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A Crystal Age

by William Henry Hudson

William Henry Hudson was a well-respected author and naturalist. Hudson was born in Argentina to two English settlers and he would eventually settle in England where he produced many ornithological studies. Hudson is now best remembered for books such as Green Mansions, A Crystal Age, and The Purple Land That England Lost.

A Crystal Age, published in 1887, is a utopian novel that is notable for its prediction of the modern ecological mysticism that would occur more than a century later.

The House (Armstrong House Series Book 1)

by A. O’Connor

Can a house keep secrets?

1840’s – When Lord Edward Armstrong builds the house for his bride, Anna, the family is at the climax of its power. But its world is threatened when no heir is born. Anna could restore their fortunes, but it would mean the ultimate betrayal. Then the Great Famine grips the country.

1910s – Clara finds life as lady of the manor is not what she expected when she married Pierce Armstrong. As the First World War rages, she finds solace in artist Johnny Seymour’s decadent circle. Then the War of Independence erupts and Clara is caught between two men, deceit and revenge.

Present Day – When Kate Fallon sees the house it is love at first sight. She and her tycoon husband Tony buy it and hire the last Armstrong owner, architect Nico, to oversee its restoration.

As Kate’s fascination with the house grows, she and Nico begin to uncover its history and the fates of its occupants in centuries past. But then, as her husband’s business empire faces ruin, Kate realises that they are in danger of losing everything.

Betrayal, deceit, revenge, obsession – one house, one family, three generations

Editorial Reviews

“Skillful and original plotting kept me enthralled until the final page of the story”
Rosemary McLoughlin author of Tyringham Park

“Downton’ fans, you’ll love this big house,
Engrossing and imaginative” – Irish Independent

“An irresistible mix of history, drama and intrigue that entertained and enthralled me in equal measure!” – Bord Gáis Energy Book Club

Story of an Optimistic Broken Heart

by Nicole Huggins

The last few weeks of my life haven’t been the best…and that’s putting it mildly.

But life is starting to look up.

That’s because love conquers all. I still believe it, despite everything and as long as you fight for it love can withstand the test of any challenge. So, I’m diving in. I’m taking a huge leap of faith. I believe in second chances because comebacks exist after this, right?

As a hopeless romantic my love never wavers for a second and now I’m telling my story with it broken. My heart is filled with love, even when it’s bandaged and aching. First heartbreaks are the hardest. Trust me, I know this.

Sometimes love comes with a cost.

Tell me I won’t have to pay any more.

I’ve paid a hundred times and more. The scars on my heart are still sore. Those of you who have been through this, you know what I’m talking about. Did your story end well?

You’ll have to read mine to tell.

A captivating debut, Story of an Optimistic Broken Heart, is an emotionally immersive story that will stay with you after it ends.


by Dan Lee Rogers

A haunting, romantic and ever-surprising tale tailor-made for the video game generation.” Chris Morris, acclaimed video game journalist

Jack Taylor swears the woman he’s met in TimeLand, the online game he created, is his deceased wife, Molly. His business partner thinks he’s insane, and the police consider him their prime suspect in Molly’s murder. What follows is a tale that questions the boundaries of technology and invites readers to wonder what awaits us in the afterlife and whether true love will meet us there.

Eleven months after Molly Taylor’s death, her husband, Jack, discovers unauthorized people playing in TimeLand, the online game he created. When he enters the game as a player, he meets someone who, incredibly, reminds him of Molly. Nothing anyone can say will dissuade him from believing that somehow, someway, Molly is living in his online digital world.

But Molly isn’t the only one who has found their way into TimeLand, and when Jack confronts them, the supernatural and real world collide in a most unexpected way.

Ghosting is a rapid-fire mystery-thriller; a mind-bending ride, where the digital and real world collides

What others are saying about Ghosting:

Ghosts and gaming meet in this remarkable thriller. I loved it!” – Ed Fries, co-founder of the Xbox project.

Ghosting has everything: thrills, video games, mystery, the Old West, money, excitement, and a beautiful woman, plus an ending you won’t see coming!” â?? Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry

The Fortunes Of Glencore

by Charles James Lever

Charles Lever was a 19th century Irish novelist best known for books like Lorrequer, O’Malley and Tom Burke.

The Caxtons: A Family Picture â?? Volume 18

by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a well known English novelist in the 19th century, and he’s been immortalized for coining famous phrases like  “pursuit of the almighty dollar” and “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

In addition to being a politician, he wrote across all genres, from horror stories to historical fiction and action titles.

One Match

by J.Y. Chung

What if an algorithm could predict the one person who’s perfect for you?
A recluse programmer has created an extraordinary online dating service called One Match that pairs its customers with exactly one other person using its advanced algorithms. The only catch is that the paired couples must meet in-person to discover each other’s identity.

Claire is a beautiful and successful business woman in London who is frustrated by her failed dating attempts and finally gives One Match a chance. The outcome of her match shocks her and sends her on the adventure of a lifetime to find out who she really is and what truly matters in her life.

One Match is a contemporary novel of our times that examines the society we live in today and the implications of our technological progress.

Reader Reviews
I can’t remember the last time I devoured a book like this. After about a third of the way into ‘One Match’, I thought to myself that I’d be thrilled to see this made into a movie. A couple hours later, after another third of the way in, I realized that I’d be utterly disappointed by how the movie wouldn’t be able to capture the intricacies and the depth that the book has to offer.”

“It’s hard to describe in a few short words all the things this book is- an ultra contemporary romance, something of a coming of age/journey of self discovery, a love letter to London and the English countryside, a parable of how technology can affect relationships, companies, individualsâ?¦

“Smart, funny, completely entertaining, a slice of life. The premise â?? that an algorithm might know us better than we know ourselves â?? is frighteningly real. You won’t want to put it down.

One of the best novels I read this year, I would highly recommend it.”

“A book that defies simple description and is impossible put down

“More than a romance novel, this book is about finding meaning and belonging, and a discussion on choice”

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction : Volume 14, No. 395, October 24, 1829

by Various Authors

This work was compiled by Various Authors and despite its age continues to be popular with modern readers

The Flyers

by George Barr McCutcheon

George Barr McCutcheon, a native of Indiana, is best remembered for his Graustark series. This romance series is set in the fictional, Eastern European like nation of Graustark.

Fathers and Sons

by Ivan Turgenev

Ivan Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons explores generational differences and their tragic consequences. The story centers around Arkady and Bazarov, two young men who return home from college to a world that has remained static. They have changed but must now redefine old relationships, both their friendship with one another and their relationships with their fathers. The main conflict of the novel is between the nihilistic Bazarov, who espouses a strictly materialistic attitude toward life, and Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov, an uncle of Arkady’s, who upholds the aristocratic tradition in the face of Bazarov’s ridicule.

Fathers and Sons originally aroused controversy in Russia, with both radicals and conservatives disturbed by the portrait of Bazarov – an energetic, cynical, and self-assured nihilist who repudiates the romanticism of his elders.

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