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Stoicism: Introduction to The Stoic Way of Life (Stoicism Series Book 1)

by Ryan James

Stoicism Series Book #1

Stoicism may be an ancient philosophy, but it is one that has even more relevance to our daily lives now that we are in the modern world. Too often we find that we aren’t able to control our lives, control the events that go on, or even control the people and how they act. But with Stoicism, we learn that we can control some things, such as our emotions and our reactions, and this can help to lead us to happiness.

In this guidebook we are going to learn the basics of using Stoicism in your daily life and how this ancient philosophy is going to work to make you feel happier. Some of the things that we will talk about include:

  • What is Stoicism
  • Recognizing the things that are under your control
  • How to conform to your own reality
  • Understanding how your emotions work
  • The importance of freedom of will.
  • Learning how to be calm when there is adversity around
  • Learning how to make the best of all situations
  • How to use stoicism in order to make your life better
  • How to use the process of neuroplasticity to change around your mind and how you react to things.
  • How to use affirmations to help with stoicism
  • Simple ideas to implement some of the stoic philosophy into your daily life.

When you are ready to find the true happiness that belongs to you and bring some of the Stoic ideas into your life, make sure to read through this guidebook and learn just how great it can be to live the Stoic way of life.

Grab your copy and start living the stoic life today.

A Cowboy Detective: A True Story Of Twenty-Two Years With a World Famous Detective Agency

by Charles A. Siringo

Charles Angelo Siringo (1855-1928), was an American lawman, detective and agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
This is his autobiography. He was a very interesting guy.

A Child of Destiny

by Tina Morriar

An amazing story of how Tina was given up for adoption. And with the search of only a “last name” God blessed her to find her entire family. This miraculous story will propel you to search until you find your destiny!

Daniel Boone The Pioneer of Kentucky

by John S. C. Abbott

Daniel Boone was an American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman, whose frontier exploits made him one of the first folk heroes of the United States. In his lively biography, Daniel Boone The Pioneer of Kentucky, historian John Abbott traces the remarkable life of this early American legend.

WOW! 2: The memoirito continues…

by David Perez

In “WOW 2: The Memoirito Continues,” David is in high school, a top student and athlete. But as the tumultuous 70’s set in, David is pulled by partying and getting high, until a brush with the law and pigeons in his South Bronx neighborhood forces him to re-think his priorities. David writes his first short story, learns about Marxism via the economics of his shirt, graduates, and ends up becoming a young father, a detour that leads him to join the U.S. Navy. Ten months later, David is back in New York, where he becomes a radical political activist, and is schooled in the “university” known as the mailroom. The book ends with David and his friends back in the South Bronx, sharing lives linked by culture, neighborhood, work, family, and a commitment to revolutionary change.

Full of the author’s trademark use of humor and sharp dialogue, WOW 2 is another addition to the multilayered Latino experience, a book that entertains, educates, and enlightens, with timely lessons about what “being smart” really means.

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