Free historical fiction Kindle books for 22 Apr 17

Reluctant Berserker Vol 0

by Alex Beecroft

It is the Dark Ages, and in Saxon England no real man would ever allow himself to be sexually dominated. Even the suggestion can be enough to destroy a man’s reputation and life. So when respected warrior Wulfstan’s lover threatens to expose him, he strikes back – too hard. Now he’s running from a murder charge, pursued by the deadly curse of his friend’s vengeful witch of a mother.

Bard Leofgar is slight, beautiful and friendless. No one would think twice if a more powerful man treated him like a sex toy. But he has the temerity to insist that he’s as good a man as any, and to run away from his Lord’s attempt to coerce him into bed.

He and Wulfstan meet on the road to Ely, and it’s obvious at once that they were made for each other. If only they could outwit first the knights sent to drag Leofgar back to his Lord, the magic sent to drag Wulfstan to a watery grave, and their own sometimes violent shame.

The Little Ball O’ Fire or the Life and Adventures of John Marston Hall

by G.P.R. James

This is a romantic fiction written by 19th century writer G.P.R. James, a well-known British writer during the Victorian Era. This is one of his most famous works, and a table of contents is included.

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