Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 25 Apr 17

CSB Holy Bible, Digital Edition (v.2)

The CSB Holy Bible, Digital Edition features the highly reliable, highly readable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), which stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity. The CSB’s optimal blend of accuracy and readability makes Scripture more moving, more memorable, and more motivating to read and share with others.

Honoring Her Heart

by Julie Joseph

When newly-minted Doctor Matt Conroy moves from the North Carolina campus life to a rural, lakeside Michigan town, he’s got a much quieter, easy pace of life to look forward to. For a man suffering from multiple fears- fears of crowds, drowning, heights- the quieter pace of life is just what he’s looking for.

What he wasn’t counting on was sassy and outgoing Emma Butler entering his life the same day he started his new job. She’s talking him into trying out things that his ordinary fears would normally prohibit him from ever even thinking of trying. Too bad Matt managed to infuriate her father, the overprotective Reverend Frank Butler, on the same day he started the job and that he met Emma!

When Emma’s life is in danger, it’s up to Matt to set aside his greatest fear, save her life, and maybe save his own in the process.


Saint Augustin

by Louis Bertrand

Louis Bertrand was a French novelist and historian. Bertand was a very prolific author and he is perhaps best known for his historical biographies.

One of Bertrand’s most famous biographies is on Saint Augustine of Hippo. A table of contents is included.

The Comprehensive Theory of Everything Defined (CTED) with Glossary Expansion (3)

by CT ED

(The first part is the Glossary and CTED Model that is the expansion to the original CTED article. The second part (distinguished by font and page break) is the original CTED article. This Article includes both CTED Expansion and the original CTED Article). CTED is the theory of everything to include a brief overview over God, Consciousness, Time, Space, Intelligence, and how to prototype a CTED mathematical/scientific model.

Wildfire: A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 2)

by Emma Harper

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This is a clean mail order bride story with 15 FREE BONUS STORIES Included!

Clara Southerby didn’t want to get married. Not only did she not want to marry the elderly, wicked and cruel Sheldon Niles but she did not see herself marrying any man. Not while she had her fast horse, Ruth, a few pennies of her own saved up and miles of country to explore.

Sheldon Niles wanted a young bride. If his family name was going to continue and his money was going to be safe he needed a boy to carry on the name. Clara Southerby, the red-headed daughter of his maid was the trophy he was looking for. But, when he found out she had fled on the eve of their nuptials he organized a posse to hunt her down and bring her back.

Jason Halerow was well known as a wild card. His job as an army scout and Indian hunter had him facing danger and adventure more than most men. But when he saw the red-headed stranger ride into town alone in her own buggy he was smitten.

Would Jason get to Clara before Sheldon Niles’ posse? Or would Clara make good on her promise that the only way she’d go back to Sheldon was in a pine box?

This is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and a Happy-Ever-After ending.

The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate

by Ethan Indigo Smith

Geometry assists our understanding of the physical world, meditation assists our understanding of our inner world.

     The Geometry of Energy explores meditation and subtle energy through the four dimensions of geometry -points, lines, planes and solids. The four dimensions of geometry in relation to meditation and energy illustrate the true sacredness of sacred geometry. The Geometry of Energy enhances comprehension of meditation and conceptualization of energy.     The four dimensions of geometry provide a formula to meditation and energy comprehension. The Geometry of Energy is an empowering four step meditation presented through meditation lessons from across the globe. Understanding meditation and energy by way of the four dimensions promotes individuation through meditation.    The Geometry of Energy utilizes the four dimensions of geometry to enable a higher understanding of meditation practices, towards refinement of self. Through the simple and sacred four dimensions of geometry, understanding various processes for psychologically and spiritually cleansing our being are constructed. The Geometry of Energy enhances understanding of meditation and energies through mathematical constructs as related to spiritual subjects enabling more results in meditation. 

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