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Victor Hugo: The Complete Novels (House of Classics)

by Victor Hugo

This book contains the complete novels of Victor Hugo in the chronological order of their original publication.

Hans of Iceland
– Bug-Jargal
– The Last Day of a Condemned Man
– The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
РClaude Gueux РLes Mis̩rables
– Toilers of the Sea
– The Man Who Laughs
– Ninety-Three

Mystery: Shadows of the Past: Mystery and Suspense

by James Kipling

Lauren Torres thought she knew exactly who she was.

She was wrong.

When Laura finds out that she was kidnapped and taken in by another family as a baby, her life is thrown into chaos. Her real name is actually Lauren Henderson and her biological parents live far away, in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. What choice does she have but to pack up, move in with her new parents, and set out to discover the truth about her mysterious past?

But life at the Henderson’s isn’t at all what she expected. For one, her new school is nothing like her old, especially when it comes to boys. Mason Blair is the star of the drama department, bad-boy extraordinaire, and absolutely infuriating. That’s not even to mention John Parker, who’s determined to have Laura, no matter what the costâ?¦ and whether she wants him or not.

Thrown into a world of kidnapping and drama, secrets and murder, Laura isn’t sure there’s anyone she can trust, even those she thinks she knows best.

â??Mystery: Shadows of the Past’ is a novel by mystery thriller suspense author James Kipling.

A summary of reader reviews of â??Mystery: Shadows of the Past’:

“â?¦great mystery thriller with mystery and financial crimes with suspense, fraud and romantic mystery…”

“â?¦good mystery book and suspense thriller with romantic suspenseâ?¦”

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“â?¦suspense and mystery combine to make this a novel worthy of staying up late for…great for fans of mystery and thrillerâ?¦”

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“â?¦wonderful mystery thriller suspenseâ?¦amongst the best thriller booksâ?¦”

“â?¦enjoyed this mystery thriller – full of suspense and twists and turnsâ?¦.”

“…the writing is true to formula for romantic thrillers, mystery novels…”

“â?¦bought this best mystery book 2016 for my boyfriendâ?¦.he is a fan of murder mystery best sellers…”

“â?¦one of the best and most suspenseful mystery thrillers and crime novelsâ?¦”

“…riveting mystery and thriller …with romantic suspense and a web of deceit and fraud…”

“â?¦great mystery with non-stop thrills and suspense…”

The beggar

by Cornelia Fick

‘I wear a girl’s tartan coat, frayed at the edges. If you see me I’m always bare feet. My big feet hang from my spindly legs in khaki shorts. They have hard calluses for outdoor walking.

My home is under a bridge. I can’t tell you where, because you will want to call the police to report it, and then they will come and tear it down.’

Эпизод пÑ?и взяÑ?ии Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?а «Циклоп» (Russian Edition)

by АлександÑ? СÑ?епановиÑ? Ð?Ñ?ин

Рассказ АлександÑ?а СÑ?епановиÑ?а Ð?Ñ?ина (1880â??1932), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованнÑ?й в 1914 годÑ?, под заглавием «Эпизод из взяÑ?ия Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?а «Циклоп» («Синий жÑ?Ñ?нал», 1914, â?? 29).

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