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The Sons of Godwine: Part Two of The Last Great Saxon Earls

by Mercedes Rochelle

Emerging from the long shadow cast by his formidable father, Harold Godwineson showed himself to be a worthy successor to the Earldom of Wessex. In the following twelve years, he became the King’s most trusted advisor, practically taking the reins of government into his own hands. And on Edward the Confessor’s death, Harold Godwineson mounted the throneâ??the first king of England not of royal blood. Yet Harold was only a man, and his rise in fortune was not blameless. Like any person aspiring to power, he made choices he wasn’t particularly proud of. Unfortunately, those closest to him sometimes paid the price of his fame.

This is a story of Godwine’s family as told from the viewpoint of Harold and his younger brothers. Queen Editha, known for her Vita Ã?dwardi Regis, originally commissioned a work to memorialize the deeds of her family, but after the Conquest historians tell us she abandoned this project and concentrated on her husband, the less dangerous subject. In THE SONS OF GODWINE and FATAL RIVALRY, I am telling the story as it might have survived had she collected and passed on the memoirs of her tragic brothers.

This book is part two of The Last Great Saxon Earls series. Book one, GODWINE KINGMAKER, depicted the rise and fall of the first Earl of Wessex who came to power under Canute and rose to preeminence at the beginning of Edward the Confessor’s reign. Unfortunately, Godwine’s misguided efforts to champion his eldest son Swegn recoiled on the whole family, contributing to their outlawry and Queen Editha’s disgrace. Their exile only lasted one year and they returned victorious to London, though it was obvious that Harold’s career was just beginning as his father’s journey was coming to an end.

Harold’s siblings were all overshadowed by their famous brother; in their memoirs we see remarks tinged sometimes with admiration, sometimes with skepticism, and in Tostig’s case, with jealousy. We see a Harold who is ambitious, self-assured, sometimes egocentric, imperfect, yet heroic. His own story is all about Harold, but his brothers see things a little differently. Throughout, their observations are purely subjective, and witnessing events through their eyes gives us an insider’s perspective.

Harold was his mother’s favorite, confident enough to rise above petty sibling rivalry but Tostig, next in line, was not so lucky. Harold would have been surprised by Tostig’s vindictiveness, if he had ever given his brother a second thought. And that was the problem. Tostig’s love/hate relationship with Harold would eventually destroy everything they worked for, leaving the country open to foreign conquest. This subplot comes to a crisis in book three of the series, FATAL RIVALRY.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Mother Of The Groom — Sweet Clean Historical Western Romance (Sawyerville Mail Order Brides – Book 22)

by Debra Samms

Bold, fearless Caroline Martin made the journey to Sawyerville as a prospective bride, and now that she’s met handsome faller Zachary Allen she believes she may finally be married. But he does not know that she left her New Hampshire home to escape not just a domineering mother, but a secret that could haunt her forever.

The courtship ends in a proposal, but Caroline’s happiness is short-lived when Zachary’s mother arrives and announces she will live with her son. Caroline insists that he must choose between her and his mother, but did not count on the equally strong-willed Marceline Allen demanding to know what Caroline is really trying to escape by coming to a place like Sawyerville.

Mother of the Groom is the 22nd book in the Mail Order Brides of Sawyerville series about brave young women who came west for a better life and love. Make sure that you read all the books in this series.

Book 1: 3 Butterflies
Book 2: Place of the Butterflies
Book 3: Journey to Sawyerville
Book 4: Maeve And The Shivaree
Book 5: Delilah and Whitewater Wedding
Book 6: Clara and The Silent Groom
Book 7: Bridge To My Heart
Book 8: Jessamines Garden
Book 9: Abraham’s Dove
Book 10: My Brave Irish Lass
Book 11: Winter Turns to Spring
Book 12: Dawn’s Early Light
Book 13: Twilights Last Gleaming
Book 14: Rockets Red Glare
Book 15: Wildflower Meadow
Book 16: Prince of Sawyerville
Book 17: The Wedding Grove
Book 18: Ladies’ Leap Day
Book 19: Candlelight Christmas
Book 20: Annabelle’s Ring
Book 21: Fallen Angels
Book 22: Mother of the Groom

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