Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Apr 17

Overtaken: An Alien Romance Story (Sci Fi Alien Romance)

by S.J. Mullins

Lane Akins is living her life as just another government-funded physicist when the space station she works on comes under attack by the Apkallu, a shape-shifting alien species, and Lane becomes the single hostage in a high-tension intergalactic conflict. The head Apkallu diplomat, Akari, takes custody of Lane and the two slowly discover more than mutual respect for one another. Akari reveals to Lane the existence of an underground group of Human terrorists who have secretly been building weapons aboard her station, citing this as the reason for the Apkallu attack. When the Human government panders to the terrorists and negotiations reach a breaking point, full-out war appears inevitable. In a last-ditch effort to protect Lane from being turned over to the terrorists, Akari telepathically bonds with Lane. Lane is appalled that Akari would force her to give up her Human citizenship and her independence, but Akari quickly teaches her the advantages of a telepathic partnership. In the end, the two learn to work together and sort out their complicated feelings for each other before the galaxy is plunged into Worlds War III.


Tags: Alien Romance, SciFi Romance, Science Fiction, Colonization, Cyberpunk Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, First Contact, Romance Trilogy, Romantic Suspense, New Young Adult Romance, Drama, Tragedy

Hover Car: How far into the future will you travel for love?

by Derek Vaughn

Time travel is one of my favorite concepts, so I loved writing this story. Back to the Future was one of my all time favorite movies and Stephen King’s JFK novel where a man goes back in time to stop the assassination is another favorite book. I think time travel is such a smart and cool, edgy topic to write about so I wanted to get it right and checked with Einstein’s theory of relativity and gravitational lensing to make the time travel parts theoretically work.
It seems something always goes wrong in time travel because of the famous Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, which clearly states there are two realities, but you have to make one choice and live in one reality although people want them both! The characters get messed with in so many neat ways because time travel in this book is used as a literary device not a plot point. I hope science fiction fans will at least love the premise, the topic, or the story because of the futuristic setting, the time travel, and the fact that Harold has to fix his mistakes or stay stuck in the future foreverâ?¦.

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