Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 07 Apr 17

Emrys Godfrey and Merlin’s Sphere (Godfrey Series Book 1)

by Luke Woolsey

Emrys Godfrey is a normal teenager. That is until a man dressed in a full tuxedo, top hat and monocle arrives at his home to tell him that he is a wizard. With this astonishing news Emrys is plunged into a world he never knew existed, filled with all manner of beings from humans, elves, goblins and dwarves. Facing the division of four factions and four races, Emrys begins to learn all he can in the magical world and the mystery surrounding his deceased parents pulls him into an incredible adventure involving dragons, angry fairies and magical minecarts as he tries to protect his new home from those who seek to destroy it.

The Dark Descent Chronicles

by Travis Gallagher

Zander Martin leads an average life of friend, video-game-player, and middle school student. When he and his little sister, Olivia, are abducted from the security of their home, his life is turned upside down. Zander manages to escape the clutches of the monstrous creatures that took the pair. He is forced to abandon Olivia and the other children being held captive in tunnels beneath the mountains. When none of the adults believe Zander’s account of what happened, he turns to his two best friends, Pugs and Gillian, for help in rescuing his sister.

The trio is aided by the unexpected appearance of a small, overzealous woodland brownie. She claims that she is fighting against the Naga queen – a dreadful creature behind the disappearances of children throughout North Carolina. The group’s attempts to rescue Olivia begin to be thwarted by vicious imps and foul goblins. When they encounter a legendary hunter whose son was captured years before, the tables may turn in their favor.

Carbon: The Elementalists: Book One

by Katie Davis

The Carbon elementalists were wiped out to end the war, only Emma and her brother survived. They hid as refugees, struggling to get by for years. When Emma accidentally reveals her deepest secret, it looks like their lives are over. But a stranger offers her a chance to fulfill her destiny in exchange for her brother’s safety. She is brought to an elite academy to train alongside other elementalists as an assassin, and learns how to control the world around her. As her powers grow, she finds herself becoming something more dangerous.

Can she conquer her fears to keep her brother safe, even if it means turning herself into a monster?

We prepare a backpack and sleeping bag … and your life!: Elementary and advanced advice on preparing for the hike and survival

by Tom Sanders

This is my fourth collection of tips for survival in the wild.
Perhaps it should be written first, it could help many lovers of survival.

Here are the tips for preparing the equipment before going. There are also several recommendations for behavior during the movement in the wild.

This book is more suitable for fans of group tours than for those who like to survive alone. However, some tips will be useful for those and for others.

– A few simple rules in the hike
– 100 tips for backpacking

The Darkest Light: Book 1 of The Inferno Prophecy

by Daniel Mulholland

“Cities will burn and nations will fall. A love that is fated by the gods will force a choice. That choice will save the light or burn the world.”

Thomas is Fire-born, he has spent his whole life training to be a scholar – a title that will remove him from battle as a centuries old war rages on.

In a terrible fight for survival, Thomas’s true powers are finally revealed and a fifteen-hundred year old prophecy is fulfilled.

The final battle begins, and Thomas may just prove to be the strongest Fire-Born that’s ever lived. But time is up and the sanctuaries are falling.

On the other side of the city, a young woman wakes from a nightmare. Her house burning and her family murdered, and a quest for answers will lead her to a truth she couldn’t have imagined and a love that may lead to the end of humanity.

But while the magi fight to bring the devastating war to an end, an even more sinister force lurks in the shadows. An evil that has slept for a millennia has finally awoken, and the darkness would see Thomas and his world burn.

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