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Book Bundle Package: Understanding Autism + How to Deal with Bullies (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 28)

by Joshua Osenga

Kindle Publishing Package -2 Books for the Price of 1 !

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Dealing With Bullies: from School Yard Tyrants to Cyberpunks ( How to Stop Bullies and protect your child from being bullied)

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of for Teachers, Parents, and Communities to Combat the Bullying Crisis
A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Stopping Bullying 101
Life is just cruel. And when those cruel moments will happen during our wonderful times with our children or at us, at some point, such will be sickening, heartbreaking and angering all at the same time.

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If we do our best to stay in tune with it, be there for our children, build that parental relationship and know our children well, we will be able to spot just by their behavior when something is wrong away from home.

And if we are prepared to have those discussions and to teach those life’s lessons as best as we are able through this instances, they will have a better chance to come through it unscathed.

It would not be easy. It will take work and time. But, no one will fight or work to defend our kids more than us parents.

This report briefly explains bullying, how to cope with it, and how to support children or individuals going through this scenario.


Autism: Entering the Secret Universe: Understanding Autism, Autistic Children

Autism: Entering the Secret Universe: Understanding Autism, Autistic Children, Autistic Adults, Autism Spectrum Disorders(Parenting an Autistic Child)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that can be determined from birth or during the early years of life from 0-3 years old. Autism affects important human behavior such as building relationships and communication among others. It affects the ability of a person to share his ideas and feelings, at the same time they have difficulty in understanding the feelings of others.

Parents may feel devastated when they learn that their children fall under the autistic spectrum disorder. Autism may have long term effects to their children and they may live dependent and unable to care for themselves for the rest of their lives. Sadly, autism spectrum frequently happens together with mental retardation and language delay or disorder. However, parents should not lose hope because educational planning and proper treatment can address the needs of autistic children.

Appropriate treatment and education for children with ASD can be provided in order to address this major developmental disorder. Hence, this topic discusses the signs and symptoms, manifestations, and proper care and therapy for children with autistic spectrum disorders.

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Racconti (Italian Edition)

by Chiara Pellegrini

Ecco dieci racconti brevi. Nel cuore di queste storie, apparentemente slegate, c’è sempre un incontro. Ci sono immagini che si rincorrono e in alcuni punti sembrano sovrapporsi, sono pennellate diverse di un unico quadro. In ogni racconto c’è il tentativo di fermare l’incanto delle piccole cose, degli istanti che possono cambiare un destino e dare senso a tutta un’esistenza.

NARCISSISM – The Killer of Love

by Steve Craig

Have you had a relationship abruptly end with a person that you thought was your soul mate? Are distraught, confused, and in absolute misery? Is your life in ruin and you feel as if you just don’t want to live anymore? You may have had your soul raped by a Narcissist. A Narcissist Epidemic is out of control and they are spreading across the globe like a maggot infestation. Narcissism is a subject that can no longer be ignored. I put his booklet together with excerpts from my book Ghost of a Rose, and added more material not in the book. If you are just becoming aware of Narcissism, you can spend countless hours
researching it on the Internet. However, if you are needing help understanding it quickly because you are confused and in pain, this booklet is meant to answer your questions and shed light on what is or has happened to you right now. This book contains vital information that you need right now.

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