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3 Tips on How to Land An Engineering Internship in College: A Mechanical Engineering Student’s Personal Experience

by Alex Larcheveque

Landing an internship is tough work. You need to be a good student, have a killer resume, and must be comfortable in an interview setting.

I am a third year UC Riverside student majoring in mechanical engineering, and have received two internships thus far. I have nailed the process of knowing where to apply, how to stand out with my resume, and knowing what questions will be asked in my interview.

I will walk you through the three steps I have used to get internships. Good luck!

The 5 Habits of Highly Motivational and Inspirational Teachers: The Every Class Habits that Every Teacher Needs to Adopt (teach, classroom, teaching phonics, … classroom management, learning resources)

by Andrew McKinnon

Become the Most Inspirational Teacher Your Students have Ever Met!

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Teaching is no easy task, especially when most children want nothing more than to be outside. However, it is not impossible to be the teacher with the power to motivate and inspire. A teacher that is remembered! We all know everybody secretly desires to be remembered.

With the eBook รข??Five Habits of Highly Motivational and Inspirational Teachers’ you will learn to be the teacher your students worship. These five simple enough changes in your style and classroom environment will have the students running to your class.

The five habits are categorized and will further in more detail show various other habits of highly successful teachers. You will see clearly where you go wrong in your dealings. When you finish this book, you will understand exactly what needs to be done. This book does not just tell you the habits you must hone, but also studies that have proven that they are a must! It also tells you what you must avoid doing to bring your students closer.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to command respect and attention
  • How to Understand your Students and the Importance of Individual Attention
  • How to create an effective learning environment
  • How to ensure that every student hangs on your every word
  • and Much Much More!
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Passive Income Ideas: Strategies and Ideas to Start a Passive Online Business

by E.C. Max

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for an “easy” way to make extra money so as to gain their financial independence.

If you are a college student, a busy parent, or you aren’t satisfied from your primary income and you want to make more money so as to fulfill your dreams, then this kindle book is going to be your startup point for your new business plans.

Earn more and lead your way through success- Passive Income Ideas by Ernest Chua is going to provide you with useful management strategies and ideas in order to set up your own online “passive” business.

No, being successful is not just a matter of luck- it’s rather a matter of self determination, personal research and extensive study.

This book is not only going to provide you with case studies and well-planned strategies; you can also get inspired from the examples provided so as to follow your own path.

9 chapters full of useful information that will change your life forever; fresh and alternative ideas that will rock your world; practical and easy tips that will boost your confidence and most importantly will offer you extra money so as to make your dreams come true.

Start planning your way and see your life becoming better from one day to another- learn everything you need to know now!

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