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Historical Cowboy Romance 2 Book Box Set – Mail Order brides

by Linda Bridey

Each one of these two clean cowboy romance books is the first book in a series by Linda Bridey and Kate Whitsby.

This box set includes:-

Westward Winds (Montana Mail Order Brides: Book 1)

Tessa O’Connor lives in a world of privilege and excess. Her doting parents want her to make a good match with a worthy gentleman and live a respectable life. She is beautiful and intelligent and she comes with a hefty dowry. There is no reason that she shouldn’t be able to find an eligible man and settle down.
Tessa herself is the reason. The men who are attempting to court her are, in her opinion, boring and conceited. Not only that, Tessa craves excitement and adventure, of which there is little in her social circles. By chance, she comes across an advertisement for a bride brokerage company seeking eligible women of good breeding to go west and find husbands.
One man on the list catches her eye and she begins corresponding with him, eventually agreeing to go to Montana to meet him. She can’t resist the possibility of finding someone different and even if she doesn’t, the adventure itself would be worth her time. Tessa makes a successful escape and sets out to make a new life in Montana.
Dean Samuels is a Montana rancher who is in over his head. His ranch is struggling and his two children are unruly and in need of a caretaker. It’s clear to his younger brother, Marcus, that he needs help. He tells Dean about a mail order bride service and convinces him that he should utilize it to find a wife.
After his wife, Sarah, had passed away, Dean never intended to marry again. His ranch and his children became his life. However, it becomes apparent that Sadie, his daughter, and his son, Jack, need stability and love. The demands of raising his children and keeping his head above water financially have taken a toll and Dean grudgingly gives in to Marcus’ idea.
Sarah had been the love of his life and Dean doesn’t intend to let any other woman into his heart. He’s locked those kinds of emotions deep inside, not wanting to take the chance of getting hurt like that again. Because Dean has trouble expressing his feelings in writing, his younger brother Marcus agrees to help write the letters to Tessa. Dean is happy to leave that part up to him.
When Dean and Tessa meet, sparks fly between the two strong willed people. Tessa is disappointed that Dean isn’t the romantic, sophisticated man she was lead to believe he was in the letters she received. Dean is aggravated that she isn’t a meek woman who is easily managed. Never mind the fact that she has no idea of how to take care of children and keep a home.
Dean and Tessa struggle to find common ground and make their marriage work. Will they each take the risk and open their hearts to one another? Can their marriage survive and will they find love and contentment in each other? Their future happiness hangs in the balance under the Montana skies.

Violet’s Mail Order Husband (Montana Brides: Book 1)

This first episode of The Montana Brides introduces Violet, Iris and Rose Kilburn, Heiresses to the Kilburn family cattle fortune. Rocking Horse Ranch runs five thousand head of cattle but all the ranch hands are getting old. The sisters need someone to run the ranch, so the eldest sister Violet hatches the idea of getting mail order husbands for the three of them. There’s only one problem. Cornell Pollard, the sisters’ guardian and the executor of their estate, doesn’t approve. Violet must challenge Pollard and her own role as his ally to find love and gain control over her own life.
Will Violet’s plan to get married end in disaster, or can she and her sisters find love with a group of strange men? Are these men what they appear to be, or is something more sinister at work?

Sanctuary: Volume Two

by Moira Rogers

Books 4-6 in Moira Rogers’ popular SANCTUARY world are currently FREE. Get books 1-3 for 99 cents:

Sanctuary Unbound: Vampires aren’t supposed to exist. And they certainly aren’t supposed to be handsome, rugged strangers who make a werewolf’s heart race with as much desire as fear. Especially when her heart has been wounded for so very long…

A Safe Harbor: Go back to the first Sanctuary and follow the story of a hard-edged werewolf bootlegger and the fallen debutante who will do anything to protect the women she’s claimed as her pack. United, they can battle her enemies–but nothing can stop the sparks that fly when they fight each other.

Undertow: The alpha pair may be happily mated, but the tension between their betas is as much animosity as attraction. When a storm leaves them stranded together on a cabin, surviving long enough to be rescued is easier than surviving the storm brewing between them.

30 Tips para Recuperar a tu Ex: Sabiduria Alfa Diaria (Spanish Edition)

by Federico Hirigoyen

Si hay alguien especialista en ayudar a recuperar relaciones de pareja ese es, sin duda, Federico Hirigoyen.

Tips tan claros y certeros como saber la manera correcta de contestar a sus llamadas tras haber cortado o cómo hacer que sienta curiosidad por tu nueva vida, son una minúscula parte de todo lo que lleva entregado a cientos de personas que han acudido a él, tanto en su canal de YouTube como en sus listas de difusión de Whatsapp, así como en Facebook.

Son muchas las parejas que, siguiendo el método de 4 pasos que él te propone, han logrado reconciliarse e incluso, disfrutar mucho más que antes de su vida en pareja.

Por supuesto, cada vez son más las personas que se suscriben a sus distintos canales de comunicación en busca de la valiosísima ayuda que Federico les proporciona y al llegar ahora y ver la enorme calidad de sus consejos, le bombardean a diario con mensajes solicitándole el acceso a los tips anteriores.

Es por ello, que se ha decidido a escribir este libro con los 30 primeros Tips que dio a su lista de difusión de Whatsapp y de paso conmemorar el primer año de la creación de esta.

Si de verdad quieres recuperar a tu pareja y necesitas los consejos de alguien entendido en el tema, Enhorabuena, has llegado al sitio correcto.

No te entretengas más, pues tienes mucho que hacer…

Comienza la lectura de este libro donde te esperan los 30 primeros Tips y alguna sorpresa más que te va a encantar…

Secret Protector

by Bess Hart

When Jana Rigsby’s parents abandoned her as a young girl, she lives in a lonely and painful world until the members of a traveling theatrical troupe make her feel like one of their family. But Jana’s world is rocked again when her best friend dies an unexpected and gruesome death. Was it the curse of a local legend or a brutal murder? Darby Bunker is a stranger who promises to keep Jana safe and help her find out what happened to her friend. Jana and Darby risk their lives and their hearts as they sacrifice everything to find out the truth.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older. It is a novellaâ??a complete romance with NO cliffhanger. The publisher has included several bonus novellas and short stories as a thank you for downloading this book.

You will love this story if you enjoy:

– Historical romance
– Regency and Victorian romance
– Mystery romance
– Suspense romance
– First time romance
– Older man younger woman romance
– Alpha male romance
– Orphan romance
– Bodyguard romance
– Protector romance

Mail Order Bride: Brides and Babies Complete 3 Book Collection

by Nancy Rivers

Brides and Babies: Complete 3 Book Collection PLUS Bonus Mail Order Bride, Regency and Contemporary Romance books.

In this collection you get:

Carlotta’s Unexpected Baby

Maggie and the Orphan Indian Baby

Adelaide: Pregnant By the Wrong Cowboy

…and many more Sweet Romance books

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