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Tiger Mated

by Selina Coffey

Shifter Romance

After her university degree, Lucy arrives in beautiful Bhutan to escape from her life in suburban England. Ambitious and attractive, she hopes to become a successful anthropologist.

As she explores the wilderness of Bhutan, Lucy also explores her own mind, to discover why she really flew so far from home. Has she really done the right thing, or was this research trip a mistake?

Whilst in Bhutan, she meets Philip, tall, rugged and mysterious. As he and Lucy grow closer, they begin to fall deeply and irrevocably in love.

But as they challenging obstacles together, can their relationship stand the weight of their secrets?

In this emotional tale of love and desperation, will they truly save one another, or will the threat of death tear them apart?

Author’s note: This ebook contains mature language themes, intended for adults only.

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