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How to Train your Dog to Use a Litter Box: Here’s the Poop

by Victoria Blackstone

Training your small dog to use a litter box will liberate your schedule. Long days at the office, delays in traffic or unexpected schedule changes can turn a routine day into stress overload for you. Your little dog becomes stressed, too, if you cannot be there to take her outside. She is at the mercy of your schedule in her need to relieve herself. Fortunately, there is a solution that will benefit both of you. With simple litterbox-training, your dog can relieve herself when nature calls and you won’t come home to a soiled carpet or wet floors. Your dog will become a responsible member of your household, your floors and carpets will remain unsoiled, and you will love the results!

Benefits of Training a Dog to Use a Litter Box:
–Away from home all day. Can you “hold it” all day long? This is what you ask your little dog to do when you cannot be there to take her outside.
–Rainy weather. How many times has your little dog gotten soaking wet just to go outside and relieve himself? Then, his muddy paw prints left stains on your nice carpet and sofa.
–Cold weather. There’s nothing like a freezing “wake-up call” to start your day! Don’t you just hate to see your little dog come back inside from a bathroom run, shivering from head to tail?
–Morning sleep-in time. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in sometimes, without getting out of bed, stumbling to the door and walking your dog?
–Outside dangers. Little dogs face a variety of dangers outside: menacing larger dogs, predatory birds and even an insect sting can be deadly for a tiny dog.
–Convalescing from illness or surgery. How convenient it is to have a litter box for your little dog during her illness or his post-op recuperation.
–Canine “senior citizens.” As our dogs age, they face similar problems as we do — arthritis, joint problems and incontinence. What used to be a simple walk down the back stairs to the yard can be a painful trek for our older friends. Or maybe they simply can’t make it to the yard because of incontinence. For geriatric, arthritic and orthopedic patients, litterbox-training offers a sensible and compassionate solution for your dog’s needs

In 1995, when a tragic accident claimed the life of my precious Yorkshire terrier, Lucy, I turned my tragedy into a way to help others. I designed a litterbox-training system to protect my newly adopted Yorkie, Gracie, from so many dangers outside. And after many friends and family members told me they thought Gracie’s litter box would help other dogs, I went to work.

Dissatisfied with other products marketed as dog litter boxes, I designed my own. Working with Gracie’s patent attorney, I customized my design of the GracieLooâ?¢, an indoor bathroom station for toy breeds and small dogs.

Through different stages in Gracie’s life, her GracieLooâ?¢ was invaluable. When she was a puppy, it kept her safe indoors. Through her adolescent years, it provided the utmost in convenience for both Gracie & me. As an adult dog, Gracie’s consistently good litter box habits established her firmly as a responsible member of my household. But it was in Gracie’s golden years that I found her GracieLooâ?¢ to be truly indispensable.

Note: Although I originally wrote this book as a manual for the GracieLooâ?¢ dog litter box, you can easily adapt my training method to other products.

The AKC recognizes 21 toy breeds, all of which are size-proportionate for the GracieLooâ?¢: Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, English Toy Spaniel, Havanese, Italian Greyhound, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Manchester Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon, Pekingnese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. However, any small mixed-breed dog with similar proportions to these toy dogs can be trained to the GracieLooâ?¢.

Savoring Singlehood: Nine Ways To Transform Your Single Life From Miserable To Marvelous

by Emily Josephine

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you feel so lonely and yearn to find your soul mate? Are you stuck in a rut at your job, hoping that one day soon, your Knight In Shining Armor will come and rescue you out of it? Has dating become just a way to fill your time instead of a way to enjoy life and other people?

If any of that is true for you, then you are not enjoying your singlehood. In fact, if you are like many single people, you spend far too much time wallowing in misery, daydreaming about the your future life with someone you haven’t even met yet.

While this book does not promise to cure you of loneliness, envy, and longing, it DOES offer nine ideas that can alleviate the pain of an empty heart. These ideas invite you to delve into your creative self, to take a few risks, and generally to fill your free time with endeavors that will bring you fulfillment and/or future rewards. The ideas challenge you to challenge yourself, so that you can begin to transform your single life from miserable to marvelous.

While this book is targeted to single women without children, single men who do not have children can benefit from the ideas as well. Whatever your gender, these ideas will help you realize that there’s more to the single life than the dating game, or pining to meet your soul mate.

Pregnant Girl Diary: Baby Registry Baby Shower Wish List Baby & Child Care

by Dr. Spock Free Man

This is the diary of a pregnant girl who has a real life story. She will tell how she got pregnant, her relationships and how she will plan her baby shower and baby registry.

MONOLOCALE PER DUE (Italian Edition)

by Francisca Da Silva

Decidere di non separarsi significa risparmiare i figli, significa buttare la vita.
Un insolito destino intreccia due vite apparentemente simili ed entrambe calate nella splendente borghesia italiana e francese. Due i protagonisti che casualmente s’incontrano e s’innamorano, con la complicazione di non essere entrambi liberi ma sposati con figli.
Nata in un contesto contemporaneo, descritta in prima persona e poi narrata sul finire da una voce fuori dal campo, la storia si compie e si consuma tra Parigi, Padova ed il Lido di Venezia. La volontà di mantenere l’apparenza e l’artificiale lustro della famiglia per bene, porterà uno dei due protagonisti a una delirante sofferenza, ma un imprevisto porrà fine a questo teatrino, lasciando segni indelebili sulla pelle dei relativi figli, ignari attori dei due nuclei. Il ritrovamento di un diario, a quasi trent’anni dalla morte di Cora (la protagonista principale), restituirà una realtà ancora più amara, soprattutto al lettore che tra le righe delle ultime pagine si sentirà ingannato e forse costretto a rileggere il libro dall’inizio.


Francisca da Silva è il nom de plume dell’autrice; volutamente ripreso dal nome di una schiava nera realmente esistita e vissuta in Brasile nel 1700, questo pseudonimo è nato per fondersi in armonia con il suo primo romanzo (A letto con il chirurgo estetico).

L’autrice si è così affezionata al personaggio tanto da crearne un’identità virtuale esistente solo con un profilo Facebook, unico modo per interagire con un pubblico che forse mai la conoscerà dal vivo.

I Have Ants in My Tummy: A book about ADHD

by Cathrine Fransiska Hagesæter

This book is about Jamie’s ADHD. Jamie is a 5 ½ year old boy. Jamie does not like to sit still, since he has tingling throughout his body. He tends to say he has ants in his tummy. In this book, you will get first-hand accounts of a boy’s “tingling tummy” and how you all can cope with it.
This is a great book to read together, both adults and children will enjoy it.

I wrote this book to help children understand what ADHD is. We all know someone who has ADHD in the family, in the classroom or in the neighborhood. Children are quick to accept each other if they get an explanation that they understand. Parents of ADHD children often receive little sympathy and understanding from other parents.
My wish for this book is to contribute to more insight around those diagnosed with ADHD in a simple and understandable way. I myself have two children with ADHD who are now teenagers. All the stories in the book are true, from when my son was little.

Aktivitätsbuch: Mal mich fertig (German Edition)

by Tetiana Kosovska

Dieses eBook ist eine Vorschau auf das Malbuch von Tetiana Kosovska. Erhältlich ist dieses als A4-Softcover mit der ISBN 978-3-96077-113-5 Entspanne dich und lass den Alltag Alltag sein. Viel zu stressig ist unser Leben, Ruhezeiten sind selten. Und doch sehnen wir uns alle nach diesen Momenten in der Kindheit zurück, in denen man ungezwungen Träumen und zeichnen konnte. Die bekannte Norwegische Künstlerin Tetiana Kosovska holt die Kindheit mit ihren Zeichnungen zurück. Nimm Teil daran und vervollständige ihre Gemälde – ganz so, wie du es magst. Egal ob du erwachsen bist oder noch ein Kind – die Zeichnungen sind für alle Altersgruppen geeignet. Selbst “malfaule” Kinder kommen hierbei auf ihre Kosten und werden das Buch nicht mehr aus den Händen legen können. Das groÃ?e A4-Format bietet genügend Platz, um sich selbst zu verwirklichen.

Weihnachtsmauz: Mauz/BoyxBoy (German Edition)

by Caleb Nolan

Max und Luca freuen sich schon auf ihr gemeinsames Weihnachtsfest, allerdings gibt es eine Sache, die dabei im Wege steht.

Sie haben sich noch nie in Wirklichkeit getroffen und haben beschlossen, ihr erstes Treffen auf den 24. Dezember zu legen.

Aber ob sie einen so besonderen Tag wirklich mit einer Person verbringen wollen, die sie noch nie zuvor getroffen haben?

Book Bundle Package : Rekindle the Flame + Dealing with Commitment Issues + Handling a Cheating Partner (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 24)

by Joshua Osenga

Kindle Publishing Package – 3 Books for the Price of 2!

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Here’s what you’ll get with this Three book package:


I Still Do – Tips for Saving Your Marriage, Preventing Divorce and Rekindling that Flame

Marriage is one of the most significant aspects of living, and is the significant commitment two people can make in love and in life. Becoming husband and wife is beautiful, and unifies two people in celebration of their relationship. However, this commitment isn’t easy. It is a lot of work, and the relationship needs a lot of attention and care. Therefore, entering into marriage is a serious step to take and should be given a lot of thought.
Due to the complexities of marriage, it is not unusual for couples to experience marital problems along the way. However, many couples ignore these problems thinking that these aren’t severe enough to cause significant damage. This is where things can go wrong. You must remember that letting problems accumulate unsolved build up into big roadblocks in your relationship, and can eventually destroy it.

Repairing Broken Trust : How to Deal with a Cheating Partner

It is uncanny how we all know how it feels like to be cheated but when we are pushed to enumerate what acts constitute â??cheating’ in a marriage or in a committed relationship, no two women would have the same answers.
For instance, some women feel cheated when their husband or partner habitually â??checks’ out or ogles women at the mall. They feel that their husband or spouse should have eyes only for them and so when their husband’s or partner’s eyes stray and get visual stimulation from some other woman’s vital statistics, they feel threatened and insecure. To these women, cheating is subjectiveâ??that is, whatever their husband or partner does, if it makes them feel like they are on the losing end of a comparison with another woman, their position in the relationship is threatened and they feel that they are being cheated on.
Other women are more liberal in the sense that they don’t mind if their husbands or partners look, as long as they do not call, text or flirt with the woman, or in any way act upon the visual stimulation, then that is not yet cheating. They reason that the man cannot help it if he has eyes.

Yes No Maybe So? A Step by Step Guide to dealing with Commitment issues

The information contained in this report is designed to help you and your partner deal with commitment issues. They are not a suitable alternative to seeking psychiatric or medical help. They are only intended as advice. Commitment is a tricky thing. Most people want to be in a committed relationship. They want the security and joy that comes with being with someone forever. However, a lot of people are very scared of what it is like to be with someone forever. You owe it to yourself to try and make it work with someone that you care deeply about. However, you also need to know when you are being taken for granted and when it is time to call it quits. Your feelings, dreams, hopes and desires matter and you should never let someone else take that from you. If a relationship doesn’t work out then just be prepared and open to the next one.

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Thats The Way to Do It: The True Story Of an Original Underdog

by Vinnie Blaze

A true story of one mans life and experiences growing up in the 1980’s, read about the family dynamics and growing up in a working class home, his successes and failures from rags to riches and then back to rags. A truly inspiring story of one mans struggle to live the life he wants against the odds.

Berrinches y Rabietas para mamás Imperfectas (Spanish Edition)

by Leticia Jimenez

Un libro que te ayudará a entender que son los berrinches y rabietas, saber cómo reaccionar y prevenir estos momentos. Que hacer si pegan, que hacer si me critican por mi forma de criar, que hacer si mi pareja y yo no nos ponemos de acuerdo en la crianza de nuestros hijos, cómo manejar mi propio enojo.

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