Free horror Kindle books for 03 May 17

Stuffy: She just wants to win your heart…

by M. Kashtibaniyan

What really happens when we download a game?
Do we just get the app’s data, or does it get ours?
Can it see through our camera lenses and acquire all our information, only to then use it against us?
How well can someone track us?

“Stuffy” is a short horror story about a girl who plays a video game that her sister claims will kill her if she doesn’t win. Initially, she doesn’t believe it. But when strange things start to occur, she begins to wonder if she is playing the game, or if the game is playing her…

And just when she thinks she has finished the game… it has really only begun.

“Stuffy” is part one of a series.

Lonesome Town – 3 Short Stories

by Terry L. Hall

Three supernatural stories of pain and despair tied together with the common bond of a will to survive. The first story is “Lonesome Town”. It is a love story that has survived beyond the grave. The second story “The Bottle Collector” is about a mysterious “being” that is found in Cleveland, Ohio. The last story, “Canopy of Heaven” takes the reader to a mysterious camp in Siberia.


by Bram Stoker

Acting on behalf of his firm of solicitors, Jonathan Harker travels to the Carpathian Mountains to finalize the sale of England’s Carfax Abbey to Transylvanian noble Count Dracula. Little does he realize that, in doing so, he endangers all that he loves. For Dracula is one of the Un-Dead — a centuries-old vampire who sleeps by day and stalks by night, feasting on the blood of his helpless victims. Once on English soil, the count sets his sights on Jonathan’s circle of associates, among them his beloved wife Mina. To thwart Dracula’s evil designs, Jonathan and his friends will have to accept as truth the most preposterous superstitions concerning vampires, and in the company of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, embark on an unholy adventure for which even their worst nightmares have not prepared them.

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