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The Grapes of Dementia: My Journey of Love, Loss, Surrender, and Gratitude

by Karenna Wright

Do you know what love really is? What does it look like?

This sweet little book is full of inspiration for any of us who love, but especially for caregivers. It shines a light on the beauty that may otherwise be hidden in our relationships, sometimes along with the hard realities that must be faced.

It used to be that nine months or so after a traditional wedding, couples would announce they were pregnant. In Alan and Karenna’s case, nine months after they married and before their first honeymoon year was over, they were instead adjusting to the symptoms of Alan’s newly diagnosed dementia.

This is Karenna’s account of their passionate midlife romance and marriage cut short by early onset dementia. It’s the unique story of her grief process, which began only months after her wedding to Alan, a man to whom she felt bonded physically, emotionally, and above all, spiritually.
The story addresses the universality of love and loss and the need to go through the grief process, no matter how much we’d like to avoid it. It also touches on the larger philosophical question of how we are connected to one another and what creates a bond that feels like destiny, two souls meant to be together.

Baby Shower a Pregnant Pornography Actress Confession: True Stories of Girls Getting Pregnant

by Dr. Spock Free man

This is the true story of how a porn actress became pregnant. This story tells what events took place that led to a pornography actress becoming pregnant and how she dealt with her pregnancy. This story show the truth about porn behind the scenes. The actress plans a baby shower at the end and baby registry.

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