Free politics and current events Kindle books for 08 Apr 17

Ragnar Lothbrok: A Legendary Viking Warrior, His Family, and His Legacy

by Dustin Yarc

Centuries following his death, Ragnar Lothbrok’s name is still shrouded in mystery and legends. He is said to have been a 9th-century Danish king who battled many great foreign armies. Ragnar was famous for being a brutal warlord and acquired his fortune by raiding kingdoms surrounding his native Scandinavia.

This book will help you learn more about the infamous Viking called Ragnar Lothbrok.

In this book, you will learn:
– Who Ragnar Lothbrok was
– Who is sons and wives were
– How Ragnar died
– A general history of Vikings and the Great Heathen Army
– Theories about whether Ragnar Lothbrok really existed, or is simply a fictional hero created from the events and lives of multiple historical figures
– And much more

There isn’t any shortage of entertainment in this book. In fact, it won’t even seem like you are learning history!

Second Treatise of Government

by John Locke

The Second Treatise is one of the most important political treatises ever written and one of the most far-reaching in its influence.
In his provocative 15-page introduction to this edition, the late eminent political theorist C. B. Macpherson examines Locke’s arguments for limited, conditional government, private property and right of revolution and suggests reasons for the appeal of these arguments in Locke’s time and since.

Under the Hill Vol 0

by Alex Beecroft

When Ben Chaudhry is attacked in his own home by elves, they disappear as quickly as they came. He reaches for the phone book, but what kind of exterminator gets rid of the Fae? Maybe the Paranormal Defense Agency will ride to his rescue.
Sadly, they turn out to be another rare breed: a bunch of UFO hunters led by Chris Gatrell, whoâ??while distractingly hotâ??was forcibly retired from the RAF on grounds of insanity.

Shot down in WWIIâ??and shot forward seventy years in time, stranded far from his wartime sweetheartâ??Chris has been a victim of the elves himself. He fears they could destroy Ben’s life as thoroughly as they destroyed his. While his team tries to determine what the elves want with Ben, Chris is more than willing to protect Ben with his body. He never bargained for his heart getting involved.

Just as they begin to think there’s a chance to build a new life together, a ghostly voice from Chris’s past warns that the danger is greater than they can imagine. And it may take more than a team of rank amateurs to keep Ben – and the world – out of the elf queen’s snatching handsâ?¦

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

by James Johnson

James Weldon Johnson’s emotionally gripping novel is a landmark in black literary history and, more than eighty years after its original anonymous publication, a classic of American fiction.

The first fictional memoir ever written by a black person, The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man influenced a generation of writers during the Harlem Renaissance and served as eloquent inspiration for Zora Neale Hurston, Ralph Ellison, and Richard Wright. In the 1920s and since, it has also given white readers a startling new perspective on their own culture, revealing to many the double standard of racial identity imposed on black Americans…

Obamamania: Dreams of Change and the Hard Reality

by Ricardo Santiago

** The full contents of this and dozens of other works are available in Ricardo Santiago’s “Socialism and Struggle: Selected Works” (ASIN: B00DFLUDTO) at a greatly discounted price. **

Liberals and reformists alike still continue to promote illusions in Obama. We’re told that we’re witnessing the “dawn of a new era!”

The fact is Obama is a bourgeois politician who belongs to one of the twin parties of capitalist dictatorship. He represents the interests of the same ruling elite as McCain or Romney would have, only in a different way. That’s why all campaigns received massive amounts of funding from corporations like Wal-Mart and Pfizer. That’s why all candidates supported the $700 billion corporate bailout. That’s why all candidates support the US-PATRIOT act and domestic spying. That’s why the Wall Street Journal wrote that “Regardless of who wins in November, the current foreign policy will live on in the next White House.” That’s why regardless of who won the elections, workers lost.

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