Free science fiction Kindle books for 08 Apr 17

The Fringes of the Universe Prequel

by Cassandra Logan

***This is a short story and an introduction to the Fringes of the Universe series, it takes place directly after the events that happened in “Deception”***

Fresh off her first mission Jutel has a purpose. Aided by Mal and his vast knowledge she is going to clear Nian’s name with the United Universe Aid Coalition. She will make sure everyone knows that their planet had no part in the destruction of Olovia.

The United Universe Aid Coalition is nothing like she imagined and she learns that things are never as easy as they seem.

Disclaimer- This story has some graphic language

Empire of the Fallen: Book Three of the Art of War Trilogy

by Richard Swan

The Kaygryn Empire is coming.

Amidst the embers of the Ascendancy War, old enmities must be forgotten and new alliances forged if the UN is to rally against the Imperial Fleet of Reclamation.

Yet even on the eve of battle, the beleaguered forces of Tier Three are far from prepared. Power-hungry politicians, duplicitous generals and terrorists from all races threaten to destroy the fragile new alliance.

In the face of annihilation, one last throw of the dice: a suicide mission deep into Andromeda, to the heart of the Kaygryn Empire.

Its only objective: to stop the invasion at all costs…

Marcus from Quantum «The Kingdom of Nothing»

by Antonio Soria

Continue the Sequel to “Lucas and the legendary world of Quantum”. A planet to be saved in a society where selfishness, indifference and hypocrisy reign. An intriguing story that captures the reader’s attention, with a gripping storyline, that brings with it a message of hope. To be read in one breath.

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