Free war Kindle books for 24 Apr 17

Kursk: 118 men trapped beneath the Barents Sea

by Burt Clinchandhill

Moscow, summer of 2000, and a new elected President has just come to power. Young naval officer Mischa Kastamarov is called up to serve on the Kursk, a submarine carrying a super torpedo for testing in the Barents Sea.

At the same time, US naval intelligence commander Mitchel James supervises the two American submarines on their mission to spy on the proceedings. But an accidental collision between the boats triggers a terrifying series of events, as an explosion leaves Kastamarov struggling to save his crew.

While their own government denies knowledge of the incident and refuses international aid, the men of the Kursk must fight fire, rising water and the onset of despair. Their plight ignored by their President, they are on their own against the elements in a desperate attempt to survive as Mitchel James is caught between a cover up and his own rescue plan.

Based in part on a true story of bravery, tragedy and the lethal folly of pride, Kursk is a not to miss political drama.

Leggere salva la vita (fumetto) (free) (gratis) (gratuito) (Italian Edition)

by Francesco Fatigati

Leggere salva la vita. Francesco Fatigati ai testi e Luigi Manno ai disegni.- Piccolo adattamento a fumetti di una storia di Hugo Von Hofmannsthal. Sta a voi scoprire quale.***Oggi leggi gratis anche i racconto “Nowhere” andando sul sito > < (puoi copiare il link e incollarlo nella barra del browser)***===============================================Altre opere di Luigi Manno su Amazon:L'abbandono, fumetto; Il circolo della dolce morte (testi Francesco Fatigati), fumetto;Autore cercasi, romanzo.Contatti: Blog: www.luigimanno.blogspot.itTag: fumetto, fumetti, leggere, Leggere salva la vita.

Now and Then: 10 soldiers lost in time

by David Homant

A secret government project goes badly awry, and the unintended result is army Sergeant-Major John Thomas along with nine other solders in a personnel carrier regain consciousness, and inexplicably find themselves back in 1867.  Deep in the wilderness of the American west, the men manage to locate the closest settlement, an Army fort that in the twenty-first century is a cheesy roadside tourist attraction.  As they wrestle with their situation and begin to try and fit in, the racially diverse group must also face the prejudices and bigotry of the era.
Thomas meets Katelyn O’Conner, former captive of the Sioux Indians and now a laundress on the fringes of society at the fort.  Shunned by the people there for refusing to abandon her half-breed baby Akecheta when rescued, Thomas is drawn to her unquenchable spirit and beautiful child.

When contact with their own time is unexpectedly re-established along with the dubious promise of a return home, Thomas is warned they must not upset history in any way as that would imperil the planet, but it is too late.  One of his men is not looking forward to leaving; himself a Sioux Indian who is able to locate his ancestors.  When the young man deserts the group, he kidnaps mother and child to return them to the father, who happens to be his own great-great-great grandfather, and unknowingly endangers the world.

Facing a ticking clock, forbidden to alter anything and amidst a devastating epidemic sweeping the land, Thomas and his surviving men struggle to put things right and stop the renegade soldier before he unwittingly destroys everything for us all.

NOW AND THEN explores the human experience and the power of love with characters trapped in an untenable situation.

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