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Homemade Survival Bars: 15 Recipes Of High Nutritional Bars To Keep You Physically Active While Emergency : (Survival Pantry, Canning and Preserving, Prepper’s … (Bug out bag, Bushcraft, Prepping Book 2)

by Henry Louis

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Homemade Survival Bars: (FREE Bonus Included)

15 Recipes Of High Nutritional Bars To Keep You Physically Active While Emergency

Homemade Survival Bars: 15 Recipes of High Nutritional Bars to Keep You Physically Active While Emergency is a self-help book that provides you with some basic survival tips and tricks that you can use during the time of emergency or crisis.

If you live in a bad neighborhood or a place where natural disasters are commonly occurring, or even if you have shortage of food supply for any reason, this book will provide the readers to learn about how to take care of your nutrition so that you do not run out of energy to fight up during the time of crisis and emergency. This book offers:

  • Acquitting the readers to some of the most common and easily available survival foods
  • 15 homemade energy bars recipes that will be both delicious and nutritious
  • Emergency planning tips
  • High in protein and other nutrients to keep you fueled
  • Some cautions to avoid storing certain kind of food

If you want to prepare yourself for any calamity, then this book will assist you in the simplest way by going stepwise. If you read it, you will also be able to teach others about some survival tips and tricks regarding food supply. This book is best for anyone from the experts who train people in survival techniques to layman who seek help. Grab this book now and get yourself ready to survive the bad times; for those who prepare, survive!

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Wife Defeats Husband: Five Females Who Can Kick Their Husband’s Butt

by Ken Phillips

How would you feel if you could make your husband tap out in a rear naked choke hold? How would you feel if your wife could apply a nasty scissor lock hold and make you beg for mercy? This book profiles five very tough, strong, capable women who can and do defeat their husband! See how they got started, how the men react to their defeat and how it makes the women feel to hear the words “I give up”. If you like strong women, then this book is for YOU! A very rare and extremely exciting look into the lives of Female-Dominated marriages!

Face and body gymnastics: Face fitness and how to stop ageing

by Seka ZebiÄ?

This book is a result of my long experience and it is my wish to transfer my own experiences and knowledge and to help everyone who needs and wants it. I don’t recommend face gymnastics only for keeping your body slim and fit, I recommend it to keep a fresh and youthful appearance. I am not the only one convinced of its effectiveness, my clients that accepted my method and use it to keep their beauty and youthfulness are convinced as well.
I dedicate this book to everyone, to women and men of all ages so that by looking at their reflection in the mirror they could strengthen their self-confidence and will to walk through life confident and happy.

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