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LINK BUILDING: 10 Extremely Powerful Backlinks Sources To Explode Your Website Traffic

by Brian Graves

LINK BUILDING: Explode Your Website Traffic Quickly And Easily With This System

These backlinks help rank sites quickly and effectively ahead of the competition and get page #1 Google results
Book Description
Over 60 website examples where you can find these 10 different back linking types, ranging from PR4-PR9.You also get strategies for each link type that you can use to increase website traffic.
What You Will Learn
What links work best for serious blog traffic
Where to find these valuable links
How to generate traffic from these links
Google recently devalued all of the old favorite back linking types such as web 2.0, article directories, wikis, press releases and so on most people are still using them anyway, no one has diversified. That’s where this book comes it, it will show you some excellent new link types that you can use to strengthen and diversify your link profile.
Who Is This Book For
If you would like better, faster and more long term and sustainable results.
If you have no idea on how to find and build the right links
Need more traffic that is sustainable and lasts
Rank your site quickly and effectively ahead of the competition
Want to get your site to #1 on Google
Additional Useful Resources
A massive list of resources to find Affiliate Networks, Advertising, Article writing and web site content, books, domains, hosting, images and stock photos. The list goes on…..
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Accelerated Focus: Direct Attention Deflect Distraction (Increase Focus, Better Mind Control, Increase Attention and Stop Procrastinating)

by Ryan Nolte PhD

Focus, concentration and attention are 3 powerful ingredients used to create a life of fulfillment, happiness and success.

These 3 ingredients make the fuel that will launch you directly towards your goals.

The ability to control your mind and focus your attention towards a specific task is one of the most important, and powerful skills you can have.

It is estimated that the average person has nearly 50,000 thoughts a day.
That translates into nearly 2,083 thoughts per hour, or about 35 thoughts a minute, or about 1 thought every 2 seconds!

It is also estimated that
85% to 95% of those thoughts are just nonsense or recurring thoughts.

This means that our brain is wasting 90% of its time and energy processing these useless thoughts.

How can we change this?

This is where the phenomenal powers of focus, concentration and attention come in.

With focus and concentration, you don’t have to add any more power or make your brain work faster or longer. The secret is that you need to use a better way to manage the power and energy already there. You need to take control over how your brain is processing and teach it a new, more efficient, way to do things.

Imagine each of your thoughts as being their own ray of sunlight. Most of us know that if we focus multiple rays of sunlight to a single point, by using a magnifying glass or lens, we can generate an extraordinary amount of energy.

The same holds true with your thoughts. If you can direct multiple thoughts towards a single task, there will be a substantial increase in the quality of the work you produce. At the same time, there will be a substantial decrease in the amount of time it takes you to produce it.

This book is full of ways to help you master your ability to focus on command.

You will also learn about:

  • Multitasking, why it is bad and how to stop doing it
  • How to move past procrastination
  • Methods and techniques to deal with distractions and interruptions
  • Developing a suitable environment for better focus
  • Increasing your attention span
  • Meditation and how it can help
  • How to develop focus and concentration habits
  • Mental exercises to improve focus and concentration
  • Focus and concentration techniques
  • Plus much more…
  • As your focusing strength and skills increase, the changes in your life will be profound.

    You will begin to experience things like:

  • An increase in your learning speed
  • A clearer mind without all of the brain fog
  • An increase in your productivity level
  • Not feeling so stressed and overwhelmed
  • Having to do less work with more rewards
  • Finding it easier to comprehend new ideas
  • A Boost in your memory skills
  • Don’t keep procrastinating and making excuses.

    Don’t put it on your ‘ToDo’ list
    …and keep moving it down because something else comes up.

    You deserve the better life that focus, concentration and attention can bring.

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