Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 03 May 17

Poesías desesperadas (Spanish Edition)

by Miguel Ángel Cuevas Guinto

Poesías desesperadas narra la vida trágica de poetas,colocando su tragedia como epitafio inspirador de su obra. El poeta despreciado que enloquece ante el rechazo de la mujer amada; el poeta que se bate para caer arteramente asesinado por su rival de amores, el poeta guerrillero, traicionado por su amante y desparecido por el ejército, el poeta espiritual, el poeta esotérico que decide suicidarse para elevar su espíritu a planos más elevados, el poeta negro, ganador de galardones y asesinado por un cafre por motivos raciales.

True Crime: Female Killers: Depraved True Crime Stories From Japan, Singapore, And India

by Lillian Lo

In a world where evil and morbidity lurk at every corner and takes even the most unsuspecting of forms, the public is growing increasingly numb to the gory murders and grisly tales that embody the majority of headlines. The controversial topic of depravity and crime, particularly with women who kill, have long been a source of gruesome fascination to many. We journey into the dark side of Asia, where women are often inaccurately perceived as meek and submissive, and dissect some of the most cruel, infamous crimes as of late. We meet a deadly Japanese woman, who prowled for her victims online; an unassuming, but lethal hire from the Philippines; and finally, the horrifying tale of a band of mother-daughter child abductors that terrorized the streets of India.

As we recount the inconceivable horrors of these monstrous women’s crimes, we take a look at their distinctive pasts and cultural influences, and the very reasons for their notoriety, making them some of the most evil women to surface in modern Asian history…

Army Life in a Black Regiment

by Thomas Wentworth Higginson

During the Civil War, American abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson served as colonel of the 1st South Carolina Volunteers, the first federally authorized African-American regiment, from 1862-1864. His Army Life in a Black Regiment is a fascinating account of his time leading the slave regiment mustered into the service of the United States during the late civil war.

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