Free history Kindle books for 19 Apr 17

The Vision: The True and Untold Story of the Women’s Basketball Association (UPDATED EDITION)

by Lightning Ned Mitchell

The Vision is the true story about how JESUS allowed me to play a part in the success of women’s professional basketball in the United States, to give American women the opportunity to stay in their home country and play professional basketball like their male counterparts have for decades. Since Title lX, there hadn’t been a greater moment for women’s basketball until the arrival of the Women’s Basketball Association. And the rest is history!

Lightning Mitchell’s book is very compelling and relays the truth about the history of the start of the WBA … instrumental â?¦ inspirational â?¦ amazing. This book should be read by all.
â??Coach Marcus D. Harvey

… I thought that the Women’s Basketball Association would be something that Kansas City would be proud of for years and years to come. Today here’s a story told about what took place, and it was here in Kansas City.

â??Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-Missouri), Former mayor of Kansas City, Missouri.

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