Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 16 Apr 17

The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

by B. W. Van Alstyne

After forty five years of working at Brackmeyer Sweets, one of the largest factories in all of Germany, master pastry chef-extraordinaire, Henry Peppermint Twist is forced to retire and live out the rest of his days in a retirement home in the countryside.

But unbeknownst to Henry, and the other elderly people before him, his stay there will be a short one; for he soon comes face to face with a peculiar little man who will lead him on one of the most scrumptious journeys of a lifetime.

The Five Roads Part 1

by C. F. Wolf

Never be alone. Always have your knife. Never go over the Wall. These are the laws Angela’s entire society obeys; the only problem, no one in her solitary town knows why they do, and she is the only one asking questions.
Angela just had her birthday. Her people say she’s a woman now, and they expect her to conform to the norms of their society. However, she’s not comfortable about her future being planned out by her elders, and the laws that allow it to happen.
In the midst of Angela trying to deal with her life being prearranged by others, she overhears a conversation she wishes she could forget. In a single instant, her understanding of how her world works is flipped upside down. Torn between telling what she knows, or just trying to forget she heard anything to begin with, a death in the town catapults her secret to center stage. Will she allow her secret to threaten the very fabric of her society, or will she fight back?

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