Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 03 May 17

Ultimate Traps Handbook: The Unofficial Minecraft: Tricks Guide for Minecrafter’s (Mobs Handbook)

by Adrian King

The ultimate Minecraft Traps Handbook!

The Only Traps you Need to Beat your Friends!

Please note that this copy was the original Minecraft: 30 Minecraft Traps & Strategies I Follow, Check to see whether you have bought this before

So why should I use Traps instead of just killing them?

Well first of all, traps can be created fairly quickly if you read this guide carefully, but also you can kill or capture any mob or player without any risk of losing your healthâ?¦ Each trap is capable of reaching your desired outcome provided that you master this guide!

So you’re going to need to download this Handbook Now!

Discover the Traps used by pros

This guide was written to help people like you. Complete with visual aids for both guidance and inspiration, it is divided into four unique sections and will walk you through some of the more notable cheats out there.

Hey Let’s begin, Click the Yellow button and you’re on your way

Power Packed Giant Book of Maths Practice Sheets for Children: Book 9

by Hemal Shah

Welcome to the Series of Power Packed Giant Book of Maths Practice Sheets for Children. This is book no. 9 in a series of 10 books. This book contains more than 2000 sums to solve which involves 2 digit, 3 digit and 4 digit addition and subtraction sums along with Multiplication sums of 2 digit and 3 digit. There is also a separate section containing a mix of addition and subtraction of 2 digit, 3 digit and 4 digit sums.

Answers are conveniently placed on very next page of every page full of sums to solve. This will enable a child to evaluate the work done.

Hope, this book keeps the children busy and enjoy the process of solving sums running in hundreds. Apart from learning maths, they will also learn about patience and sticking longer with something rather than just quitting.

Each one of the ten books contain a different set of sums. Try them all.

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