Free parenting and families Kindle books for 03 May 17

Arlee Gets Adopted (standard size): (standard version)

by John Gomez

This book is about Arlee, the cat who was adopted into a loving home with his new sister and brother. His challenging early life struggles morph into a caring and happy home life.

Mom’s At Home a Tale Of a Mom Who Does Not Work, The Story Of a Mom Who Stays At Home For Her Kids

by Albet John


How many times we have heard other people say: “what envy that stay at home, sure you have so much free time”? So yes, it is great to be able to stay in pajamas all day from time to time. But that time? Mmm, not the case exactly.

Commonly people think that mothers who stayed at home to do few things. Probably only the mothers who stay at home know truly the heavy which may be days when you have children following you everywhere.

Therefore, a mother tired of reading comments about how mothers who stay at home “don’t do anything,” decided to write a response.

Anna Strode is the mother of twins and is popular on Instagram for sharing exercise routines that see children running and playing at her side while she exercises it.

As every mother who stays at home, she has received several comments where people assume that by staying home doesn’t work and makes much less effort. Of course, because being 24 hours every day with the children is not tired. We love him, obviously, but it continues to be exhausting.

Cuentos infantiles con rima: Once historias con fotos e ilustraciones (Spanish Edition)

by Homero Cerecedo

Es una colección de 11 cuentos infantiles que narran una historia utilizando una rima sencilla, basados principalmente en características de algunos animales y en las formas de las nubes.

Se anexan ilustraciones relacionadas y fotografías con dibujos para representar a lso personajes de cada historia.

Children’s picture books : Alexâ??s Quest 2 – The Mermaidâ??s Kingdom, Illustrated Picture Book for ages 2-8,Beginner readers,Bedtime story,Kids Fantasy … for Kids (Children’s books – Alexâ??s Quest)

by Efrat Haddi

Alex’s Quest continues!

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2-8

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Once upon a time, in a faraway place, lived a boy named Alex. Alex had a cute puppy dog named Max, that used to follow him everywhere he went. Alex’s father had an antique shop at the town marketplace. He used to sell all kinds of old and used goods that he bought from travelers who passed through town.

When Alex and his friends came back from their first adventure at the lost kingdom, he found another interesting item. It was a small perfume bottle with some blue liquid inside.

“Whose perfume is it Father?” asked Alex. “It is a rare perfume made by the mermaids that live in the deepest ocean,” answered Alex’s Father. “Unfortunately, their secret kingdom is in great danger. A witch cast a spell on them and they need this perfume to make a special healing potion.”

And so the adventure beginsâ?¦, Alex and his friends fly to the mermaid’s kingdom …

Author Efrat Haddi is taking young children on a journey with Alex while he learns a very important lesson.

“Alex’s Quest 2 – The Mermaid’s Kingdom” helps to teach children an important social skill that can make home life happier and school more successful.

It also provides parents, teachers, and counselors with an entertaining way to teach children what is the meaning of being just and fair .

This well-written and inspiring story, delivers easy-to-digest education complemented by vibrant, delightful illustrations

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

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