Free religious fiction Kindle books for 21 Apr 17

Romance: Amberâ??s Way Out (Mail Order Bride Inspirational Western Frontier Romance) (Jewels of the West Series Book 6)

by Grace Fisher

Amber is in desperate need of saving. Will she ever find the path to love? Or will she be forced to follow the plans made by others and definitely not of her choosingâ?¦

After her mother and father are killed in a terrible train crash she is forced to live with her aunt who is a bitter and controlling woman. It all comes to a head when her aunt orders her to marry her late husband’s nephew. This does not sit well with her as she does not love him nor can she stand him and his misogynistic viewpoint.

An opportunity appears when an ad for a mail order bride has her travelling across the country to uncharted territories to marry a man she had never met. Johnathan is looking for a mother for his three-year-old daughter but what he gets is more than he bargains for. He falls in love with her but a secret she harbours threatens to tear them apart. The fear of losing her after she goes missing makes him realize just how much he loves her. Can he be willing to overlook her error because of this love?


Romance: Claiming the Heart (Mail Order Bride Historical Frontier Romance Novella)

by Grace Fisher

Knowing that she needed to give up her high standard of livingâ?¦.she never realized that the ultimate cost would be giving up her heart alsoâ?¦

After coming to grips with the death of her father and the financial troubles that ensued afterward, Margie had felt all but hopeless. She had hated the thought of having to live like a mere peasant for the rest of her days. But, one day, after speaking with a friend from her church, she decides to become a mail order bride, and her life changesâ?¦drastically.

Andy seems to be the answer to her prayers, but when she arrives in Denver to begin her new life with him, she soon realizes that things were not at all the way he’d described them in his letters. Will Margie be able to find happiness with a man who misrepresented himself to her? Will she see that what she signed up for and what he claimed he was were two very different thingsâ?¦


Romance: Her Only Hope (Mail Order Bride Inspirational Romance Novella)

by Grace Fisher

Becky thought that her life was all planned outâ?¦.

She had secured a marriage to the next governor of Missouri, a beautiful house in St. Louis, and the highest social status she could attain. She thought her life was set until unsettling circumstances took over and all of a sudden her life was turn upside down. Learning all to soon how treacherous her stepmother could be, Becky discovers herself tricked and on the first train to Deadwood.

Brian Masterson was looking for a mail order bride, but instead finds himself stuck face to face with a beautiful young woman rejected and then even hunted by her family. Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, Becky and Brian find that together they can defeat heartbreak, sorrow, and even physical threats. In the process, they discover a love that looks as if it would last a lifetime. How could anything get in their wayâ?¦


ROMANCE: Vow of Love (Mail Order Bride Historical Inspirational Romance Novella)

by Grace Fisher

Orphaned, unloved, and forced to remain a servant in her own home. True happiness is only a dream for Amelia. A dream that will never come trueâ?¦

Amelia was left at a young age to fend for herself in her aunt’s home. With her parents gone, her aunt has squandered her inheritance and has forced Amelia to live as a servant in her own home. Marie, the housekeeper, is Amelia’s only lifeline and has been the only source of love in her lifeâ?¦until now. Taking matters into her own hands Amelia decides to try and escape once again and answer a mail order bride ad.

Gabriel, a ranch owner, is elated that she is finally going to be his. But will he be able to accept her past and the baggage that comes with? Will he finally be the one to give Amelia the unconditional love she has dreamed of? Or will her past once again entangle itself in her dreamsâ?¦making her one chance for happiness impossible yet againâ?¦


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