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by Jim Alexander Rice

HOLLYWOOD UNDERGROUND is the TRUE STORY about how one young man lived inside two major Hollywood Studios: Paramount Studios and Sunset Gower Studios for THREE YEARS in pursuit of a show business dream. There was nothing Jim wouldn’t do to achieve a dream. After getting kicked out of college, Jim leaves everything behind for Hollywood. Everything left to his name is inside a green Jan Sport backpack which includes: two screenplays he’d written, a short film he made with fellow students at California State University, Long Beach, where he was a film and journalism student, extra clothes and an Apple laptop.

After being on the streets of Hollywood, Jim walks into Sunset Gower Studios through a slightly opened door on Gower Street, where they filmed the TV show Moesha. He would end up living inside Sunset Gower Studios for the next couple months in a cable cubbyhole atop the catwalks of STAGE 1, where Who’s The Boss? and From Here To Eternity were filmed. Inside Sunset Gower Studios, he acts his way into a cold read with Keith Wolfe a professional casting agent there on the lot, gets an audition for a commercial and places one of his screenplays on the desk of a production company, while trying to make further connections for work. A couple months on Sunset Gower Studios, Jim is found out by electricians and after being chased off the lot by armed guards, he decides to jump the fence of Paramount Studios, where he would live inside the historic movie lot for the next THREE YEARS.

Inside Paramount Studios, he ate from the craft service tables of various TV shows like: Becker, Roswell, Judging Amy, The Amanda Show, Frasier, Roswell, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and various pilots and movies to name a few. He found opportunity pulling cable on a TV drama pilot, bills himself as a production assistant intern for the pilot of The Amanda Show, is a perceived reporter for Newsweek on the set of Fifteen Minutes, a Paramount promotions guy named Bob Stanton, a court room juror extra on Judging Amy, a vampire extra of the underworld on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and an assistant editor for Judge Judy to name just a few of his perceived titles to others on the lot, as well as being an extra on many other shows. Jim edited his screenplays in a Paramount Office cubicle of the promotions employee Bob Stanton and it soon becomes a juggling act keeping these perceived “roles” in the air. Jim realizes at one point that in a land of actors and make believe he is acting for survival, not for a dime or fame, but to merely keep the dream and that better tomorrow alive.


Prince Charles Biography: The Life of the Prince of Wales…and Future King of England (The British Royal Family Book 3)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book? 

The life of Prince Charles is both fascinating and extraordinary. From the affairs of his youth, to his marriage to Diana, and from the birth of his sons, to his relationship with Camilla, his life has been one of controversy and drama. This books tells the story of the future King of England in fascinating historical account.

Reader’s Reviews:

“This book tells you all about the multiple sides to Charles’ personality, and the way his life has unfolded. A good and interesting book all round.”

“Lots of good inside information here that tells you all about the extraordinary life of the Prince of Wales. You get a good sense of what made him the man he is today.”

What’s Inside?

Prince Charles was born into a life of privilege, but also one that has borne the full force of public scrutiny. This book takes you behind the scenes to tell the true story of the future King, and his relationships with Diana, Camilla, his sons, the Queen and other important people.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Heir To The British Throne
Chapter 2 – A Life Of Privilege
Chapter 3 – Catching The Most Eligible Bachelor In The World
Chapter 4 – The Wedding Of The Century
Chapter 5 – The Prince, A Proud Father
Chapter 6 – ‘God forbid a Tampax. Just my luck!’
Chapter 7 – The Fairy Tale Dies, And So Did The Princess
Chapter 8 – Prince Charles Marries The Other Woman
Chapter 9 – The Most Active Prince of Wales
Chapter 10 – A Handful of Controversies
Chapter 11 – The Media And The Prince
Chapter 12 – Will He Be King?

Why Buy Now?

The day may soon be here when Prince Charles becomes Charles III, and takes on the role of King of England. Get your copy of this book to find out the truth behind one of the most important and influential people in the world today.

Ricordi di una scrittrice (Italian Edition)

by Bianca Fasano

Qualcosa di mio per esprimere le motivazioni per cui scrivo. Omaggio

The Nigerian Civil War

by Ngozi Ogbonna

In this book, the author narrates an eye witness account of just a minute portion of the conflict in a hospital/healthcare delivery situation during the Nigerian civil war.
She concludes that war is evil and should be avoided because of its devastating and fruitless effects.

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