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by Darryl Brent

When Wade, Jean and Sanjay are walking between lectures one day, the last thing any of them expect to stumble across is a spaceship. With the opportunity to explore the Milky Way, known as Galaxy9 to spacers, their world has just got a lot bigger.
Meeting new species and exploring worlds they had never dreamed of, the three teenagers go from engineering students to space freighters overnight. Can they stay alive while earning enough to keep their ship in the sky? And how will the friends decide when to step into the intergalactic fray?

Books for Kids: Little Bear Doverâ??s Camping Adventure (young children kids beginners books)

by Leela Hope

books for kids 2-4

Show your children that they can be brave.

Little Bear Dover and his friend, Joey the Bear, have an exciting camping

adventure with Dover’s Dad – until they hear a loud noise.

Will Dover and Joey be brave and find what’s making the noise?

Perfect for early readers, this children’s storybook teaches your children:

– To be brave
– That camping is fun
– To connect with nature
– The importance of friendship
Little Bear Dover’s Camping Adventure is a wonderful bedtime story for

all ages that’s told through rhyming verses and colorful illustrations.

This storybook helps you develop your child’s reading skills in a fun and exciting adventure.

Breathe: Leisa (The Witches of Many Wonders Book 1)

by Amy e. Bolling

“Breathe Leisa” is a short story of the first of the Witches of the Land of Many Wonders. The quest that they have to endeavor and the strength they find within but most of all the reason that all things happen for a reason.

Molly Magrew and the Pencil Crew: Bedtime Book

by Sherry Snider

A sweet and funny rhyming book for children and parents, Molly Magrew and the Pencil Crew introduces characters like the Cuddle Sneak, Soft goonie ree, Zither-di-dee, and the Hodos on Mars. Written for the author’s grandson when he was six months old, the book helps encourage little ones to enjoy bedtime with nonsense words, imaginative characters and fun rhymes, and is just challenging enough to intrigue young readers. Creatively illustrated by high school senior Isaac Horn, the artwork enhances the imaginative characters that inhabit Molly Magrew’s world.
Gather up the kids or grandkids and have fun rhyming and getting to know the fun and funny characters in Molly Magrew and the Pencil Crew Bedtime Book.
Later, your young readers will enjoy the rhyming adventures of Molly and the Pencil Crew as they Take Flight in Flowers that Delight, and the third book of the series Molly Magrew and the Pencil Crew in the Wild, Wild West.

SINGING SECRETS: (The Ultimate Guide For A Singer)

by Zane Rima

“Singing Secrets” is a guide book about the hidden techniques that singers DO NOT want to share with you. The secrets listed and described are there to help you self-improve in your singing. The reason why some singers would not want to share this is because everyone will know the techniques they use, and it won’t make them stand out. This book is like a Magician revealing their secrets!
Whether you are a beginner singer or an aspiring one, this book will open your eyes to new ways of changing your vocals for the better. Maybe it will make you realize singing mistakes that have been proven to be incorrect.
This book goes in depth with the Whistle Register, Warm Ups, and Staying on Key and many other useful tips and secrets.
I’m here to debunk some of the lies that people tell singers and beginner singers. I myself am a 17-year-old aspiring singer. You may have seen me on YouTube giving tips and techniques. This is not your ordinary book. Read it as if I was talking to you directly. Have it in your pocket just ready to go!

THE THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR… (Books for Kids: Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 4-8): Cute Short Stories for Kids About Being Thankful (Happy Kid Books Book 1)

by Arnie Lightning

Stories About Being Grateful!

Gratitude and appreciation can make life wonderful. These five short stories are excellent for teaching your little one about being thankful for the things they have. Each story is beautifully crafted with morals and lessons about gratitude and includes just for fun activities!

  • 5 cute short stories for kids
  • Just for fun activities included for extra fun
  • Fun and challenging maze puzzles

These stories are especially great for sharing with friends and reading aloud at home!

Story List:

  • The Glad Game
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Everyday Blessings
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Specially Different
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Tropical Thanksgiving
  • A Special Sundae
  • Maze 1
  • Maze 2
  • Maze 3
  • Maze 4
  • Maze 5
  • Maze 6
  • Maze 7
  • Maze 8
  • Maze Solutions
  • About the Author

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Arnie Lightning

Arnie Lightning is a best-selling children’s book author with a straightforward goal. He wants his work to create a positive impact in the lives of others through children’s books.

Arnie has published over 100 children’s books and counting!

Find out more at:

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ and spend some quality time with your child!

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ABC of Sensationally Silly Animals: Kids Alphabet ABC Books for Kids and Kindergarten Children (Preschool, Toddlers and Kids)

by Trent Harding

Learn the alphabet!

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun, two animals turn into something sensationally silly and become one.
Hand drawn artwork with an interactive ABC element is sure to help your children learn and develop the English language.

A – Ant + Alligator = Alligant
B – Butterfly + Bear = Butterbear
C – Camel + Cow = Camow

This book teaches children the alphabet with fun rhymes and an interactive element where children can guess what two animals make up the sensationally silly animal.

Get your copy today!

What Kind of Bat is Badar?

by Drake Turner

This is the dark story of Badar the bat and his search to find out who he is and what he eats before he starves to death. Suggested for readers and bedtime stories up to age 8.

The Four Tasks of Love: How the Prince and Princess Grew Deeper in Love and Won the King’s Blessing

by M. R. Neer

The Four Tasks of Love is an uplifting fairy tale that will lead you to look on the one you love with new eyes. Journey with the prince and princess as they complete the wise king’s four tasks. See how they prove their love for each other by gaining the stability of earth, the adaptability of water, the passion and fullness of air, and the brilliance of a star. Discover the wondrous mystery of the king’s blessing.

The amazing events that unfold during the prince and princess’ four tasks will touch your heart. This timeless tale of deep devotion is a perfect gift for a bride and groom, or any couple in love, regardless of age. It’s also a wonderful tale to read to children.

Chimera Origins: The Beginning (The Trifecta of Chimera)

by Dakota D. Devocelle

Jump into a world that has Dragons and Elves. Launch our rockets to the nearest district Zalia, discover a new earth called Chimera. Where there are beasts you can ride and fight the most ancient enemy.

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