spare time amidst meetings, sermon prep, counseling, and pastoral care. Unfortunately, the element of a pastor’s duties that suffers most from this increased workload is personal connection with his congregation.

This book seeks to solve that problem by providing a streamlined, effective way for pastors to communicate with their congregation in a loving, pastoral way. Pastor Email Power is comprised of 72 letter prompts designed to help you say exactly what you mean in every kind of situation. Each letter prompt builds off of a 5-point foundation:

Greeting, Connection, Empathy, Needs, and Hope

Our prayer is that each prompt aids you in crafting a heartfelt letter that meets people where they are and gives them hope moving forwardâ??no matter what!

Pastor Email Power is great for church leadership and pastoral counselingâ??a must-have when it comes to pastoral resources!

Dead Calm, Bone Dry (Caribbean Chronicles Book 2)

by Eddie Jones

Just as Ricky is about to be tried for piracy, an ill wind blows a wretched soul into the ship’s brig. A mysterious seaman, William Shakespeare, tells of fleeing the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship sailed by the dead, demons and worse. Before Ricky can learn more about this outlandish tale, he’s sentenced to hang. As the hangman is about to tighten the noose around Ricky’s neck, the young man bolts from the gallows and dives head-long into the sea.

Now, with the lives of a crew of misfit orphans in peril and the heart of the governor’s daughter on the line, Ricky faces a battle with pirates – both dead and alive – where the destiny of the living and those yet-to-be born hang in the balance.

Will he reach his deceased father before it’s too late? Or will both father and son face eternal damnation due to Ricky’s bitter heart?

Haunted Woods: Something’s Out There: True Stories From Inside The Creepiest Forests On Earth (True Hauntings Book 1)

by Roger P. Mills

Something’s Out There: True Stories From Inside The Creepiest Forests On Earthâ?¦

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You never know when there’s going to be mysterious things you have never seen before, or if you are going to find that rumoured item everyone says is out there, but no one has been able to see. You never know if you are going to find what you went out there to find, or if you are going to walk away empty handed, filled with memories of what you were looking forâ?¦

People realize that they are not alone. For years people have been drawn to the woods for a variety of reasons, and for years things have been happening in the woods that no one can explain. The woods have housed criminals, they’ve witnessed crimes, and they’ve held secrets that no one will ever be able to discover.

In this book, I am going to show you some of the best stories from the creepiest forests on earth. I warn you that there are no real explanation for these phenomena, and that what you are going to read is real and true.

After you reading this book, you will never be able to look at another camping trip the same way again. Sure, these are some of the most famous destinations, but anywhere and everywhere could be haunted, and you never know if the next place you are going to spend the day is one that hosted a tragedy years agoâ?¦

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Haunted Woods: The Demon of Bear Swamp
  • Haunted Woods: The Screams of Darkwood Forest
  • Haunted Woods: The Witch of the Lake
  • Haunted Woods: The Hidden Cabin in the Forest
  • Haunted Woods: The Screaming Woods
  • Haunted Woods: The Curse of Aokigaraha Forest
  • Much, much more!

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Joseph Conrad: The Complete Novels [newly updated] (Book Center Publishing) (The Greatest Writers of All Time)

by Joseph Conrad

This collection of Joseph Conrad’s complete works is sorted chronologically by book publication. There are the usual inline tables of contents and links after each text/chapter to get back to the respective tables. Dates of first publication can be found at the end of the stories.

We Interrupt This Broadcast…

by Jeff Howe

Two pithy news broadcasts that could have happened, but didn’t.

A gripping psychological thriller Collection:Invisible Lines: (Gripping, Dark Psychological Suspense)

by C.J. Rachel

This bundle is FREE with the KINDLE UNLIMITED program… 

Book 1:
Michelle Maguire is a 34-year-old divorced woman that has recently been laid off from her job.
Soon after Michelle decides to take a break and try to find happiness, she receives the shocking news that her ex-husband has been murdered.
Michelle slowly grows more and more curious about who killed her ex-husband, and she vows to figure it out. She won’t rest until she knows who the murderer is…
But the path she decides to take is not a simple one.
Will Michelle find out who murdered her ex-husband in cold blood?

Book 2:
James Findlay has made some powerful enemies. As his small, island nation’s only representative to the Paris climate conference, he holds a unique amount of power of his own. But he knows too much.
For instance, he knows that Earth is still in an Ice Age, after 2.6 million years of persistent polar ice. Why would this be dangerous? Because the international power brokers depend on the conference delegates approving their measures. If global warming is found to be good, instead of dangerous, their multi-trillion dollar plan will fail. Warmth in an Ice Age might not be seen as dangerous. Findlay also knows that the power brokers have been confusing pollution and carbon dioxide. He knows that CO2 is a beneficial gas which has actually been greening the Earthâ??a fact that the UN’s scientists are not discussing.
After Findlay is drugged at the conference, he realizes that someone is desperate to stop him.
When Findlay finds his fiancée, Moira, murdered in their hotel room, he suspects that someone at the conference had arranged to kill her. He feels that someone is trying to warn him off and not at all subtly.
But Findlay realizes that much more is at stake than his own life and the lives of those close to him. What he does next could make the difference between survival and death of billions of his fellow humans.

Book 3:
Sixteen year old Anna Sawyer was murdered last night outside the wood in a park not too far away from her home.
The detective assigned to her case: Marty Bennet. At twenty-two she’s the youngest officer in her precinct to ever make detective and she’s known for seeing the end the mystery before the criminal even suspects they’re a suspect let alone that they’re about to get caught for whatever crime they committed.
The main suspect: Elizabeth (Liz) Sawyer. Anna’s twin sister and complete opposite. Where Anna was head cheerleader, student body president, and most popular girl; Liz is the school’s outcast. Everyone knows who she is and everyone hates her, she’s the Queen Bee’s freak of a sister. But there’s something darker going on with Liz that no one knows. A secret that only one other person knew. And that person’s dead now.
But is this case really as clear cut as everyone think?

Jesus Came to Save Sinners: An Earnest Conversation with Those Who Long for Salvation and Eternal Life

by Charles H. Spurgeon

This is a heart-level conversation with you, the reader. Every excuse, reason, and roadblock for not coming to Christ is examined and duly dealt with. If you think you may be too bad, or if perhaps you really are bad and you sin either openly or behind closed doors, you will discover that life in Christ is for you too. You can reject the message of salvation by faith, or you can choose to live a life of sin after professing faith in Christ, but you cannot change the truth as it is, either for yourself or for others. As such, it behooves you and your family to embrace truth, claim it for your own, and be genuinely set free for now and eternity. Come, and embrace this free gift of God, and live a victorious life for Him.

About the Author

Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a British Baptist preacher. He started preaching at age 19, and quickly became famous. He is still known as the “Prince of Preachers,” and frequently had more than 10,000 people present to hear him preach at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. His sermons were printed in newspapers, translated into many languages, and published in many books.

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