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Blog Ideas: 131 Ideas to Kill Writer’s Block, Supercharge Your Blog and Stand Out

by Steve Shockley

Has your blog become stale?

Blog Ideas is a compilation of the best modern blogging practices and resources. This book is packed with 131 ideas to supercharge your blog.

  • Idea #13: Where to find “green” hosting
  • Idea #24: An easy way to get short, memorable domain names
  • Idea #30: How to make your blog load faster
  • Idea #34: Create a “now” page
  • Idea #40: Controlling where your readers look
  • Idea #45: The life hack that energizes me for the whole day
  • Idea #49: How to write irresistable headlines
  • Idea #55: Should you incorporate?
  • Idea #64: Prompts for telling your story
  • Idea #70: How to find the latest trends to write about
  • Idea #74: Ideas for contests you can host
  • Idea #77: How to build traffic by commenting on other blogs
  • Idea #90: Find the right keywords for your blog posts
  • Idea #93: Develop your Facebook strategy
  • Idea #100: The best locations to place your ads
  • Idea #106: Find the right affiliates
  • Idea #107: Where to sell your digital products
  • Idea #114: How to capture all your ideas
  • Idea #120: Come up with new ideas with Amazon search
  • Idea #127: Where to find the best free mind mapping software
  • …and over 100 more. Get inspired and make your blog fresh again!

AWS Lambda: The Ultimate User Guide for Beginners To Serverless Microservice

by James Clark

AWS Lambda

A Complete User Guide for Beginners To Serverless Microservice

Have you been thinking of a career in IT?
In your looking around the web, have you been intrigued by the concept of microservices, and particularly of something you have heard of called Lambda? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then this guide is for you.

This beginners’ guide begins with the assumption that the reader is the base level of IT knowledge, in other words, a total noob. A such, many terms that are loosly thrown around in other guides and articles around the web are actually defined here.
We also provide you with a list of other resources that you can explore at your leisure to build up your knowledge of AWS, AWS Lambda and microservices in general.

Download your copy of “AWS Lambda:A Complete User Guide for Beginners To Serverless Microservice” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Amazon S3 Programming Guide: Beginnerâ??s guide book on how to get started with Amazon Simple Storage Service

by Gordon Wong

This book is a guide for you on how to program the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Most people and companies have turned to using the Amazon S3 for the purpose of storing files. The first part of the book guides you on how to upload your files to the Amazon S3. In this chapter, you will use the Play 2 for creation of a Java app. This app will help you to upload your files to the Amazon S3, making your work much easier. You will learn how to use the AWS Library as well as the Play 2 S3 library. The Node.js can be used for the purpose of performing direct uploads of files to the Amazon S3. In most apps, this is done by use of a web app so that the files can be uploaded to the web server. In this book, you are guided on how to use Node.js to create an app which directly uploads the files to the S3 server, and you will not be expected to create or use a web app. This mechanism employs the use of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). This book guides you on how to implement this. You will also be shown how to setup a private maven repository which you can use for your projects. You may also need to read the S3 files in a programmatic manner. This book guides you on how to do this.

The following topics are discussed in this book:
– Uploading Files
– Direct Uploads in S3 and Node.js
– Private Maven Repository Setup
– Working with the Object-Oriented Java Adapter in AWS S3
– Reading from S3 Files
– Working with Nginx as the Proxy

B.B.B: Be the best blogger: Methods and technologies for writing blogs for network writers

by John T. Gibson

A complete collection of tips for bloggers!
This collection has been expanded with practical tips for security and marketing the blog and working with clients.

This book is a small collection of tips and notes that will be sung by novice copywriters.
Perhaps some of them seem too simple or obvious. But my older comrades always told me – repetition – the mother of the teaching!

I hope that the advice given in this book will soften the hard work of a copywriter, a blogger and just a writer of short articles.

The tips I mentioned here are divided into several sections, in accordance with the various parts of the copywriter’s work.


Basic tips
Tips for advanced
Work with orders
Variety of posts
Top 100 topics for articles
100 marketing ideas of copywriter
Blog Safety Tips
Blog development strategy
Top tips from the best bloggers
50 useful tips for bloggers
23 tips to increase comments on the blog

Hello, friends!

Especially they are useful to the beginning copywriter or the author who is in the process of becoming.

Now the network has published a lot of articles and posts, in which the authors give advice and recommendations to the beginning copywriter. Of course, they are valuable and useful.

It’s good that the authors of such materials share their experience with other colleagues. It’s really very cool.
I myself sometimes discover important things for myself, which I did not pay attention to for some reason.

Therefore, I decided to devote some time to give out one extensive and detailed text, which, of course, will help any novice copywriter who wants to take the path of earnings by writing articles.

Yes, I can declare that I have some experience in this direction.

I went a very long way, which started from the very bottom. I fired, stuffed my then soft place with new cones, and conducted various experiments. All this was done, in order for me to achieve my goal.

This text is a summary of my personal experience in the field of writing texts. I do not claim to be called the only correct one. I just share my views. And I really want this book to be valuable and useful. Believe me; I prepared it for this purpose.

In my time, when I first started, I personally did not have enough of such materials. And I promised myself – when I achieve a certain success in the field of copywriting, I will certainly write a similar text.

And now it’s time to fulfill your promise!

Windows 10: Top Tricks

by Craig Burr

Windows 10: Top Tricks

The idea of this book is to show new users of Windows 10 some very useful tips and tricks to help their computer run more efficiently. You will learn how to:

  • Save Battery Life
  • Add a Pin Number to your Account
  • Stop Annoying Ads
  • Cast Videos and Photos to TV
  • Disable Data Collection
  • and much more…

Import Windows Server to Amazon EC2 with PowerShell (AWS Whitepaper)

by AWS Whitepapers

February 2017
This whitepaper is for Microsoft Windows IT professionals who want to learn how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) VM Import/Export to import custom Windows Server images into Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). PowerShell code is provided to demonstrate one way you could automate the task of importing images and launching instances, but there are many other DevOps automation techniques that could come into play in a well thought-out cloud migration process.

This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it in PDF format at

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