Free historical fiction Kindle books for 08 Apr 17

The Whispering of Snowflakes

by Josephine Goldman

Author Josephine Goldman uses actual letters between lovers as the basis for her gentle romance, The Whispering of Snowflakes. While some of her characters stem from her imagination, every line of these letters is drawn from actual messages between her mother and father.

The notes in question pass between Dorothy and Frank after World War II. Frank, who had been in the Merchant Marine, attended the University of Michigan on the GI Bill. He wrote constantly to his sweetheart, Dorothy, who was attending a different school in the state.

Many years later, Dorothy meets Marie, who has just started the process of a painful divorce and believes that love and romance are gone from her life forever. Dorothy asks her new friend to help her preserve Frank’s love letters and create a memorial to his legacy. As the two women read every page, both come to important conclusions about their own lives. Dorothy is transported back to happy moments in the past, and through her friend’s love story, Marie finds hope for her own future.

Goldman invites readers to join Dorothy and Marie on their literary endeavor. Her intriguing work shows the undeniableâ??and healingâ??power of love and loyalty.

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