Free fiction Kindle books for 31 May 17

A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller: Seven Deadly Days: (Gripping, Dark Psychological Suspense SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED) (Psychological Thriller Suspense Romance Crime)

by Kathlyn Grace

Lori is a successful blogger whose trademark is finding something new to try every week. When revenue from advertising falls because her readers are dropping off, her boyfriend Chet suggests to investigate a haunted house to bring in new readers. Lori agrees, but strange things keep happening that make her question her own intense skepticism. Is the small house haunted by humans intent on making a quick dollar, or is there an evil presence in the house determined to keep its secret? Things intensify when Chet is killed in a freak accident, driving Lori to seek out all the answers she can. Will she come a believer, or remain a skeptic?

Reckless Kiss: A Billionaire Possession Novel

by Amelia Wilde

The one thing that obsesses, captivates, and seduces me? Money.

I’m a self-made billionaire, and running my business empire means I’ve got better things to do than bother with women. They can throw themselves at me all they wantâ??I can’t be tempted.

Until my newest executive secretary’s first day on the job.

One glance at her and I forget about spreadsheets and quarterly earnings, because her curves are pure sin. Her mouth is the wickedest distraction I’ve ever seen.

And I swear she’s begging me to f*ck her with those huge, green, innocent eyes.

I’m not just her bossâ??I’m the CEO of the whole company. I shouldn’t touch her, let alone bend her over my desk and make her moan my name.

And I absolutely can’t possess Vivienne the way I really want to, letting her slake my dark desires.

But I also can’t stay awayâ?¦

I’m not about to fall for my boss.

Dominic Wilder thinks he can take whatever he wants just because he’s rich and successfulâ?¦not to mention his chiseled body and intense, dominating glare. Just because he makes me want to climb into his private jet and let him have his way with me right now doesn’t mean I will.

Here’s the thing: I’m not just one of his secretariesâ?¦

I’m an undercover FBI agent investigating him, and I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. This mission could make my entire careerâ??there’s no way I’m jeopardizing it for some nice abs and a little whispered dirty talk.

Or even a lot of whispered dirty talk, not to mention his hands all over me, making me feel things I’ve never felt before.

Even one kiss would be too recklessâ?¦

Reckless Kiss is a steamy, suspenseful billionaire romance with adult language, no cheating, and a happily ever after that will melt your heart.

No one stands alone

by Alan Mcderson

Celebrian has recently sailed and Elrond must defend the Valley from danger. Glorfindel and Erestor aid him and try to bring his sons to their senses.

Five Strips of Flesh

by Christopher Cox

Five new tales from horror writer, Christopher R. Cox.


The SuiCyclone was another fast coaster- technically the third in the park. Six riders at a time would be lifted up to the first peak, 1,670 feet up in the air, before rocketing 1,600 feet towards the ground at 200 miles per hour. Just 70 feet above the treetops, it would level out and hit seven tight invasions, each one smaller than the last. By the end of the three-minute ride, each rider would be dead.

Ollie didn’t understand how the ride worked. But then again, he didn’t need to. He worked in the body pit- more formally known as the remains recover area at the end of the ride- and his job was to prepare the riders for a dignified burial.

Sometimes, not every rider is ready to be buried.

The North Bay Bridge Club

Three friends, each with a different reason for leaving their small home towns. They only need to make it as far as the next town over, but life has other plans.

Dahmer Flu

This is the original short story, later expanded into the full-length novel of the same name.

Humanity’s bitter end was bloody and violent. In those final days, the air was filled with the smell of decay and the moans of the undead; it wasn’t long before society crumbled entirely.

Bradley Harris lost everything then. All he had left was his family, and he would do anything he had to do to keep his pregnant wife and two children alive. Whether on foot or on the road, they’ll keep pressing north, hoping to get above the snow line and wait out the apocalypse.

The only problem is there’s no end in sight.

This terrifying tale explores what happens when a family is forced to adapt to a changing world, or die trying. And when disaster strikes, they begin to wonder- can the living be worse than the undead?


Death is a shadow. An ever-present, timeless force that lurks just outside of our vision. Always nearby, always waiting.

When one of the many shadows becomes aware of itself, it finds that it can not only take the dead- it can also kill.

Unlike most, Dante Inferno Quinn can see that shadow. When it takes someone closest to him, he’s powerless to stop it. Finding it again becomes an obsession, and he’ll do anything to prove to his wife that their child didn’t just die, but that their son was murdered.


The Judas Goat

Brett and Ella were the last two residents of Fairview. Everyone else left in the evacuations. Everyone else was now dead. That didn’t stop them from coming back home.

Determined to survive, the pair holds their own by scavenging the surrounding towns. Forced further and further out, each trip becomes more dangerous than the last.

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Free non-fiction Kindle books for 31 May 17

The Seven Laws of Seduction: How to Attract Beautiful Women and Enjoy a Supercharged Sex Life

by Troy Francis

The Seven Laws of Seduction is a simple, step-by-step guide that gives men everything they need to know about how to attract, seduce and sleep with multiple women.

Are you the kind of guy who has trouble relating to women but who longs to find a girlfriend? Or maybe you’re in a relationship that is no longer working, but you’re afraid to leave, believing that you don’t have any other options. Or you are envious of your ‘natural’ friends who seem to have no trouble in picking up cute girls for one-night stands? Perhaps you are a seasoned â??player’ looking for new, cutting edge perspectives. Maybe you’ve read other seduction guides and found them lacking, and you simply don’t have the time or the inclination to sift through dubious information online, or attend costly seminars and bootcamps –

If so, then The Seven Laws of Attraction is for you.

I’m Troy Francis, and over the last decade I’ve made the transformation from loser with women to Lothario. From being a guy too shy to even look at an attractive girl, the last ten years have seen me embark on a journey that has spanned the globe, during which I have become friends with an exclusive clique of the world’s foremost seducers and playboys, meeting and bedding multiple women of all nationalities along the way.

How did my fortunes change so radically? Because I discovered The Seven Laws of Seduction -closely-guarded secrets of female psychology and how to leverage it that are known and applied by every international ladies man, but which are rarely revealed to the general public.

The Seven Laws of Seduction is packed with killer information designed to hardwire the knowledge of the world’s greatest pick-up artists and alpha playboys directly into your brain in a fraction of the time it took for me to internalise it.

In the book you will learn:

-How to bring out your true, alpha self, revealing the raw masculinity that women crave
-How to achieve a sense of limitless abundance that will draw women to you like a magnet
-How to meet women every day in places you would never have thought it possible
-How to create opportunities to meet that drop-dead gorgeous girl
-How to significantly reduce your fear of approaching
-The two seduction models: one-tier and two-tier. Know which one you’re in and how to get the result you want in each.
-How a lot of conventional PUA thinking is wrong and how going with what you know in the moment will yield massive results
-How to leverage masculine-feminine polarity to get her tingling with excitement
-How your approach in itself can create huge attraction in the girl
-How to create a force field around your enabling you to withstand even the highest degree of social pressure
-Mind-control techniques to crush your fear of rejection
-Why â??leagues’ don’t really exist and that you can attract much hotter women than you currently think
-The special techniques you need to know to pull women effortlessly in clubs
-How to heat up your interactions with women so they sizzle with sexual tension
-How you can get a girl so excited with direct sexual references that she is literally begging to sleep with you
-Exactly what to do on a first date to get the girl to come home with you for sex
-How having a certifiably insane degree of self-love will cause women to chase you

The book presents a clear and logical system for meeting and attracting the hottest women imaginable with a practical, user-friendly layout. Each chapter describes and explains one of the Seven Laws in detail and also includes –

-A real-life example from my own life that illustrates and explains the relevant concepts presented, and shows exactly what is possible for an ordinary guy to achieve
-A list of Core Principles – essentially a cheat-sheet, summarising the content that precedes it
-Exercises to motivate you and get you out there practicing what you have learned.

These techniques WILL skyrocket your success.

Switzerland: Switzerland Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in Switzerland (Zurich Travel, Geneva Travel, Budget Travel Switzerland, Swiss Alps)

by 101 Coolest Things

Congratulations! You’ve Found the Ultimate Guide to Switzerland Travel!

This Switzerland Guide is now available to download to Kindle, Android Phone, iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices. So what are you waiting for?!

You are super lucky to be going to Switzerland, and this guide will let you know all of the coolest things to do, see, and eat around the country, including popular destinations like Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel, the Swiss Alps, and more.

Why You Need 101 Coolest Things to Do in Switzerland

This Switzerland guide will give you the lowdown on:

  • the very best things to shove in your pie hole, whether you want to have a decadent experience at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Basel, or you would like to visit a 17th century cheese dairy up in the hills
  • incredible festivals, from rock festivals on the top of a mountain through to festivals that celebrate the Swiss art of yodelling
  • the coolest historical and cultural sights that you simply cannot afford to miss like stunning medieval castles and world class art museums that will show you a different side to the country
  • the most incredible outdoor adventures, whether you want get your heart racing my paragliding off a mountain, or you’d like to have a family sledding adventure on Europe’s longest toboggan run
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to Switzerland forever
  • the places where you can party like a local and make new friends
  • and tonnes more coolness besides!

Get Your Copy NOW!

Tags: Switzerland, Switzerland Travel Guide, Skiing in Switzerland, Backpacking Switzerland, Budget Travel Switzerland, Switzerland Vacations, Switzerland Holidays, Swiss History, Swiss Food, Zurich Travel, Lake Geneva, Geneva Travel, Swiss Alps, Matterhorn, Bern Travel, Basel Travel, Switzerland Activities, Swiss Christmas Markets

The Seven Wonders of You: An everyday guide to the discovery of your magnificent Self.

by Sarah Vaughan

So often we externalize our reality and focus on the Seven Wonders “out there”, in The Seven Wonders of You it takes you on an inner journey based on what is happening in life today and the need for human stillness, soul and spirit. It is an introductory and support booklet for those wanting help to uncover their creative potential. It is a simple and easy to read guide for navigating modern life, reminding people how magnificent they really are and how much creative potential they truly hold.

This book is great for anyone wanting to understand more deeply about the purpose and meaning of life today.

Get Up and Live Your Life: 10 Simple Steps To Motivate Yourself

by Alex Lei

There are currently millions of people who are going through depression and other problems.They don`t know what to do or where to go. This book has been made for those people who are in very much need of motivation and inspiration.The book is short and simple.It guides you how to motivate yourself up and stop worrying. Just read it whenever you are feeling low and you will see a new wave of energy flowing through your body.This book gives you 10 easy and simple steps to follow and get motivated.No need to consult any psychiatrist.Just read it and you will get a new yourself.

Unlimited Happiness: A Proven Formula To Create Health, Wealth And Happiness

by Joel Gray

Are you happy? I mean do you feel really happy and fulfilled with all areas of your life? Are you waking up with a purpose, with a goal, and with tons of energy to start your day?

Do you procrastinate? Do you get a feeling of not wanting to do something that you know is good for you? Do you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy?

Do you feel lost and lack confidence in yourself? Do you ever feel like you just aren’t good enough?

It’s ok. You aren’t’ alone, and it’s not your fault

We are all pre-programmed to focus our attention on the negative

It’s true, and there is scientific proof that the brain has a pre-programmed Negativity Bias. It’s very good at learning from bad experiences, but very bad at learning from good experiences. An entire day of good experiences can be completely wiped away by one bad experience.

We quickly and easily forget a sincere pat on the back, but we will â??never’ forget a slap in the face — never. You experience a perfectly, delightful dinner out with friends, but at one point your waiter responds to your simple request in a surly manner.

What do you remember about that entire evening? The surly waiter. And you will tell the story of the surly waiter to everyone who will listen.

Why Do We Process Our Thoughts Like This?

The reason for this is called cellular memory.

Cellular memory (as the name implies) is basically the memory that resides inside the cells within the body. That’s right; every single one of the cells in your body actually has a memory of its own.

Each of the cells within the body actually stores reserves of information related to past experiences (both positive and negative) within their memory.
Once A Cell Stores A Memory From A Negative Experience, It Will Relapse And Recreate Negative Related Experiences.

This is often the reason why someone who beats cancer will experience a relapse. The same is true of those who suffer from addiction or any other type of disease.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to reformat your cellular memory so you can achieve lasting happiness and success in every area of your life?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

In just one week you will be able to:

  • Relish the process of living and know that every life lesson brings you greater self-actualization and spiritual growth.
  • Live your life purpose and know everyday holds for you joyful possibilities
  • Experience greater abundance in your life and enjoy the peace of mind
  • Step-by-step easy-to-understand methods for turning even the worst memory into a powerful one.
  • Never feel victimized by others again
  • Live in harmony with your core values
  • Say goodbye to the fear of failure and gain the secrets to succeed in all areas of life.
  • Feel wonderful now that your painful past experiences no longer haunt you.
  • Experience peace in situations that used to be filled with anxiety and stress
  • Enjoy less arguments and jealousy in your relationships with others

    And much, much more

    The Botton Line:

    The best part is, “Unlimited Happiness” is so effective and ridiculously easy to execute and implement.

    In just seven days of using this formula, you’ll be squarely on the path to your dream life and loving your new found sense of peace.

    See for yourself.

    What are you waiting for?

    Times ticking! Take Charge of your LIFE today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself and your future.

    Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

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    Free philosophy Kindle books for 31 May 17

    Are You A Doubting Thomas

    by D. Harvey

    Faith is a gift from God to His children, but we need to increase it.

    We must call upon God in real prayer when we are experiencing any doubt.

    Help us to overcome our unbelief.

    We all have our own spiritual battle daily.

    We need to put upon us the full armor of God.

    We need to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord and Savior.

    Do not be afraid to believe.

    Never give up, otherwise you will be turning your soul over the Satan.

    My Lord and My God

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    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 May 17

    Escaping the Prince

    by Annabel Blair

    A 13,500 word Steamy Regency Novella with no Cliffhanger – for Mature Audiences only!

    Charlotte Gordon is the envy of high British society, universally known as both beautiful and charming by everyone — and now she’s caught the eye of the Prince.

    But for the adventurous and spirited Charlotte, marriage to the Prince is the last thing she wants. Trapped in an engagement she neither wants nor asked for, she meets a mysterious stranger who just might be the man of her dreams…

    But why won’t he tell her who he is?

    Contains a FREE series of Bonus Romance Stories

    Dmitry Donskoy

    by Thomas Hill

    This is a historical play, describing an important event of Ancient Rus, which in the future allowed to throw off the Mongolian yoke and from Russia as a state. Written in verse and reflects the most important aspect, namely the religious and military culture of the Russian people. Dmitry Donskoy was the first of the Russian princes, who managed to defeat the Mongolian-Tatar army and free the Moscow Principality from paying tribute in 1380.

    A Bolt of Lightning

    by Johanna Jenkins

    Historical Western Romance
    A standalone short story with HEA!

    Gaby Reslin is positive she will never marry. She is also positive that she will never find a companion so perfect as the Collie, Lightning, who she has raised and trained since he was a pup. When, due to the nature of her father’s work as a cattle dog breeder, she is forced to sell Lightning to a young rancher, she is more than downhearted. To her surprise, Tobias Branson, the rancher in question, admires her love for the dog and invites her to visit his ranch once every week to continue training him. Gabby knows that Tobias’s true interest is in her as a woman and not the continued training of Lightning. All the same, in order to see her dog, she accepts his proposal, warning herself firmly not to become too attached to the handsome young rancher. But, as the months go on and she becomes more and more fond of Tobias, that promise she made to herself becomes nearly impossible to keep. When news of a tragedy in her family overtakes her, she has nowhere to turn for comfort except to Tobias. Will tragedy force Gabby to accept the love she has been pushing away for so long?

    ++ 20 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
    When you download this book, you will also get 20 clean romance books ABSOLUTELY FREE!


    Scroll up and click the orange buy now button to start reading TODAY

    The Quarry Bank Runaways: The Journey to London of Thomas Priestley & Joseph Sefton in 1806

    by G J Griffiths

    In the early 19th century, when it was the policy of many of the poorhouses and workhouses to deter paupers from applying by making the conditions inside harsh and unpleasant, two boys set out on a journey to Hackney Workhouse in London. Their starting point was in the pleasant Cheshire countryside, where they were apprenticed to the cotton mill built by Samuel Greg in 1784. Children as young as 9 would be employed there, as scavengers, piecers, mule doffers or can tenters. These jobs could be just as unpleasant and difficult for a poor child as those we may have heard of, such as chimney sweeps and match girls.

    Quarry Bank Mill was some 200 miles north of London and the boys had to sneak out unnoticed and then attempt to walk all the way. It was likely that these enterprising travellers took advantage of the drovers’ roads and the newly developed “motorways” of the times – the canals. Perhaps they were lucky enough some days to hitch a lift; their general direction of travel taking them to Beartown, the Potteries, Dunstable Downs and eventually to London. Whatever challenges they encountered along the way archive evidence shows that they made it.

    Runaway apprentices had become a problem for society during the years of the Industrial Revolution – so what had prompted Thomas and Joseph to do such a hazardous thing? What happened to them on their long journey? Did they receive any help? Or were they chased relentlessly wherever they ran, since what they were doing was illegal in the eyes of the authorities?

    This is the story of their adventure and it concludes with the events in the Middlesex courthouse, known then as the Old Sessions.

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    Free horror Kindle books for 31 May 17

    Dahmer Flu

    by Christopher Cox

    Humanity’s bitter end was bloody and violent. In those final days, the air was filled with the smell of decay and the moans of the undead; it wasn’t long before society fell apart entirely.

    Bradley Harris lost everything then. All he had left was his family, and he would do anything he had to do to keep his pregnant wife and two children alive. Whether on foot or on the road, they’ll keep pressing north, hoping to get above the snow line and wait out the apocalypse.

    The only problem is there’s no end in sight.

    This terrifying tale explores what happens when a man is forced to adapt to a changing world, or die trying. And when disaster strikes, Brad begins to wonder- can the living be worse than the undead?

    (Updated and revised on September 17, 2015)

    Los Cuentos de mi abuela (Spanish Edition)

    by Mauricio Valdez Rivas

    Es una recopilación de los cuentos sobre leyendas de Chinandega que mi abuela me contó, con ilustraciones a color, en ellos salen a relucir: el cadejo, la carretanagua, la mona, la cegua, el mosmo, procesión de las ánimas, los duendes del chonco y espíritus burlones. Contiene además información sobre los orígenes de algunos de estos mitos. Incluidos también en el libro “Cuentos y Mitos de Nicaragua” que también lo puede encontrar a la venta bajo esta misma plataforma de distribución. Estos cuentos los puede escuchar en

    Broken (Bellwood Family Series Book 1)

    by E. W. Blankenbickler

    Growing up can be tough. For Patrick Bellwood, growing up is already a challenge as a high school freshman in 1997. Dealing with the difficulty of high school bullies, crushes, and his own social awkwardness, Patrick struggles to fit in among his peers, especially his older, popular brother, Logan. As secrets come to light, tragedy strikes, rendering Logan, Patrick, and their sister Lillian, struggling to come to terms with a heartbreaking loss. Almost overnight, a threat to their family becomes a terrifying reality, as Patrick, Logan, and Lillian will soon find that some family secrets can not only be frightening, but deadly.

    Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Blind Date

    by Bradley Poage

    Andrea has met the man of her dreams and tonight will be able to meet him in person. But she doesn’t realize that not everything is real and something online can prove deadly…

    Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Next Piece

    by Bradley Poage

    It’s another day at the coffee shop for Ward as he searches for the next piece of his collection. Who will have it, what will it take to get the perfect specimen to add to his most treasured showcase?

    This short story will surely send chills down your spine as you are drawn into Ward’s demented world and what he will do to get his Next Piece.

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    Free travel Kindle books for 31 May 17

    Going 2 Go 2 Ravello Travel Guide (Italy Series)

    by Lary Peterson

    Travel Guide to the Sights of Ravello, Italy with over 250 Color Photos, 120 Active Links, and Current Information, all in One Place (Italy Series)

    Ravello is a beautiful town set high above the Amalfi Coast in the Commune of Salerno. Just south below Naples Bay and around the corner from Sorrento. Ravello is 18 miles from the Salerno Train Station along the Amalfitano Coastal Highway. It is 24 miles from Sorrento and 34 miles from Naples. The purpose of this book is to introduce you to Ravello, Italy, and to give you lots of current information so you can plan your trip on your Kindle, Tablet, Smart Phone, PC or Mac and use the links to create a file with bookmarks and website information.

    This being an interactive planning guide, I have included over 120 active links for you to research 12 different sights in Ravello as well as their location with a Google Map Link for each sight. These links will give you the best current information available. I have also included over 250 color photos of these sights for you to get an idea of what they look like. All the information about Ravello in one place.

    If you have internet access while in Ravello, you will have all this information at your fingertips. Even when you are at the sights to follow along on their websites. This will help guide you through the sights of Ravello. Also the Google Maps will be available to guide you to their locations.

    How much you see will depend on how long you are visiting Ravello. Take a look at the Table of Contents and pick out the sights that you will be interested in seeing while in Ravello, and then research them as much as possible. I have listed all the active links to make this easier for you. The sights in the active Table of Contents are in order by location or type of sight. Under each sight that I have described in this book on Ravello you will find:

    A link to Google Maps for exact location of the sights. (Google does maps great.)
    A link to the Official Website
    A link to the Wikipedia Webpage for the sights
    A link to the Official Ticketing Webpage (when possible)
    A link to any other Websites that will help (Official or Unofficial)
    Hours they are open, and when they are CLOSED
    A brief description of the sight
    Some of my observations and suggestions
    Explaining some of the ticket rules and advantages (Ravello Sense ticket)
    Scans of Handouts from the sights if possible
    Lots of Photos (about 250 color photos of beautiful Ravello)

    By using this information, you can choose the sights that interest you and you can get further information for those sights from the links. Most of these links are to official websites and not to so-called middle-man websites (even though some are pretty good). The links to Wikipedia have lots of information on every sight in Ravello. Do your homework and write a list to take with you to the sight and you will enjoy your experience more.

    Sights included in this book are;

    Duomo of Ravello
    Duomo Museum
    Piazza del Duomo
    Villa Rufolo
    Villa Cimbrone
    Principessa di Piedmonte
    Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer
    Monastero SS Trinita
    Wedding in Ravello

    Nearby Towns

    Other Stuff
    Ravello Concert Series
    Other Churches
    Also included:
    Arrival, Safety, and Tourist Office information

    This book is in the Going 2 Go 2, Italy Series for the Kindle.

    I hope my book will help you to enjoy Ravello even more.

    Download your copy today for your Kindle, PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

    Buon Viaggio

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    Free sports Kindle books for 31 May 17

    Foraging: Beginnerâ??s Guide To Foraging â?? Learn How To Identify, Harvest, And Prepare Edible Wild Plants!

    by Ethan Shelton


    Beginner’s Guide To Foraging – Learn How To Identify, Harvest, And Prepare Edible Wild Plants!

    In this modern day, we live in a world of convenience. Yet, even with all this convenience, there’s still great value in knowing how to be self-sufficient. When it comes to using the world around you, knowledge is key.

    You should know how to find fresh water, how to use the basic tools you have around you, and how to find food, regardless of what your situation is. When it comes to planting foraging, however, you can feel lost.

    There are so many different kinds of plants, and while some are perfectly safe to consume, others are not. How are you supposed to know which is which?

    That’s where this book comes in. In it, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about plant foraging, and how to start with your own hobby. With 30 different plants to help you get started on your journey, this book is everything you need to get started foraging.

    Download your copy of “Foraging” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    How to Live without Electricity: Alternative Energy Sources of the Future: (Off-Grid Living, Survival Gear)

    by Daniel Hopkins

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

    How to Live without Electricity

    Alternative Energy Sources of the Future

    The energy crisis is a global concern and with the rapid depletion of most of the non-renewable sources of energy, it is of utmost importance to change the shift and start harnessing various alternative sources of energy.

    Take this crucial step towards a better tomorrow with us and get yourself familiar with some of the most evident alternative sources of energy that are sure to bring a change in the world. In this guide, we have covered different kinds of renewable and environmental friendly sources of energy that are going to dominate our world in the future. It is a comprehensive guide that will certainly help you educate yourself and your loved ones. Some of the topics that are covered in this guide are as follows:

    • Introduction to various alternative sources of energy
    • Harnessing the power of solar energy
    • The association of nanotechnology with energy
    • The future of solar power
    • Hydrogen power enabled vehicles, and a lot more

    We are sure that the guide will inspire you to be a responsible citizen of the world and be a few steps ahead of others. It is high-time you make yourself familiar with all the recent developments in the respective field and step into the future with us!

    Download your E book “How to Live without Electricity: Alternative Energy Sources of the Future” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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    Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 May 17

    The Black Hole Experiments Quadrilogy (2017)

    by V Bertolaccini

    A quadrilogy with four amazing high quality action-packed novels!
    In The Stargate Black Hole scientists create a mind-blowing gateway! In The Alien Sphere explorers find a pulsating alien sphere and enter its black hole! In Space Odyssey: Beyond the Universe a spacecraft encounters a supernatural artifact! In The Dyson Stargate explorers enter a mind-blowing gateway with trillions of portals!

    A quadrilogy with four staggering high quality action-packed novels of explorers encountering deadly mind-blowing ancient alien artifacts of transcendent origins and entering mind-bending alternative realities …
    The Stargate Black Hole
    Deep in the depths of the moon scientists research something colossal and mind-blowing! Nobody knows what! Leading scientists are being killed! Something colossal is being created after time warps and new forms of black holes were created in particle accelerators in space, and nobody knows what their deadliest technology will create!
    Something has buried itself deep beneath the ice near an Antarctic ice station! Something of inconceivable alien origins emerged out of space and crashed at a tremendous velocity and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it first! They uncover a deadly mind-bending alien voyager and try to make contact with it! How dangerous is it, and could it affect the entire future of the world?
    The Alien Sphere
    Scientists discover a mysterious metallic sphere with a pulsating vibration on Mars and open it to reveal its forces are suspending a miniature black hole, and while carrying out experiments on it an accident occurs and scientists enter the black hole and travel out beyond space and time into a mind-boggling universe!
    Space Odyssey: Beyond the Universe
    A newly invented voyager explores the deepest depths of the universe, and leaves space and time when a deadly entity starts killing them all, and on a world in the depths of a new minding-bending universe encounter a deadly alien artifact of supernatural origins, hidden away since the dawn of time!
    The Dyson Stargate
    Something is buried away on Mars! Deep in the depths of Mars they uncover an energy sphere and use its technology to create a black hole and enter its colossal mind-blowing gateway, the Dyson Stargate, with trillions of portals, and are chased throughout space by something hideous, created by the creators of the universe!

    What can not be kept

    by Agnes Flannagan

    Not long after, Lena did see. They arrived at the ruins of one of the ancient Riders’ enormous stone halls, which was intact enough as to be habitable. There a group of approximately one hundred people awaited Tenga, both male and female, young and old.

    Dance of Shadow

    by Richard Fulton

    The year was 162 ADG of the Mercurian calendar. It had been 162 years since the death of Galbatorix, 88 years since the conclusion of the Shadow War, 42 years since the establishment of the dragon rider outpost of Nolondil, and finally, but certainly not least, 11 years since the first sighting of the shade that had been terrorizing the countryside lately.

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    Free science Kindle books for 31 May 17

    DIABETES-TYPE 2: Help Safely Lower Your Blood Sugar With The Tree Of Life – Reverse Diabetes

    by Robert A Webster

    Written by Diabetics; for Diabetics.

    Diabetes is now a prevalent condition that affects millions of people. Many of you will have or most of you will know, someone who has it.

    This book has been written by a collaboration of medically trained diabetics – not by Medical Practitioners, PhD professors or salespeople. – They are people who until recently struggled to control diabetes with diet, exercise and high levels of glycemic drugs alone. After learning about products made from the Moringa tree, they were able to dramatically lower their blood glucose levels within weeks and continue to do so. They did their research thoroughly and found the pods and leaves of this unique tree dramatically lowered their blood glucose levels quickly, and that continues to be the case. They now want to share their knowledge and extensive research in a simple to understand way, so you too can also benefit from their experience with NEW information on how to reverse Diabetes.
    This book is not about a miracle cure, and the information provided does not claim to be an alternative to diet, exercise, glycemic drugs or for you to ignore your Medical Practitioner’s advice. It is an aid, a supplement, which, when combined with the other factors along with your Practitioners supervision, can safely reduce your blood sugar levels, and benefit your health in many other ways. In these pages you will find genuine factual accounts and testimonials.

    This book will explain a little about diabetes and ways in which the properties of Moringa can help you. It also contains fun recipes and advice on its uses. Diabetics who are struggling with their condition will find this publication invaluable, as will anyone who just wants to learn about a natural product that promotes health and assists to combat other conditions when modern medicine needs help from nature.

    Paramedic: Common Medical Conditions for Paramedics

    by Dermot Fox

    This book contains common medical conditions that are seen in everyday practice from head to toe.
    This text has been compiled to be easy to follow.
    If you have a patient with shoulder pain then just click shoulder for a list of common conditions within the shoulder. This goes for heart, lungs and any other internal organ.
    No need to wade through whole textbooks to find what you are looking for just click the area you are treating and select from a list.

    Please enjoy and leave a review that is the most important part!


    by Márcio Lazzarotto

    O conhecimento avançou após os primeiros experimentos para obter as moléculas da vida, porém as dúvidas são maiores do que as certezas e um grande número de teorias foram propostas para explicar o caminho até o primeiro ser vivo (LUCA).
    Neste livro, são expostas as principais ideias e as suas dificuldades.
    As diferentes propostas para as condições da Terra pré-biótica (antes da vida): atmosfera , oceanos, minerais são postas em confronto com o conhecimento químico atual, avaliando a sua adequação com a formação dos “tijolos da vida”: aminoácidos, açúcares, lipídios, RNA, DNA e as outras moléculas da vida.

    Alhimia po FSM.: Ð?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?м пÑ?осÑ?Ñ?Ñ?, но пÑ?ямÑ?Ñ? и логиÑ?ески пÑ?оникновеннÑ?Ñ? посÑ?едсÑ?вом волÑ?ебной Ñ?оÑ?мÑ?лÑ? для понимания всего по сÑ?Ñ?Ñ?кÑ?Ñ?Ñ?е совеÑ?Ñ?аÑ?Ñ?ся оÑ?кÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ия. (Renovation sience Book 4)

    by Andrei I Kolomiets

    Так посÑ?едсÑ?вом Ñ?ассÑ?ждений над досÑ?ижениями наÑ?Ñ?ного опÑ?Ñ?а посÑ?едсÑ?вом ФилосоÑ?ии в помоÑ?Ñ? и Ñ?оÑ?мÑ?лÑ? всего в Ñ?асÑ?носÑ?и наконеÑ?-Ñ?о Ñ?далосÑ? создаÑ?Ñ? маÑ?еÑ?иал обÑ?яснений, в коÑ?оÑ?ом пÑ?оглядÑ?ваÑ?Ñ? поÑ?Ñ?и все основнÑ?е посÑ?Ñ?лаÑ?Ñ? Ñ?ой заÑ?Ñ?ебованной Ñ?еоÑ?ии Ð?сего, коÑ?оÑ?ая назÑ?евала замесÑ?о Ñ?еоÑ?ии Ð?Ñ?носиÑ?елÑ?носÑ?и и алÑ?Ñ?еÑ?наÑ?ивнÑ?м. Ð? ней наÑ?лосÑ? даже посÑ?Ñ?лаÑ?Ñ? о видаÑ? веÑ?есÑ?ва, в Ñ?ом Ñ?исле и веÑ?есÑ?вÑ? Ñ?ак назÑ?ваемого пÑ?едпологаемого “ФилосоÑ?ского камня”. Но даже не эÑ?о главное, сколÑ?ко наÑ?ала Ñ?ассмоÑ?Ñ?ения наиважнейÑ?ей для всего подвижного наÑ?ки ЭнеÑ?геÑ?ики, неэлекÑ?Ñ?иÑ?еского Ñ?аÑ?акÑ?еÑ?а.

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    Free romance Kindle books for 31 May 17

    I Really Need Somebody: Tell Me You’re That Somebody

    by Black Dynasty Publishing

    Join us as the lovely ladies of Black Dynasty Publishing make their debut into the literary world with their anthology of Gabrielle Whitlow’s life; a young, beautiful nurse from Seattle, who just can’t seem to find love in a world full of men who would do anything just to have one night with her.

    After dating everyone type of man one could possibly think of, Gabrielle loses all hope in finding her one true love, but what she doesn’t realize is that he may be closer than she thinks…

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