Free travel Kindle books for 21 Apr 17

Learn Tagalog through Legends: Parallel Text

by Andrii and Angie Shybanov

The main purpose of this book is for you to start reading, pronouncing and writing Tagalog words and sentences as they are in the natural text.

This how you can use this book:

– Read aloud or write the Tagalog first and then look at English translation for your understanding
– Once done with the short paragraph, read the same entire paragraph in Tagalog without looking at the English translation

With this book, you can simply jump into the beautiful language of Filipinos without the need of studying the grammar and other complicated language rules. The understanding of grammar which is important will follow as your Tagalog vocabulary will increase.

Once done with reading or writing the book, do not shy conversing with Filipinos by using the words you just learned.

This book can be most useful just before your travel to the Philippines. I strongly recommend you to re-read or re-wright this book before your trip.

The similar method of reading or writing was originally designed by famous Russian linguist Ilya Frank. Ilya Frank’s book helped thousands of Russian people to learn English. Now, English speaking people around the world can learn Tagalog in a similar effective way.

Tayo nang matutong magtagalog (Let’s learn Tagalog).

Circles of Delight: Classic Carousels of San Francisco

by Aaron Shepard

Quite by chance, San Francisco has become one of the carousel capitols of the world. It today hosts carousels from all three of the most important historic American carousel makers â?? the only city anywhere with that distinction! What’s more, each carousel has been restored close to its original condition.

“Circles of Delight” celebrates the beauty and diversity of these traditional, hand-carved wood carousels of the Golden Gate City. With its vibrant photos and informative profiles, it is bound to delight carousel lovers of all ages.


Aaron Shepard is an independent writer and photographer. He has been entranced by carousels since childhood â?? but his love and interest were rekindled when his wife, Anne L. Watson, wrote a novel about a young carousel restorer. When a business trip brought them to San Francisco in April 2004, Aaron spent three days photographing the city’s carousels, giving him the photos for this book. He currently lives in Friday Harbor, Washington.


“Filled with beautiful photography. . . . You will treasure this book.” â?? Bette Largent, President, National Carousel Association



San Francisco Zoo Carousel

Yerba Buena Gardens Carousel

Golden Gate Park Carousel


TRV025130 TRAVEL / United States / West / Pacific (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA)
CRA003000 CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Carving
PHO019000 PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Regional
ART015020 ART / American / General
TRV019000 TRAVEL / Pictorials

St Petersburg travel Guide: An Easy Guide to Exploring the Top Attractions, Food Places, Local Life, and Everything You Need to Know (Traveler Republic)

by Traveler Republic

An Easy Guide to Exploring the Top Attractions, Food Places, Local Life, and Everything You Need to Know

Ma première expérience en Israël (French Edition)

by Onisim Moisa

Ma première expérience en Israël” relate comment le Seigneur m’a conduit dans un voyage de foi, en me faisant découvrir son cÅ?ur pour Israël, le peuple juif et la Terre Sainte. Je partage comment j’ai voyagé pour la première fois, sans savoir où j’allais loger, m’attendant à l’intervention de Dieu pour un miracle et me confiant en sa parole pour moi. J’ai été totalement transformé et je ne serai plus jamais le même ! Ce témoignage a encouragé de nombreuses personnes dans leur marche avec Dieu. Que toute la gloire lui revienne ! J’espère que vous serez vous aussi encouragés à rechercher le Seigneur de tout votre cÅ?ur et à croire en sa parole ! Entendre sa voix est crucial pour chacun d’entre nous !

La mia prima esperienza in Israele (Italian Edition)

by Onisim Moisa

La mia prima esperienza in Israele parla di come il Signore mi ha portato in un viaggio di fede, rivelandomi il Suo cuore per Israele, per il popolo ebreo e per il Santo Paese. Vi racconterò come ho viaggiato in Israele per la prima volta, senza sapere dove sarei alloggiato, fidandomi di Dio per un miracolo e fidandomi delle Sue parole. Sono stato completamente trasformato e non sarò mai più la stessa persona. Questa testimonianza ha aiutato molte persone nel loro viaggio con Dio. Tutta la gloria a Lui! Spero che anche tu sarai ispirato e cercherai di più Dio e crederai di più nella Sua parola! Sentire la Sua voce e cruciale.

Meine erste Israel Erfahrung (German Edition)

by Onisim Moisa

In “Meine erste Israel Erfahrung” geht es darum wie der Herr mich auf eine Glaubensreise nahm, wie ich Sein Herz für Israel, das Jüdische Volk und das Heilige Land entdeckt habe. Ich teile darin mit wie ich nach Israel zum ersten Mal, ohne zu wissen wo ich untergebracht werden würde, gereist bin, und wie ich Gott für ein Wunder glaubte und seinen Worten für mich vertraute. Ich wurde ganz verändert und werde niemals dergleiche sein. Dieses Zeugnis hat vielen in ihr Wandel mit Gott geholfen. Alle Ehre sei Gott! Ich hoffe, auch du wirst dadurch ermutigt, den Herrn mehr zu suchen und Seinem Wort zu glauben! Seine Stimme zu hören ist so ausschlaggebend.

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