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Good Mama, a Guide For a Good Mama

by Alsabet Elisa

We will list up to 17 tips to learn how to be a good mother, we will try to help you strengthen and improve our role as such with our children. We will also talk about the different educational styles with which we can educate your children and their advantages and consequences for their development.

How to be a good mother is something that we usually ask from very young and more if we have had brothers and we have seen how our mother took care of us. Actually, it is a very common thing but no one has told us exactly what guidelines to follow or what is the best way to do it.

1- Create an adequate environment
It is important that this section is followed by both parents in order to give the child the best possible environment. That is a stable, predictable and secure environment for its growth and development (Pérez, S / F). Make some guidelines in order to control the kids. So the kids will be able to know how to be a good kid. An example might be that the kid learns that all his actions have positive and negative consequences.

How To Deal With Rivalry Among Siblings, Siblings Goal

by Barcor Barm

For a toddler, that previously thought it was the center of the universe, it can be particularly hard to welcome a new baby in his home. And that is not the fault of the parents! Just in the first two years of life, it is completely normal that everything turns around between the baby or toddler?

But at the moment, your two-year-old toddler has still no idea why it feels like and what can he do against this highly annoying newborns. Your child wants back desperate attention and therefore possibly also behaves, or “unlearned” some things again: maybe, your toddler bouncing like crazy on the couch around while you try to give your baby the breast. Or your little refusing suddenly to go, although it may have for months on the potty! It may even be that your child is trying to punish the new sibling with some quite obvious wrinkles or bumps.

That does not mean it, but it is just cognitively not ready to understand this seriously hurts the baby. Toddlers have little impulse control. This means: if they’re angry, they are not able to take a deep breath and be cool – this is a skill which must be laboriously acquired. In addition, they have little ways to handle negative emotions linguistically. And that’s why frustration in infants can also quickly lead to aggression.

If you are a referee and mediator when siblings fight, you need serenity and strength. Think about how your toddler can feel like – he loses his place as our sole focus of your full attention and (from his perspective) love. If you want to restrict to a minimum the pain potential of the entire family, then prepare your toddler for the birth of the new baby.

8 Signs That Body Needs Sex

by Tathn albet

Eight signs that your body needs sex
Having sex more or less regularly can make your skin look brighter, improve stains, open your pores and get rid of waste products.

Your physiological and sexual needs can be observed in your body through a set of symptoms that reflect your desire for sexual contact and exciting new experiences.
The lack of sex has physical and emotional effects, even if you are not aware of them. This basic human need is much deeper than the pleasure it generates, because it also plays an important role in your health and wellbeing.

Print Your House, a Guide Book About The Fact That You Can Print Your House

by Anoke Rusli

As the patents expire grows the technique to print in 3D Рas well as the products. Now they are as big as houses. In China and the United States are written out in concrete walls, plastic printed in the Netherlands and canal house in Ume̴ glances researchers at the forest.

Spruce and pine are crowded in the dense Northern Woods. Roots, stumps and wood chips from logging is a common sight. One way to take the waste from the forestry industry is to build houses – with 3D-printer.

“We want to utilize forest resources, taking care of the remains and do something useful with it. Find new smart solutions for housing and housing environment, says Linda Nyström, a construction engineer and project manager for the newly established interdisciplinary research project + Project at UmeÃ¥ University.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a technology that is creating three-dimensional structures by printing the object in layer upon layer with a 3D printer, programmed with a custom designed 3D drawings. By using plastic, metal or any other material that hardens when it prints, it is possible to print out everything from plastic toys to medical prostheses.

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